Suggestion Box: is patch 1.1.2 an improvement?

The weekend’s well and truly on the way, so time to drag out the soapbox for another session.

This week it’s your turn to give bouquets or brickbats to SWTOR patch 1.1.2, which went live late Tuesday night. Are you finding it’s made your gameplay experience better? Aside from the Ilum issues remaining, is there anything that’s still a major gripe for you that the patch didn’t fix?

Post away in comments and get it off your chest!


  1. Post 1.1.2 – The cooldowns in the action bars are now very hard to use for certain classes (like melee classes who have to spam for rage). The cooldown leaves the action bar dark eventhough abilities are usable (you have to wait for it to brighten up, despite the abilities being usable when darkened). Some people have complained that the flashing effects are also irritating. Around 2000 posts appeared on their forums within a day. I hope they listen and provide some options to roll it back.