Suggestion Box: New Worlds?

Ok, first a disclosure – this week’s Suggestion Box is a direct rip off from BioWare’s request for feedback on the same issue.

That said, let’s jump into the debate: in future updates what planets would you like to see playable, either as a fully explorable world or as a base for an Operation or Warzone.

I’d nearly say Dagobah, but that might be a little tricky to navigate – so give us your much more sensible suggestions!


  1. Undergroudnpunk says

    They need to add Kyshyyk (sp?), the wookie planet. Add quests for both Republic and Empire characters (PvE), and include a warzone in the center. With the master quest writers at Bioware, they could develop a backstory about the Empire enslaving wookies, and the Republic assisting them to end the Empire invasion. You can’t tell me that wouldn’t be epic.