Why advertise with us?

If you’re interested in advertising, please don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss your needs further. Check our standard offers below. We can offer more substantive advertising on application.

Small banner advertising

One 125 x 125 pixel small banner (featured under the ‘Sponsors’ heading on the top right of each page) will cost you $15 per week with discounts for purchasing over the longer term. If you want a 250 x 250 i.e. double the size, it will cost you $25 per week.

Text Link Advertising

We offer text link ads that appear under the 125 x 125 banners at the top right of the site. Cost is $15 per month or $40 per quarter. No more than ten text-link ads will be run and we reserve the right to reject ad proposals that don’t suit the tone of this site.

Large banner advertising

We have one large banner option: at the top of the page within the header graphic (maximum of 468 x 60 pixels) – this costs $50 per month and can only be booked month to month at this stage i.e. in 30-day slots.

Podcast advertising

There are two options for advertising on Flash Point. The first is an episode specific shout-out at the beginning of the show – this costs $10. If you’d like to be a podcast sponsor for more than one podcast, contact us to discuss your needs.


We will not accept any advertising that breaches a MMO’s Terms of Service / EULA e.g. credit-selling websites. We also retain the discretion to refuse advertising for other unsuitable areas for this site i.e. adult sites, erectile dysfunction ads etc etc.