Suggestion Box: 1.3 must-haves

Now that Patch 1.2 has dropped and we’re all happily checking out new content and features, it’s time to focus on what’s next. And what better way than asking you what you think should be coming up in the next big update.

Whether it’s something you thought should have been in 1.2, a feature that you know is on the developer’s roadmap, or something totally out of left field, we want to hear about it.

Post away in comments so we can keep the merciless fan-driven demand for features in SWTOR going!


  1. housing and better space piloting and able to choose ships
    like in swg

  2. PurpleCliff says

    I’d be chuffed by either:

    Player Housing
    Multiplayer Space Combat
    Open World PvP Objectives/Stuff on ALL Planets

    • my thoughts on open world pvp objectives would be you sign up for some pvp – then you get dropped from a ship via pod (onto any planet including Tython and Korriban) – then fight it out with the other faction.

      •  How about a battleground which appeared in different locations? Kind of like the Arena in wow, but with more options. Basic capture the flag/kill everyone/guard nodes setup which would appear as if you were on Alderaan/Tatooine/Korriban/where ever.

        Belsavis would be the coolest for that!

  3. I do not see player housing as a need, that is pretty much what your ship alway is. More customization of the ship would suffice.l feel that player made mods are very necessary in a AAA MMO. Mods are what kept me playing wow for 6 years. Being able to customize things the way I want them helps keep me interested. A real time combat log would help. Some are against it yes, but I am a very competitive player, being able to see hard numbers and be able to make sure I am maximizing my dps is a big thing for me. I like to know I’m doing the best I can and not just guess.

    • Augustine says

      Agree – ship customisation.

      Was there not talk of guild capital ships? That would be awesome..

  4. Dungeon finder

  5. Dual Spec.


  6. Avan Gore says


  7. Multiplayer Space Combat

    Guild Ships

    Guild ships participating in space combat

    • and an option to have your companion (and possibly all companions) made invisible while in areas of no combat possible or at least hang back a bit. i keep finding they run in front of my camera and it gets annoying.

  8. Augustine says

    For the love of all that is holy and LFD tool.
    Dual spec.

    This will bring SWTOR in line with most contemporary MMOs.

    I’m a tank, and love tanking and generally have no issue finding groups. But an LFG would make it easier to put together groups and is a great quality of life feature.

    Current talent spec is for tanking multiple targets. It’s OK for levelling if with a DPS pet… oops, I mean companion. But when I want to jump into PvP (open world or WZ) I find my DPS is not competitive. I can survive big hits, but having the flexibility to switch to a DPS build for leveling or PvP would be great.

  9. More ship upgrades, Dual Spec., more legacy unlocks.

  10. How has nobody said Macros yet?!? They don’t even have to be complicated.  Just being able to use a shift/alt/ctrl modifier so I don’t have to have 4 hotbars cluttered with hundreds of abilities taking up unnecessary space!

    And, I’d kill for something like PowerAuras.  I know they have little graphic things that show buff counts, like the purple shadows on tankassins to show 3 stacks of Harnessed Darkness, but seriously looking for those is a major PITA. 

    • mosthated says

      I agree 100%. Power auras was my fav mod as a hunter to know when certain things procd. As a Marauder or would be nice to be able to see easier when kick and pommel strike are available to use as I have 4 bars that are full of cool downs counting and what not. Some customizable visual indicators would be great.

  11. LFG tool for sure. The lack of that is the only thing that I don’t like about the game.

  12. A casino or series of them, so we can gamble and make / lose credits. Or even a galactic stock market, so we can invest our credits in companies. Thoughts?

  13. We need summons/teleports to groups/ops – if someone wants to start a flashpoint or even a ops for a world boss kill, the leader ought to be able to summon the party.

  14. Dual spec and a flashpoint/operation finder tool would be my two big things.

  15. Group finder, shuttlebay/summoning stones for heroics/fps/ops and dual specs on a 6hr cooldown.

  16. Macros, dual spec, summoning thingies outside flashpoints. Just something which says ‘Emergency Shuttle’ to get people where they need to go. Also, making buffs/debuffs more obvious. Like Wow’s thing where my debuffs/buffs were way bigger than anyone else’s.

  17. Ejasso101 says

    How about an app to send companions on missions while away from the computer or out at work.