First Oceanic clear of Eternity Vault? [Updated]

I had Insurgent from Oceanic guild Remnants drop me a line with an interesting tidbit:

Remnants have now cleared all 5 bosses in Normal 8 man Eternity Vault. Just letting you know, we believe it may be an Oceanic first, but this is not confirmed.

Even if it’s not an Oceanic guild first, it’s still quite an achievement. You can see our previous spotlight on Remnants here.

We’ve asked for some pics of the run, so watch this space. Any other guilds out there who’ve achieved the same, post your claim in comments!

UPDATE: You can view the announcement from Remnants on their website.

Here’s the key details:

The team plugged hard at it all night. With a wipe at 2012 HP left on Soa, lots might have decided to call it a night, but not this team. This team didn’t, and at midnight (that’s 12:00AM GMT +11, for those wanting to play the “what time is it there” game) Soa was finally killed.

The team: Narboon, Korbainethor, Krelliath, Skandus, Chair, Hannarr, Hairspray, Elgordomenico.

A special mention goes to Xaem for sitting out to allow for the progression.

Here’s a pic from the final kill of Soa – The Infernal One (click on image for the full size):

Over to you: are you surprised how quick some of these things are being achieved?


  1. Again, thank you as always David for your continued support of Oceanic interests.

    Remnants are very happy with our progress thus far, but there is still so much to be cleared!



    Catch us at our new website:

  2. GRATZ REM!!!

  3. What a brave leader, and single too! Why don’t you give him a call and let him buy you a drink! 555-5555555 is the way to reach him!

  4. Insurgent wasn’t even in the group! lol

    But it was such a epic encounter, Thanks to all who persisted through it. Next week I will be live streaming our raid on while we progress on Bonetrasher got him to 22% this week.

    Gratz to everyone

  5. Does that make my group today oceanic 2nd? as we cleared it all today no probs, was half a pug too…

    imo hard modes should be what matters.

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    • You’ve made your point D Cav – first and final warning before you are blacklisted 😉

      • if you could blacklist me from wow .i might be worried
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  7. It’s a Trap (the Swiftsure) has cleared all normal end-game content as of last night.!/ItsATrapTOR

  8. Synapse did this on the 26th dec and are also oceanic guild….


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