Fellow Republican: Mos Eisley Radio

moseisleyradio Time for another shout-out to a fellow SWTOR site. This time it’s Mos Eisley Radio. Podcasts are the focus of the team, and mighty fine podcasts they are.

Production values are high, there’s plenty of news discussed and there’s also something to learn: I now know Mandalorians aren’t a race, instead being more like a guild or clan. It’s fair to say the duo presenting are a very knowledgeable pair, so tune in to try and catch an error – I think you’ll be lucky if you do.

A fun AND educational podcast – what else could you want?


  1. Thanks for the feature David! We really appreciate the feedback from the SWTOR community.

    On top of our site, we can be found on most of the popular podcast repositories, including iTunes (a simple search for “Mos Eisley Radio”). We’re really looking forward to getting involved with listeners: email (moseisleyradio@gmail.com) or MP3 questions are absolutely appreciated!

    Thanks again! I’ll be checking back here regularly.