First oceanic clear of all SWTOR hard modes?

The hard-core folks at Oceanic guild Redemption have achieved a full clear of SWTOR hard modes. You can tell that after presumably quite a few attempts on Eternity Vault’s SOA in hard mode, there was some relief at getting the job done:

Here’s the kill shot itself:

It’s an impressive achievement, whether it’s an oceanic first or not. It’s also a short-lived achievement as in a little over 24 hours there’s four more bosses in Karagga’s Palace to down. And like any guild I’m sure that’s just the way they like it!

Any other guilds that have nailed this, feel free to post your claims in comments!


  1. Well done Fenix.

  2. grats guys…we havnt attempted it yet…(ty BW for your all over the place downtimes)
    im not 100% positive if they are oceanic (pretty sure they are) but strictly business has cleared 5/5 nightmare 8 man and are 4/5 nightmare 16 man

    that claim comes from one of their members…so not sure if its true

    we are currently 4/5 hardmode and will attempt it sometime this week hopefully (16 man)

  3. Lilsprints says

    Sorry but no one killed nightmare SOA pre nerf cause it was impossible, the mind traps were bugged and no guild in the world, no matter how good, had the DPS to get them down in time.

    225,000 HP mind traps pre nerf.