SWTOR Suggestion Box: Space Combat

Welcome to one of our new weekly columns, SWTOR Suggestion Box. This is essentially your forum to comment on things you’d like to see in SWTOR. Whether it’s improvements or brand new features, this is the place to put your view. It’ll appear each weekend as a conversation starter between long periods of actually playing the game!

I thought I’d start off this week with a topic that’s been contentious since it was announced: space combat. What I’m interested in is: what would you like to see changed with space combat, and do you see space combat as central to SWTOR as an MMO?

Over to you!


  1. I rather enjoy space combat as it is. The only change I’d like to see them make is to add multiplayer capability, where I can have a group working on the same mission.

    • Vilshankra says

      In its current form, it doesn’t really require an online connection.

      I expect that space combat should live up to the level of SW Battlefront combat, with return of the Jedi;
      Endor immersion

  2. Just like mentioned below, it would be good to see a multiplayer version introduced – even as part of a flashpoint, where every player hops into their own ship and together they fight (with a space boss at the end) to the next stage of the flashpoint where they dismount and continue on foot.

  3. Co-op PvE, PvP and please let us fly our own ship without the autopilot if we want. Sphereical shaped hotspots that allow for 3D flight, enemies with AI instead of timed patterns. Keep the tunnel shaped hot spots in place and let people choose to be fighter pilots in an mmo or just gunners in a mini game.

  4. I realy hate the Space combat in ToR.It is a cheap nasty little piece of rubbish that should never have found it’s way into an MMO, it is more suited to a Nintendo DS game

  5. I love the space combat and try to do one of the missions every day. The earlier missions are a bit basic, but once you’re around 25+ you get given a couple of hectic ones (Taspan, E-something).

    Some multiplayer options would be great for the future.

  6. The only thing to me that is misgiving to the people that have not followed this game is in the last trailer where the smuggler says to man the turrets. Wouldn’t you think that there would be some jump to light speed type mp ships

  7. what would be nice is a race game in like in Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace en maby that i have more a feeling that my companions are a live like that they are whit you .when you take flytpat that he of she is sitting next to

  8. Patrick Province says

    so I thought a guild owned space fleet like the imperial fleet, or republic fleet that becomes available when you purchase it as a guild, wasa good idea. it should be hard to get with possible add-ons and customization it should take a collaboration of the whole guild I was thinking a really large credit payment to get the initial ship and then maybe some crew skills and other things like raid drops or pvp items to get some of the further add-ons like vendors lounges and additional ships in the fleet for members of higher rank like officers where they can all meet and collaborate. then if possible i think inter guild ship battles using the battlefront-esque fighter battle with spoils of victory and the losses of war for the winners and losers of guild fights. there should be upgrades for the ship fleet like better bays things that look nice and customization so that the ship can fit to the guild as they would like whether it’s a crime haven or a tightly run imperial operation or a place of good intentions and healing or an evil layer possibilities are endless and the more freedom you give the more interesting things will turn out take mine craft for example the ability to build in that game is ridiculous so people come up with all these awesome things maybe a similar possibility it would be interesting to see where a guild of committed members took that. i think it would make an excellent addition to the game and add endgame content that is fun exciting and rewarding as well as building a stronger guild system. i think you should definitely add this to the game. I look foward to being able to have a place to call home in the vast and endless galaxy.

  9. I want to see more warzone.

    Titan match will be good, you will see the level 50 elite NPC in the warzone and player will fight along with them,

  10. Riz the Huntress says

    There are multiple things I would love to see added. Allow me to list them.
    1. I’d love to see space combat redone, perhaps in a way similar to Battlestar Galactica Online. I want to pilot my ship the way I want, without the predetermined path, and I want to be able to launch and just go explore and not have to fight an enemy every time i want to fly.
    2. I want more ship types available to players. I want Starfighters like the X-wing and the Republic Starfighter to be available to pilot. 
    3. I like variety too, so maybe a carrier class ship with a hanger for my strikers and other ships. Maybe some hoverpads to display my speeders too. Kind of like a movable player house. A large carrier class with the insides of an imperial or Corvette, and more accessories like a hangar, a cantina, a weapons safe box, an armory, stuff like that.
    4. I love uniqueness, so i want to be able to paint my ship and speeder however i like. I want to be able to choose a design, and then assign colors to pieces of that design.
    5. I like the missions, but i want to fight against live players. Perhaps PVP space combat on a system more like Battlestar Galactica online, but maybe a space warzone where you can gather a team to fight as well as free-range fighting where you just find a bunch of allies and go kill enemy players.