Flash Point 77: A Hot Cup Of Teo

flashpoint-podcastKristy is in the midst of an interstate move so Ootinicast‘s Teo joins us as a co-host for a May the 4th edition.

Points of discussion:

– BioWare’s plan to survive 2014 (article link)
– Galactic Strongholds delay (link)
– New info on Nar Shaddaa housing (link)
– May 4th in-game reward: the MT-4T droid
– 2.8 has hit the PTS (link)
– Episode 2 of Galactic Gamers Coalition podcast (link)
– Seeker Droid Quest Glitched (link)
Your Lore Is Stuck In My Canon: The Chiss Ascendancy

Jawa Junk Pile
– Star Wars Episode 7 cast announced (official info, or our humorous take)
– Change to Star Wars Expanded Universe (link)
– PAX Aus tickets selling fast (link)
– GameSpy closes (link)
– Elder Scrolls Online future content (link)
– WildStar
– Free Comic Book Day
– Star Citizen hits $43 million in funds (link)

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  1. This podcast was terrible. Except for the droid. May I recommend more droid, let meat-piles?

  2. Dysfxal says

    Good job again fellows. I liked Teo guesting too!


  1. […] appeared on episode 77 of The Oceanic Gamer’s Flash Point podcast, A Hot Cup of Teo. He also refers to Mae’s (@MaeBeeBuzz) article “SWTOR Blog: The Queue Sync […]