Flash Point 77: A Hot Cup Of Teo

flashpoint-podcastKristy is in the midst of an interstate move so Ootinicast‘s Teo joins us as a co-host for a May the 4th edition.

Points of discussion:

– BioWare’s plan to survive 2014 (article link)
– Galactic Strongholds delay (link)
– New info on Nar Shaddaa housing (link)
– May 4th in-game reward: the MT-4T droid
– 2.8 has hit the PTS (link)
– Episode 2 of Galactic Gamers Coalition podcast (link)
– Seeker Droid Quest Glitched (link)
Your Lore Is Stuck In My Canon: The Chiss Ascendancy

Jawa Junk Pile
– Star Wars Episode 7 cast announced (official info, or our humorous take)
– Change to Star Wars Expanded Universe (link)
– PAX Aus tickets selling fast (link)
– GameSpy closes (link)
– Elder Scrolls Online future content (link)
– WildStar
– Free Comic Book Day
– Star Citizen hits $43 million in funds (link)

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The Instance: TOR Edition is announced

The SWTOR podcasting community is a healthy one that continue to grow – just check our podcasting links section to get a taste.

A very experienced podcast team have announced they’ll be releasing a SWTOR podcast. Frogpants Studios has a whole stable of podcasts but arguably they’re best known for the World of Warcraft podcast, The Instance. They’ve announced today that they’ll be doing a SWTOR version of The Instance.

The Instance (WoW edition) was an inspiration for our own podcast and I’ve been a weekly listener for well over a year. I have no doubt they’ll bring something new to the SWTOR podcasting table and look forward to hearing the first shows. They’ve always been up front guys from what I’ve seen and it’s been rammed home today by the fact they intended to use the term Flashpoint in the podcast title, but didn’t as ours already existed. A classy move and one that’s appreciated from all the way down here!

To other SWTOR podcasters – if your podcast isn’t listed in our links, drop us a line and we’ll fix that asap.

Flash Point 19: The Cursed Edition

After overcoming some big technical hurdles we finally got this episode recorded – like the postal service we make sure we deliver rain, hail or orbital bombardment, so enjoy.

Points of discussion:
– Imperial Agent progression
– Early Access
– Pre-order sales
– Fansite Summit #2 (Sunny’s Diner link mentioned: here)
– Revan Novel
– Guild spotlights
– Riding koalas
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Fellow Republican: Mos Eisley Radio

moseisleyradio Time for another shout-out to a fellow SWTOR site. This time it’s Mos Eisley Radio. Podcasts are the focus of the team, and mighty fine podcasts they are.

Production values are high, there’s plenty of news discussed and there’s also something to learn: I now know Mandalorians aren’t a race, instead being more like a guild or clan. It’s fair to say the duo presenting are a very knowledgeable pair, so tune in to try and catch an error – I think you’ll be lucky if you do.

A fun AND educational podcast – what else could you want?

Fellow Republican: Darth Hater

darth-hater One regular feature on TOROZ will be putting the spotlight on other SWTOR sites.

I thought I’d start out first with Darth Hater, which released their first podcast this week. It may be the first but they have a good patter going and cover a good range of issues. It’ll be interesting to see what interviews they score out of the upcoming Comic-Con. Overall, the site and podcast have great promise and hell, you can’t beat a good pun.

I’ve added these guys to my podcast feed and to our links. If you’ve got a blog or podcast to promote, drop us a line.