Flash Point 100: It’s An Applause Pause Centenary

flashpoint-podcastOne hundred episodes of our humble little podcast – who would have thought. We get a little retrospective in the first part of the show and then launch into our usual games coverage. A huge thanks to Kris for joining us for Episode 100 and a particular thanks to Flash Point’s original co-host Ed for jumping in as well!

Points of discussion:

– Looking back on 100 episodes

– A new format from Episode 101

1. MMO News

SWTOR: Knights of the Fallen Empire (link)


My Lore Is Stuck In Your Canon: back next episode!


2. General Gaming News

– Splatoon

– Final Fantasy XXIV

– Detailed E3 roundup


3. Pop Culture

– Star Wars: Rebels is Back

– Grace and Frankie

– Audio easter eggs after the podcast outro

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Flash Point: Gaming Podcast
Flash Point: Gaming Podcast

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  1. Ben McJannett says

    Welcome back to Kris and Ed. Missed them both. Having the Cackle there is a change for the evil laugh but also a welcome return.

  2. Interesting LBGT friendly content from DC, in the Flash TV show they nonchalantly mention a married gay couple and in Arkham Knight there’s some minion chatter discussing partners both hetro and gay and no comment is made in addition when you listen to Bruce’s voicemail you hear Casandra Kane, the famously lesbian Batwoman, remind Bruce about her engagement party.