Latest walkthrough demo dissected

The dynamos over at Darth Hater have posted a brilliant pic by pic dissection of the recent demo walkthrough released. Here’s a tiny sample:


The walkthrough video is obviously the most detailed look at SWTOR to date and at this early stage, things continue to look promising. Not that BioWare are likely to intentionally release unpromising info 😉

Fellow Republican: Darth Hater

darth-hater One regular feature on TOROZ will be putting the spotlight on other SWTOR sites.

I thought I’d start out first with Darth Hater, which released their first podcast this week. It may be the first but they have a good patter going and cover a good range of issues. It’ll be interesting to see what interviews they score out of the upcoming Comic-Con. Overall, the site and podcast have great promise and hell, you can’t beat a good pun.

I’ve added these guys to my podcast feed and to our links. If you’ve got a blog or podcast to promote, drop us a line.