SWTOR Suggestion Box: Daily Quests

Another work week is close to done for a lot of us, so it’s time to get excited about some weekend gaming time. While completing some Ilum dailies last night, I got to thinking about the dailies grind in general. Wouldn’t it be great if there could be more variety built into dailies.

This isn’t a criticism of SWTOR specifically, as I’d argue it has one of the better daily/weekly quest setups around.

Still, I’m sure there could be improvements, and that’s where you come in: if you could design daily or weekly quests, what would you change in SWTOR? Be as brave / zany / silly as you like!


  1. Snorlax02 says

    Cleaning up how belsavis quests are set up, More war time quests with vehicle or gun turret controls or a parachute entrance into bespin.  Crazy things.