Unconfirmed Oceanic First: 4/5 cleared Eternity Vault Hard Mode

Those dynamos over at Remnants have continued their progress from a full normal mode Eternity Vault clear a few days back:

Remnants ventured into Eternity Vault Hard Mode last night for the first time, which is a significant step up from the Normal Mode. After coming off the high that they experienced from being Oceanic first by dropping 5/5 bosses in Normal Mode, they have now pushed through to carry out Oceanic first kills in the Hard Mode of Eternity Vault, downing 4/5 bosses!

All that is left is “Soa – The Infernal One”, who doesn’t stand a chance with this team beating down the door!

The team: Narboon, Korbainethor, Krelliath, Klinda, Chair, Elgordomedico, Cheewy, Skandus

Here’s one of the pics (click on it for the full goodness):

Sounds like the full clear is imminent. As always, we’re keen to hear from other guilds who are doing well in either early or end content to let us know and we’ll plug your progress!


  1. Thanks again for the coverage. Remnants is heading hard into 16s next week.

    Recruiting Bounty Hunters (Not Tanks) and exceptional healers.

  2. Hello,

    The article is inaccurate because Synapse has already cleared 5/5 Normal EV last Monday (26th Dec) before the reset, as well as 4/5 Hard Mode in 1 raid night (2nd Jan).


    • Gratz Synapse’s as David posted it was unconfirmed, well do to you & your team.

      • Our Hard Modes were done on the 1st just fyi Check http://www.remnantsswtor.com photo’s were added on the 1st of Jan

        • Our progress as of last night before we called it: http://img830.imageshack.us/img830/1889/45hard.jpg

          • If you are saying you killed 4/5 on the 2nd, then we beat you by a day, we cleared on the 1st and this article was published the next day.

          • We’re not fighting with you over who got Oceanic first for such trivial content where even public groups are able to beat, mainly pointing to the inaccurate information as quoted:

            “After coming off the high that they experienced from being Oceanic first by dropping 5/5 bosses in Normal Mode”

            If we’re playing by dates, then we already got the Normal Mode clear first, and got 4/5 Hard Mode on the 2nd because we’re busy PvP-ing throughout the week to raid.

          • We aren’t fighting we are trying to get a accurate understanding, we acknowledge that normal mode you guys obtained first. Which we congratulated you on.

            But if you got the hardmode’s on the 2nd we had cleared it on the 1st already. That is all we are stating.

          • Hello Narboon,

            It’s all good and fine then. Let’s drop this and carry on playing the game.. Cheers.

          • my above post was merely an FYI so the community could be updated, nowhere did i state anything about oceanic firsts. cheers.

      • Hi! No worries, just wanted to clarify that’s all. All the best!

  3. We already got 5/5 Nightmare

  4. Lilsprints says

    Redemption (Harbinger) is legit 4/5 Nightmare, not pre buff like IRAE.