Suggestion Box: Oceanic server names

Another weekend, another issue to chew over. Actually, this week there’s two. The first one is a direct call for your input: in a week’s time we’ll be chatting with BioWare’s Stephen Reid and we want YOUR questions to ask him. So head over here and post your questions in the format described in the post!

For discussion right here, right now, is a little bit of speculation about Oceanic servers. In particular, what names would you like to see them have?

Feel free to suggest either a more ‘official’, lore-friendly option or go all out and suggest some humorous / catchy / funky ones. For what it’s worth I’m thinking DragonFinn for a name – as both Australia and New Zealand claim ownership over both Dragon and the Finns ūüėČ

Fire away!


  1. I recommend “Russel Crowe”. It’d have no queues, as the Aussies and Kiwis would both argue that the OTHER can roll on that server.¬†

  2. Ned Kelly v Fredd Dagg… ENGAGE!

    The Good the bad and the redzoned

    Red Skies

    Pop anetha shreemp on tha jar jar.

    We say wheres the car, they say wheres the car.

    122nd Pavlova Regiment

    Beached AS, Hutt Edition

  3. Zorot

    Jedi Graveyard

    Sith Graveyard

    wow, i just discovered that im not very good a making server names

  4. Satelle’s Sanctuary
    Coruscant Corroboree
    Lightsaber Boomerang

  5. SoundsSweet says

    WAHINI-HAI   (means A nasty demoness) great for pvp server name
    Tasman           (tasman straight between NZ and AUS)
    Pacifica           (after pacific ocean)
    Indiana           (after indian ocean)
    Great Barrier (after the great barrier reef)
    Downunder    ( no need expllaining that one)
    Islander¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬† (named from all the island country’s in oceanic region)

  6. Darren_davies says

    dingo ate my lightsaber


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