What Was Your Favourite Game of 2015?

imageIt’s that retrospective time of year and i thought I’d throw out a question to our dedicated readership on what your favourite game was this year. It’s not about sales, it’s purely about the game you enjoyed the most during 2015.

For me it’s an easy pick: I enjoyed Destiny: The Taken King the most this year. Fallout 4 is a very close second but I have to give the guernsey to Destiny for chewing up the biggest chunk of my gaming time this year. It’s battle style and graphics totally sucked me in.

What about you – we’d really love to get your pick of the game of the year (and why you chose it) for 2015 and we’ll be discussing your choices in-depth on the next podcast. Fire away!


  1. I think fallout 4. The story and choices that you have are pretty good and give lots of hours of play time.