Blizzard Announce World of Warcraft: Legion

Cursor_and_▶_World_of_Warcraft_Expansion_Unveiling_at_Gamescom_–_Live_Stream_August_6_-_YouTubeAt Gamescom, Blizzard have announced the next World of Warcraft expansion.

Called Legion, it’s all about a demon invasion of Azeroth.

Here’s the key points:

1. A new continent: The Broken Isles

2. Level to 110

3. A new hero class: Demon Hunter

4. Artifact Weapons

5. Class Order Halls

And now some details:

The Demon Hunter

It’s all about the horns:

Cursor_and_▶_World_of_Warcraft_Expansion_Unveiling_at_Gamescom_–_Live_Stream_August_6_-_YouTube 6

Unique starting experience, starts at a higher level like Death Knights do.

Specs: Havoc (DPS) and Vengeance (tank)

Some abilities shown:

Cursor_and_▶_World_of_Warcraft_Expansion_Unveiling_at_Gamescom_–_Live_Stream_August_6_-_YouTube 7

Titan Relics

You’ll be tasked with finding ancient titan relics to help you close the demon rift.


It’s back! Now in the Broken Isles and the player hub for this expansion.


Val’Shara, Stormheim, Azsuna, Highmountain, Suramar


36 artifacts – one for each specialisation. Each artifact has its own story linked to your class and specialisation. Spend artifact power to unlock traits that empower your weapon and character plus some visual tweaks. Here’s an example of the UI for it:

Cursor_and_▶_World_of_Warcraft_Expansion_Unveiling_at_Gamescom_–_Live_Stream_August_6_-_YouTube 4

Some serious art resources have gone into the 36 variations! Druids get customised form appearances.

Class Orders

All about class identity and banding together by class. Example: Mages of Dalaran. Order Halls are spaces just for your class. Shaman Order Hall overlooks the Maelstrom, Paladin Hall is under Light’s Hope Chapel etc.


Evolution of follower system. Fewer followers but more meaningful, ‘think Knights of the Round Table’. More integration with the world.

Dungeons and Raids


Halls of Valor – level up dungeon
Black Rook Hold – max level dungeon
Vault of the Wardens maximum security facility
Eye of Azshara
Darkheart Thicket
Neltharion’s Lair
Helheim – set on a ship sailing through stormy seas
Suramar City
Violet Hold


The Emerald Nightmare – 7 bosses, face Xavius, pursue Cenarius
Suramar Palace – 10 bosses, take on Gul’dan. Reminiscent of Black Temple.

PvP Honor System Version 3

Big change here. Move from honor buying gear to a PvP talent system. Honor points allow you to progress through 50 honor ranks and pick up talents:

Cursor_and_▶_World_of_Warcraft_Expansion_Unveiling_at_Gamescom_–_Live_Stream_August_6_-_YouTube 8

And then here’s some pre-beta examples of PvP talents:

Cursor_and_▶_World_of_Warcraft_Expansion_Unveiling_at_Gamescom_–_Live_Stream_August_6_-_YouTube 9

You can also ‘reset’ your 50 levels and do it again, gaining a cosmetic prestige rank. Can lead to custom mounts and PvP artifact variants.

And that’s it! Over to you now – is the expansion what you expected it to be? Does it have more or less content that you thought it would?


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