SWTOR Suggestion Box: F2P as saviour?

Ok I promise this will be the last SWTOR Free to Play post for this week, but it’s an obvious topic for some more discussion. Specifically, is the change going to affect your relationship with SWTOR? Will you be playing more, less, don’t care about the change?

My best guess is that there will be some growth as a result, but a guess is all it is. So educamate me: do you think this is a new dawn or the start of the sunset. Jump in!

SWTOR Suggestion Box: Daily Quests

Another work week is close to done for a lot of us, so it’s time to get excited about some weekend gaming time. While completing some Ilum dailies last night, I got to thinking about the dailies grind in general. Wouldn’t it be great if there could be more variety built into dailies.

This isn’t a criticism of SWTOR specifically, as I’d argue it has one of the better daily/weekly quest setups around.

Still, I’m sure there could be improvements, and that’s where you come in: if you could design daily or weekly quests, what would you change in SWTOR? Be as brave / zany / silly as you like!

Suggestion Box: New Worlds?

Ok, first a disclosure – this week’s Suggestion Box is a direct rip off from BioWare’s request for feedback on the same issue.

That said, let’s jump into the debate: in future updates what planets would you like to see playable, either as a fully explorable world or as a base for an Operation or Warzone.

I’d nearly say Dagobah, but that might be a little tricky to navigate – so give us your much more sensible suggestions!

Suggestion Box: 1.3 must-haves

Now that Patch 1.2 has dropped and we’re all happily checking out new content and features, it’s time to focus on what’s next. And what better way than asking you what you think should be coming up in the next big update.

Whether it’s something you thought should have been in 1.2, a feature that you know is on the developer’s roadmap, or something totally out of left field, we want to hear about it.

Post away in comments so we can keep the merciless fan-driven demand for features in SWTOR going!

Suggestion Box: Refer an Imaginary Friend

Ahh, the weekend. Even if you work on weekends, it has that more relaxed vibe usually, so it suits this week’s Suggestion Box topic: referring friends.

In case you hadn’t heard, SWTOR now has a refer-a-friend feature, allowing up to three of your friends to try out SWTOR for seven days for free.

So: ignoring totally your actual friends, who would you invite out of anyone worldwide to try the game out? Assume that whoever you invite will accept and play for the seven days. Be as creative / cynical / harsh as your weekend vibe allows 😉

I’ve chosen:

My boss: in the hope I’ll then be paid to play SWTOR as a business exercise

George Lucas: who wouldn’t want to thrash him in PvP or a duel?

Julian Assange: he’d so be rolling an Agent or Smuggler.

So let’s hear yours!

Oh – and we’d love it if you could fill out our reader survey – there’s a t-shirt prize on offer 😉

Suggestion Box: Seasonal Events in SWTOR

If you’re in Australia you’re likely to hear nothing but debates over the leadership of the Government. So you can either run for parliament yourself or join the more interesting debate right here.

The question this week is on seasonal or one-off in-game events. BioWare haven’t ruled out having such events, so why not suggest your own event that you’d like to see in SWTOR.

I personally would like to see Cushion Appreciation Week. Imagine an arena PvP event with a couple of hundred C2-N2s battling it out – you know it makes sense.

Over to you!

Suggestion Box: Oceanic launch event

In what’s been a week of locally-focussed SWTOR love, I thought it’d be worth indulging in some hypothetical fun.

Let’s say BioWare decided to have a public launch event in Australia and New Zealand. What would be a truly local SWTOR launch that’d make the rest of the world sit up and take notice? I personally think a SWTOR B&S ball would have kicked arse, but I’m sure you can be more creative than that.

Jump in and maybe EA might take notice!

Suggestion Box: is patch 1.1.2 an improvement?

The weekend’s well and truly on the way, so time to drag out the soapbox for another session.

This week it’s your turn to give bouquets or brickbats to SWTOR patch 1.1.2, which went live late Tuesday night. Are you finding it’s made your gameplay experience better? Aside from the Ilum issues remaining, is there anything that’s still a major gripe for you that the patch didn’t fix?

Post away in comments and get it off your chest!

Suggestion Box: Oceanic server names

Another weekend, another issue to chew over. Actually, this week there’s two. The first one is a direct call for your input: in a week’s time we’ll be chatting with BioWare’s Stephen Reid and we want YOUR questions to ask him. So head over here and post your questions in the format described in the post!

For discussion right here, right now, is a little bit of speculation about Oceanic servers. In particular, what names would you like to see them have?

Feel free to suggest either a more ‘official’, lore-friendly option or go all out and suggest some humorous / catchy / funky ones. For what it’s worth I’m thinking DragonFinn for a name – as both Australia and New Zealand claim ownership over both Dragon and the Finns 😉

Fire away!

Suggestion Box: Douchebaggery

Over on the SWTOR Gamers of Oceania Facebook page, David K. asked the question on whether people had noticed a migration of what can be loosely termed as ‘WoW Douchebaggery’ – incivility toward lower level players, slagging gear etc etc. I haven’t seen a lot of it myself on my server, but I’ve certainly had other people mention it.

So over to you: if you’ve played WoW or another MMO, how’s the social scene in SWTOR appearing to you so far? Is there just the odd idiot, a wider culture of poor behaviour or have you found it a bed of roses?

Also, anyone wanting to start lobbying for Douchebaggery to be included in the Oxford dictionary should feel free!

SWTOR Suggestion Box: Space Combat

Welcome to one of our new weekly columns, SWTOR Suggestion Box. This is essentially your forum to comment on things you’d like to see in SWTOR. Whether it’s improvements or brand new features, this is the place to put your view. It’ll appear each weekend as a conversation starter between long periods of actually playing the game!

I thought I’d start off this week with a topic that’s been contentious since it was announced: space combat. What I’m interested in is: what would you like to see changed with space combat, and do you see space combat as central to SWTOR as an MMO?

Over to you!