Oceanic First Claim: Hard Mode Warlord Kephess

I had a note overnight from oceanic guild Remnants on their successful downing of Warlord Kephess, the final boss in the Explosive Conflict Operation that went live with update 1.2.

The details straight from Insurgent from Remnants:

Exciting news, after much hard work and some exceptional new recruits, Remnants were able to kill Hard Mode Kephess in our final attempt for the night.

The 11th hour strategy of including an extra tank to handle the final phase was the clutch move that secured this Server/Oceanic First.

We are very happy to secure this position after facing some stiff competition from some rival guilds. A very exciting raid to be a part of , the blood is still pumping.

I also had a follow note stating that its only the 27th downing of Kephess worldwide. So well done Remnants!

Here’s a pic of the kill (click on it for the full size):

As always, if your guild had achieved something big, let us know. It doesn’t have to be a first, we like to profile guilds and what they’re up to.

More impressive oceanic guild clears: Karagga’s Palace

I love weekends because all the news flows in on guild clears. This weekend is no exception. Last night I had Khaotikk from the guild Chaos Theory drop me a line:

Hey Guys,

Wanted to drop you a line and let you know Chaos Theory (Empire Swiftsure) have just cleared Hard Mode Karagga’s Palace. As far as we’re aware this makes us the first Oceanic guild to down Karagga’s in hard mode.

Then I heard from Fenix at Redemption:

As I messaged you last night, we cleared Nightmare Karagga’s Palace for (I believe) an oceanic first. We just killed Soa on Nightmare mode also, which I believe makes us Oceanic first for all Nightmare content 🙂

Here’s a pic of Karagga The Unyielding, as downed by Redemption in Nightmare mode (full sized version):

Congrats to both guilds and I’ll let you fight it out on who did what first 😉

First oceanic clear of all SWTOR hard modes?

The hard-core folks at Oceanic guild Redemption have achieved a full clear of SWTOR hard modes. You can tell that after presumably quite a few attempts on Eternity Vault’s SOA in hard mode, there was some relief at getting the job done:

Here’s the kill shot itself:

It’s an impressive achievement, whether it’s an oceanic first or not. It’s also a short-lived achievement as in a little over 24 hours there’s four more bosses in Karagga’s Palace to down. And like any guild I’m sure that’s just the way they like it!

Any other guilds that have nailed this, feel free to post your claims in comments!

Unconfirmed Oceanic First: 4/5 cleared Eternity Vault Hard Mode

Those dynamos over at Remnants have continued their progress from a full normal mode Eternity Vault clear a few days back:

Remnants ventured into Eternity Vault Hard Mode last night for the first time, which is a significant step up from the Normal Mode. After coming off the high that they experienced from being Oceanic first by dropping 5/5 bosses in Normal Mode, they have now pushed through to carry out Oceanic first kills in the Hard Mode of Eternity Vault, downing 4/5 bosses!

All that is left is “Soa – The Infernal One”, who doesn’t stand a chance with this team beating down the door!

The team: Narboon, Korbainethor, Krelliath, Klinda, Chair, Elgordomedico, Cheewy, Skandus

Here’s one of the pics (click on it for the full goodness):

Sounds like the full clear is imminent. As always, we’re keen to hear from other guilds who are doing well in either early or end content to let us know and we’ll plug your progress!

First Oceanic clear of Eternity Vault? [Updated]

I had Insurgent from Oceanic guild Remnants drop me a line with an interesting tidbit:

Remnants have now cleared all 5 bosses in Normal 8 man Eternity Vault. Just letting you know, we believe it may be an Oceanic first, but this is not confirmed.

Even if it’s not an Oceanic guild first, it’s still quite an achievement. You can see our previous spotlight on Remnants here.

We’ve asked for some pics of the run, so watch this space. Any other guilds out there who’ve achieved the same, post your claim in comments!

UPDATE: You can view the announcement from Remnants on their website.

Here’s the key details:

The team plugged hard at it all night. With a wipe at 2012 HP left on Soa, lots might have decided to call it a night, but not this team. This team didn’t, and at midnight (that’s 12:00AM GMT +11, for those wanting to play the “what time is it there” game) Soa was finally killed.

The team: Narboon, Korbainethor, Krelliath, Skandus, Chair, Hannarr, Hairspray, Elgordomenico.

A special mention goes to Xaem for sitting out to allow for the progression.

Here’s a pic from the final kill of Soa – The Infernal One (click on image for the full size):

Over to you: are you surprised how quick some of these things are being achieved?