Oceanic First Claim: Hard Mode Warlord Kephess

I had a note overnight from oceanic guild Remnants on their successful downing of Warlord Kephess, the final boss in the Explosive Conflict Operation that went live with update 1.2.

The details straight from Insurgent from Remnants:

Exciting news, after much hard work and some exceptional new recruits, Remnants were able to kill Hard Mode Kephess in our final attempt for the night.

The 11th hour strategy of including an extra tank to handle the final phase was the clutch move that secured this Server/Oceanic First.

We are very happy to secure this position after facing some stiff competition from some rival guilds. A very exciting raid to be a part of , the blood is still pumping.

I also had a follow note stating that its only the 27th downing of Kephess worldwide. So well done Remnants!

Here’s a pic of the kill (click on it for the full size):

As always, if your guild had achieved something big, let us know. It doesn’t have to be a first, we like to profile guilds and what they’re up to.