SWTOR Suggestion Box: F2P as saviour?

Ok I promise this will be the last SWTOR Free to Play post for this week, but it’s an obvious topic for some more discussion. Specifically, is the change going to affect your relationship with SWTOR? Will you be playing more, less, don’t care about the change?

My best guess is that there will be some growth as a result, but a guess is all it is. So educamate me: do you think this is a new dawn or the start of the sunset. Jump in!


  1. Question: Did TOR going F2P have anything to do with changing the name of the website from toroz to oceanicgamer?

  2. it’s always hard to tell how going f2p will affect a game. For many it has signalled the end but in some circumstances it has been a saving grace, such as in the cases of lotro and dcuo.

    I will save my judgements until we see the exact model they will be using and what the micro transaction will include and entail

  3. Well many of the other games that have gone F2P from subscription have posted increased profits after the conversion, but this of course depends on the success of the game as F2P I mean if EA tries to gouge non paying players or if they announce massive “subscriber only” content after the conversion, eg they announce that HK is subscriber only content, then people may feel betrayed and not want to be involved.
    I know that some casual gamers only want to take part in the focused content of the game and that is the voice acted main storyline and if there are tasteful and appropriate payed enhancements for this play style then people will be willing to pay for this and those who want to access the raiding and PVP etc. might choose to continue the subscription and perhaps some of the dropped subscribers will return if the cost of the single player experience is seen as fair.

  4. Logun 24x7 says

    How successful F2P is depends what else Bioware does, F2P is
    just a hook to get players back in, I’m more interested in what they are going
    to do to keep them playing.

    A game doesn’t drop a million players in 6 months if it
    doesn’t have other glaring issues.