Suggestion Box: Seasonal Events in SWTOR

If you’re in Australia you’re likely to hear nothing but debates over the leadership of the Government. So you can either run for parliament yourself or join the more interesting debate right here.

The question this week is on seasonal or one-off in-game events. BioWare haven’t ruled out having such events, so why not suggest your own event that you’d like to see in SWTOR.

I personally would like to see Cushion Appreciation Week. Imagine an arena PvP event with a couple of hundred C2-N2s battling it out – you know it makes sense.

Over to you!


  1. It would be cool to have relevant in game stuff like the anniversary of the sacking of coruscant, the republic holding remembrance stuff, involving gear and/ or missions that are appropriate while the empire can celebrate with same, the two sides having different takes on the anniversary. Could be a good way for codex to be relevant, rewards given to those that know their swtor lore.
    I don’t like the idea of Xmas or RL stuff coming into the game like WOW does, makes it feel cheap


  2. yea I hate all the crap things that dont fit in with the game, I agree it should be game related to keep that world 

  3.  Well I agree with the second comment, I believe it would be better.