Suggestion Box: Douchebaggery

Over on the SWTOR Gamers of Oceania Facebook page, David K. asked the question on whether people had noticed a migration of what can be loosely termed as ‘WoW Douchebaggery’ – incivility toward lower level players, slagging gear etc etc. I haven’t seen a lot of it myself on my server, but I’ve certainly had other people mention it.

So over to you: if you’ve played WoW or another MMO, how’s the social scene in SWTOR appearing to you so far? Is there just the odd idiot, a wider culture of poor behaviour or have you found it a bed of roses?

Also, anyone wanting to start lobbying for Douchebaggery to be included in the Oxford dictionary should feel free!


  1. Hmm, it just occurred to me recently actually.  I was kicked from two heroic groups last night in Coruscant.  The first one because level 11 was too low for a level 10 heroic instance (?), and the other one because level 15 was too low for a level 14 heroic(?).  I also had one quest item taken by a passing player as I was defeating the mob.

    The general chat in Coruscant has started to devolve with trolls answering questions incorrectly, using innuendos on the black bisector questline responses conversations and just rubbish in general.  That’s a real pity because I have had some great encounters in the game with other players but it looks like the idiots, trolls and socially challenged individuals are now leveling up.  My guild is awesome though.

  2. I moved the public channels to a seperate chat tab, so I only use them when I need or want to. Not having recount is good for reducing the douchebaggery®.
    People tend to drop Heroic groups the moment that anyone in the group makes a mistake, but the only problem that I’ve had in HM’s with PUGs is DPS hitting stuff before the tank, eg instead of waiting for a pat to move away.
    I think the lack of LFD anonymity combined with a generally more mature playerbase has made SWTOR a lot better in this regard than WoW.

    • Great point on no recount Chris – I miss it sometimes only because I’m interested in how I’m doing but given it’s no longer a competition, I need to get out of that habit 😉

  3. Disir scoundrel level 29 says

    Howdy from Texas you bloody Euro Blokes! just kidding love you guys, that why I have this app on my fancy iPhone.

    I did play WoW for 4 years, it was my first MMO and it took me awhile to get up to speed and I had the occasional WoW snob tell me my gear sucked butI liked the game.

    I loooove SWTOR! I’m on Ajunta Pall, thought I’d try PvP and roll play! That server has been great! Very little douchiness and troll like behavior. Most people are nice and group is pleasant.

  4. WoW isnt the problem, play DarkFall, Mortal Online, Eve, you get far worse douchebaggery. Anonymity of the interwebz is the real problem. DarkFall had a real cess pit of a community for a long while.

  5. Ain’t nothing as aggravating as Trollmund Kaas on The Harbinger.