Upcoming: Stephen Reid Q&A on TOROZ

We’re very pleased to announce that we’ll be recording an interview with BioWare’s Senior Community Manager, Stephen Reid, on Episode 26 of our Flash Point podcast. We’ll be recording on the 11th February, but in the lead up we’d love YOUR questions for Stephen Reid on anything SWTOR-related.

How to have your question asked

BioWare haven’t placed any rules on what can be asked, but I do know they won’t be able to talk about the Oceanic launch as details aren’t finalised as yet. Aside from that, the sky’s the limit. So here’s what to do to be on with a chance to get your question asked:

1. Ask something that a lot of your fellow players may be interested in.

2. Ask something that hasn’t been answered 33 times before.

3. Ask it constructively – if you’ve got a gripe that you think a lot of people have, then put it forward but do it nicely. We of course reserve the right to not ask anything that’s obvious trolling, contains inappropriate language or defamatory comments.

4. Post your question in comments on this post only, INCLUDING the name you’d like attributed to you when we ask the question of Stephen. A rough location (state, territory or Island in Oz / NZ would be fine if you don’t want to get more specific). And yes we will ask questions from outside the Oceanic area if they’re good ones.

5. We ideally need your questions by midnight Monday 6th February AEDT / 9PM AWST / 2am Tuesday the 7th NZDT, as we’ll be shooting of some of the more in-depth questions to BioWare so they can ask the devs to clarify anything needed prior to the podcast.

6. That’s it!

Obviously we can’t ask every question but we’ll put forward as many as possible. We’ll aggregate common questions to save time as well. The podcast will be up for listening by midday on the 11th February AEDT, around 90 minutes after the podcast is recorded. Later that day there’ll also be a transcript available for dissection.

So get posting in comments!

[photo courtesy of Tor Wars]


  1. Glenn Fredric

    • I had this concern during the beta too. The best way around it is to use Skype. You can ring the US toll free phone number and won’t get charged. Not sure if you need credit on your Skype account or not. But the upshot is you don’t pay through the nose.

  2. will their be a collectors edition of star wars the old republic for Australia and will it and the game have bonus content to the current collectors editions due to the fact it was excluded from the global release date and if so what can we expect  

  3. Melbourne, Australia

    Will you be offering any services in the near future for things like character server transfers/faction/renaming and will some form of this be available for oceanic players to be able to move characters from from US servers they currently play on to the oceanic hosted servers when they are released.

  4. Sydney, Australia

    Would like to know what the reaction was from Bioware to the organisation of the Oceanic players to focus on the three servers we chose as ours… Yes, the wider community was a little enraged at the long wait times on the servers but I am guessing it would make porting of Oceanic players a lot easier if that is the path that Bioware takes on local launch.

    •  Mmm.. it’d be very interesting to get the take as of what bioware’s response was to even just so many oceanics buying in on release even in the red zone.

  5. Ken Barsen’thor Clark

    Sunshine Coast, QLD, Austraila

    Will physical security keys become available to oceanic players either through stores or through origin?

  6. Milza from the Sunshine Coast, QLD

    Since my thought about server transfers from US to Oceanic has been asked, I’m wondering if anything can be revealed about the legacy system or is that still off limits?

    Is the different character customisation going to be previously locked species becoming playable? Playable species open to a different class they couldn’t be before? Different cosmetic features (ie hairstyles) and if so are they retroactive to current characters? Other perks/benefits from legacy xp? Something so amazing I can’t imagine?

    If legacy is still can’t be revealed at this time, something frivilous and unimportant, is there a plan for silly cosmetic things? Like hiding companion head pieces, the option for hood up or down (pet peeve with a JK), hairdresser, things like that.

    •  Yeah a recustomisation feature, even if its a paid feature would be awesome.

      Was watching “the Republic” and one of the hosts think they’ll never do it because of some sayings are linked to if your alien or not etc…. but frankly it’s probably just a 0 = Human, 1 = Other, and where as when deciding the voice options it just runs an IF statement with the resultanting being related to either….

  7. Tyler from East Gippsland, Victoria

    – Is there any chance of a automatic system to que/group players for flashpoints? (like Dungeon Finder on WoW (sorry for the comparison))

    – Please can “Are you sure?” buttons be placed on important choices, such as advance class choice? ( Having rolled a Bounty hunter got to advance class choice only to miss click a button and become a powertech instead of mercenary)

    – Any chance to be able to view scoreboard during warzone matches?

    Also thanks for the great game.

    •  Even just an in-server queing system for anything, just as heroic quests / flash points or the like to match people up instead of having to sit in say republic fleet for an hour looking for an athiss on your alt… /sadface

  8. Ken Barsen’thor Clark

    Sunshine Coast, QLD, Austraila

    Will you (Stephen Reid) post a video at oceanic launch containing all the Bioware / ea / lucas arts stuff… followed by you just saying “Oceanic launch go”?

  9. Auckland, New Zealand.

    1) What is the proposed release date for Aus/NZ?
    2) Are the Servers still going to be local as in Aussie based?
    3) Will Character Transfer be free or a paid service?
    4) What is the proposed cooldown on Character Transfer?
    5) Is there any chance of getting a companion mute option?
    6) Any chance of a Cut Scene stress relief event where we push C2-N2/2V-R8 out the ship’s airlock so we can watch them float away into space and burn up entering a nearby planet’s atmosphere?

  10. Ken Barsen’thor Clark

    Sunshine Coast, QLD, Austraila

    What are your future plans for light side / dark side… will some pvp rounds be light vs dark (so you have jedi and sith fighting other jedi and sith)… will there be planets where the questing will be divided by light / dark

  11. Tim, Canberra ACT

    Hoping to learn about specific upcoming PvP changes –Will there be changes to game announcements so player names are credited for achieving objectives, medals for accomplishing objectives, etc? 

  12. Perth, W.A.

    Just wanted to ask what is Biowares take on the complaints from community groups about the up coming change to allow toons to have same sex relations?

  13. The single most important question that has to be asked is whether Oceanic servers are truly going to reside in Aus or NZ. If they are going to adopt a ‘Blizzard’ approach and just tag the server as Oceanic then they may as well forget about it because there will be no value or incentive for people to transfer or leave behind established characters.

  14. The community


    Is there any info you can give us on guild capital ships?

  15. Are there any plans to implement a LFG tool (within the same server) of some sort – being an Oceanic player on one of the not massively Oceanic servers (sorry guys, just couldn’t handle the damn queues and knew exactly what would happen as soon as I saw the plan to make one PvP and one PvE server the main ones – Blackrock syndrome) it is difficult to find groups during my peak play hours.

    Given the massive upset caused by mishandling of the launch (flipflop on grace period, exclusion of red zone, length of time to get answers on issues like IP blocking) has BW/EA learned anything and can we expect, most importantly, more transparency and more sticking to what has been promised in the future?

    Jonathan, Wellington, New Zealand

  16. Brisbane QLD

    – Are there any plans to add additional features to the mobile app?
    Eg armoury and guild chat.
    Or maybe a something for the tablet market to do maybe space missions on an iPad (or equivalent) or to send companions on crafting missions via an app.

    – Any eta on a combat log?


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  2. […] for your input: in a week’s time we’ll be chatting with BioWare’s Stephen Reid and we want YOUR questions to ask him. So head over here and post your questions in the format described in the […]