WoW Zone by Zone Achievement Guide Part 4: Arathi, Hillsbrad, Silverpine and The Hinterlands

WoW Zone By Zone Achievement GuideWelcome to ZAGGARAT ( Jetsai’s Zone-by-Zone Achievement Guide for Getting Across the Realm with Alliance Toons), a comprehensive zone by zone guide to wrapping up every achievement you need. You can view all instalments by clicking here. The printer and screen friendly guides can be downloaded at the bottom of this post.

This week’s ZAGGARAT covers Arathi Highlands, Hillsbrad Foothills, Silverpine Forest & Shadowfang Keep and The Hinterlands.

Shadowfang Keep presents some of the easier Cataclysm dungeon achievements to be had at level and they’ll be cake at 90 if you take a friend or two with you. I’m sure there are some Hunters and DKs that have already soloed these, but for most of us mere mortals Cataclysm Heroics are still cause to cash in a few favours with your guildies.

Pet Battle achievements are also starting to mount up now. If you’ve been monitoring some of the meta achievements along the way, you’ve probably already collected: An Uncommon Find, A Rare Catch and High Quality for capturing uncommon and rare quality pets; That was Close for capturing a battle pet at less than 5% health; Master Pet Battler for winning 250 pet battles and Win Streak for winning 25 in a row.

I’ve taken to capturing a pet as soon as I see it and then continuing to battle as I quest throughout the zone until I get a rare. I’ve added a new note to the guide [zone exclusive!] if you won’t come across this pet in any other zone. So if you’re going for Quality & Quantity catch your rares while you’re there!

Arathi Highlands features the Tiny Twister, Silverpine is home to the Blighted Squirrel and The Hinterlands gives you Jade Oozelings. Hillsbrad Foothills, however, is one of the meccas of battle pets. Where Red-Tailed Chipmunks frolick with Infested Bear Cubs, Lofty Librams float through the crater of Dalaran and where Plants vs Zombies meets WoW in Lawn of the Dead at the Brazie Farmstead. It’s a fun quest and mini-game all rolled in one with Brazie the Singing Sunflower as your final reward. Best news is, it’s repeatable – worst news is you can’t play it on the train on your way to work.

Next week we visit The Plaguelands and the first of our Pandaria Dungeons in Scholomance, Ghostlands, Eversong Woods, Silvermoon City and the first of our Rep Guides with the Agent Dawn & Argent Crusade.

Download the screen-friendly version here

Download the printer-friendly version here

(Editor’s note: I just wanted to say what an amazing feat Jemima has pulled off with these Zaggarat guides – if you find them as incredibly useful as I have already, please use the donate link below – proceeds will be forwarded onto Jem for her work)


WoW Zone by Zone Achievement Guide Part 3: Ironforge, Dun Morogh, Wetlands

WoW Zone-by-Zone Achievement GuideWelcome to ZAGGARAT ( Jetsai’s Zone-by-Zone Achievement Guide for Getting Across the Realm with Alliance Toons), a comprehensive zone by zone guide to wrapping up every achievement you need. You can view all instalments by clicking here. The printer and screen friendly guides can be downloaded at the bottom of this post.

Aaah, the low countries: Ironforge, Dun Morogh, Loch Modan and the Wetlands. Land of sheep and velcro gloves, land of gnomes, dwarves and all things close to the ground.

I must admit I’ve always found it interesting that this area is just filled with Rams, but in order to find a Ewe, you have to go to an entirely different planet. Even then, there’s only one. No wonder Farmer Griffith in Shattrath keeps her locked up tight.

Jokes aside, I’m hard-pressed to find very much of interest in these areas. Outside of a few rare pets – the Little Black Ram in Loch Modan and the Tiny Bog Beast and Razormaw Hatching in Wetlands – there’s a few recipes to collect, a few fish to catch and A LOT of exploration.

So rather than regale you with “Caught on the Horns of Giants“ – one Draenei’s epic struggle with small doors and pendant-style light fittings, I will instead discuss some of the mods that have made my achievement-hunting much easier.

NPC Scan is a clear winner. No mod will assist you better in completing the suite of achievements to kill all the rares in WoW. You can also program it to scan for any NPC with an ID and that comes in handy quite often.

PetBattleMaster is another thumbs up. Aside from allowing you to create several different teams of pets, it adds a handy reference to your tooltip telling you whether you’ve caught that pet and its quality.

Overachiever is marginally useful, but I must admit I’m not as impressed as the 5,017 people who’ve voted this up on Curse. Since 5.05 this mod has largely been broken and it’s no better in 5.1. I originally downloaded this for its tooltips but even when they are working, they’re just not comprehensive enough. For example, my tool tip will indicate whether or not I’ve fished a school for one of the many fishing achievements, but not whether I need to catch a fish and cook it for a cooking achievement. I use the Watch List function more, especially when I’m working on a few different daily/faction achivements at one time. It’s handy to be able to go to my own list and just tick track, track, track on the things I’m about to work on for the next 45 mins.

Ackiss Recipe List is great for letting you know which recipes you already have and don’t. However, it is performance-intensive, so I don’t tend to keep it loaded all the time.

Skillet is my trade skill mod of choice. It was created by one partner of the original Advanced Trade Skill Window development team and I’ve found it a lot more stable. I especially like that I can create custom lists of recipes to view at a glance.

People rave about Fishing Buddy and it’s good, but I don’t find it an essential mod. Granted. I’m not WoW’s most avid fisherman by any stretch. In fact, I’d rather stab myself in the eye with a Trout than fish one up. But for those masochists who like to be accurate in their complaint letters to Blizzard over the rarity of Old Ironjaw, it’s fantastic.

And finally the all-time best mod ever for completing low-level achievements…

Crap Away! Does exactly what it says – gets rid of all your crap at the vendor without clicking a thing. And no, it wouldn’t be nearly as great a mod without the exclamation mark in its name.

Next week, it’s northward into Horde Territory with Arathi Highlands, Hillsbrad, Silverpine and The Hinterlands.

Download the screen-friendly version here

Download the printer-friendly version here

(Editor’s note: I just wanted to say what an amazing feat Jemima has pulled off with these Zaggarat guides – if you find them as incredibly useful as I have already, please use the donate link below – proceeds will be forwarded onto Jem for her work)


WoW Zone by Zone Achievement Guide Part 2: Stormwind and Stranglethorn

Welcome to ZAGGARAT ( Jetsai’s Zone-by-Zone Achievement Guide for Getting Across the Realm with Alliance Toons), a comprehensive zone by zone guide to wrapping up every achievement you need. You can view all instalments by clicking hereThe printer and screen friendly guides can be downloaded at the bottom of this post.

This week’s ZAGGARAT features Stormwind, the Stranglethorns and Zul’Gurub.

For the last two expansions, Stormwind City has been the Alliance mecca and, without question, now serves as the most significant hub for Achievement hunters in the entire realm. In fact, compiling everything to be achieved in Stormwind required four pages of listings.

Mounts and cooking recipes feature prominently but Stormwind also houses much of Azeroth’s history for the Well Read achievements. It’s the fashion capital of the Alliance, if you call getting a haircut and donning a new tabard fashion and there’s also a disturbing amount of the realm’s cheese available in this one cosmopolitan hub.

Northern Stranglethorn started our four-expansion adventure with those crazy Nesingwarys and was most people’s first experience with open world PvP. Has anyone else ever thought that the goblins in Booty Bay look a little too much like BDSM Leather Men for comfort? Fitting, I suppose, since many of my first PvP encounters occurred outside the Gurubashi Arena and felt like I’d paid for such services.

The Stranglethorns now are a treasure-trove for Pet Battlers. The schism that divided Stranglethorn Vale into the North and Cape also gave rise to lots of interesting new quests, so if you haven’t completed the zones since, they’re worth a look.

The return of Zul’Gurub heralds the return of the prized Razzashi Raptor and Zulian Panther mounts at a staggering 1% drop rate. And I, for one, can assure you how much I missed farming Zul’Gurub every week during those few months of reprieve to help my husband maintain his car… er mount… status. /end sarcasm.

Despite everything there is to be accomplished here, it’s a good time to talk about what’s not included in these Zaggarat Guides.

Reputations and factions: I’ve included how to procure the windfalls of gaining reputation that help earn other achievements like Mountain-o-Mounts and Thirty Tabards but not the achievements associated with earning reputation themselves or any notes on how to.

Daily Quests: achievements associated with daily quests haven’t been included here. Daily quests tend to be associated with a faction or a secondary profession. So while the Twilight Highlands ZAGGARAT may indicate you need to fish up a Striped Lurker for The Catalcylsmic Gourmet, it won’t tell you that you need to complete three cooking dailies to earn the tokens to buy the recipe in Stormwind.

Those sorts of achievements will be covered in a separate guide.

Low-level dungeons: ones like Stormwind Stockades, that don’t have a heroic mode, any boss-by-boss achievements and can easily be soloed by a 90 are included as a breakout section in their relevant city or zone and don’t have an entire page devoted to them.

PvP: this is a world of achievements unto itself. I have included some of the open world and city PvP achievements like For the Alliance! and Gurubashi Arena Master, but PvP achievements will, on the whole, be covered in another series.

World Events will also be covered separately, although by the time I’ve finished every other guide I’ve an idea for, it may be a Level 100 guide.

Next week: Ironforge, Dun Morough, Loch Modan and the Wetlands.

Download the screen-friendly version here

Download the printer-friendly version here

(Editor’s note: I just wanted to say what an amazing feat Jemima has pulled off with these Zaggarat guides – if you find them as incredibly useful as I have already, please use the donate link below – proceeds will be forwarded onto Jem for her work)




WoW Zone by Zone Achievement Guide Part 1: Elwynn, Westfall, Redridge and Duskwood

WoW Zone-by-Zone Achievement GuideWelcome to ZAGGARAT ( Jetsai’s Zone-by-Zone Achievement Guide for Getting Across the Realm with Alliance Toons), a comprehensive zone by zone guide to wrapping up every achievement you need. You can view all instalments by clicking here.

Ok, I’ll admit it. I’m an achievement whore.

I was pretty proud of the some 10,000 achievement points I’d managed to accumulate when I quit playing WoW a month or so into Cata. So when I returned to the game for MoP with a new main, I secretly knew it would only be a few weeks before the stigma of venturing around with a paltry few thousand points got to me and I’d have to farm up my “I’m no noob” points again.

I looked for a guide that could help satisify my addiction efficiently. What I wanted was a guide that could take me zone by zone and get every conceivable achievement while I was there.

The Loremaster and World Explorer are easy to get, but there are a lot of additional achievements in later zones that slip through the cracks: hunting rare spawns, finding lore objects and returning lost treasures to some old codger.

I also want to do my fishing achievements: The Oceanographer, The Limnologist, The Scavenger. Cooking achievements have historically been extremely tedious requiring many trips to the AH, back to the zone and to vendors to purchase recipes I forgot to get. I want to buy and eat everything I’m supposed to for the Delicious series and farm up all the mats so I can cook up the Gourmet achieves in one go at the end.

Then there’s mounts and pets. Pokemon brings a whole new form of torture to pet collecting. It’s no longer a question of doing a continent hop to half a dozen different vendors, spending a suspicious amount of time with the neutral Auction House master in Booty Bay, and camping some rare spawn spots. There are literally hundreds of pets to catch and collect now, so I need to know which pets to battle and catch while I’m in that zone.

Plus I need to buy all my tabards, get my old-school dungeon and raid achievements and those pesky miscellaneous ones Like Archmage Xylem’s trials, reading the entire history of Azeroth, a series of unnatural associations with Squirrels, getting down with the Nesingwarys, getting beaten up in Gladiator rings on every single continent and spending lots and lots and lots of gold on useless things.

There had to be a guide out there that could deliver me all that – Googling “wow Achievement Guides” returned pages of online lists sorted by exactly the same categories Blizzard provides. Googling “wow Achievement Guides by zone” returned me exactly the same list with the Explorer ones at the top. Curse gave me nothing broad or overarching. Zygor looked promising but a trial demonstrated I had to keep switching out new guides and starting the zone over again – I wound up doing the Cape of Stranglethorn six times over and still lots of little things got missed.

With every option exhausted, I decided to compile my own and I present Chapter One to you here – Jetsai’s Zone-by-Zone Achievement Guide for Getting Across the Realm with Alliance Toons. Ok, so the name needs a little work… but ZAGGARAT will do for now. In this guide, I start in Elwynn Forest, move on to Westfall and Deadmines, then Redridge and Duskwood listing everything you need to do to complete ALL the achievements sorted by sub-zone. I’ve included waypoints and some notes as well as a map for each zone with icons to indicate what you’re supposed to do there. The paths roughly follow the questing order throughout the zone, so if you’re not working on your Loremaster achievement you may find it quicker to work from one end of the zone to the other.

I’ll continue to release new chapters each week working through all the zones on all the continents up to and inlcuding Pandaria. Next week, we tackle Stormwind and the Stranglethorns.

I do need to note, this is a pretty old-school guide. There’s nothing fancy about it. I list subzones by their names, not a set of co-ordinates, although those are included where possible and it’s designed to be printed out and placed in a ring binder –landscape fashion. The map goes at the top and the sub-zone list below.

Why? Well I don’t have the programming skill to develop and in-game assistant like Quest Helper or Zygor, but honestly I think old school is good sometimes. For one I hate alt-tabbing – having all the information on my desk next to me to view at a glance is great. Moreover, this game isn’t even close to an exact, step-by-step progression and things don’t happen in the same order for all people.

I find a battle-pet on one side of the zone, you find it in another. Someone just farmed out my entire quest area so I’ll move on and come back later. Plus, as a 90, you have the choice to start pretty much anywhere. I chose to start at the beginning but you could easily do the zones in whatever order you wanted to: start in Outlands, do the zones backwards or alphabetically, do the dungeons as you go or assemble them into a collection of their own and do them with a group – just mix up the pages in your binder.

And finally, I think there’s something really satisifying about actually ticking a box with your own hand. Yellow highlighter pens are pretty good too.

Download the screen-friendly version here

Download the printer-friendly version here

Go here for all the other Zaggarat Guides

(Editor’s note: I just wanted to say what an amazing feat Jemima has pulled off with these Zaggarat guides – if you find them as incredibly useful as I have already, please use the donate link below – proceeds will be forwarded onto Jem for her work)

Where Is The Darkmoon Rabbit Located? Right Here

Are you ready to take on one of the cutest and most ferocious bosses in WoW? Then here’s where you’ll find it (right where the pink X is):

Map of Stormwind Vendors, Trainers and NPCs


How to use this map: find your Stormwind trainer, vendor or quartermaster in the table and match the number or letter listed in that cell to find it on the map. If you’re looking for the Stormwind portal to Pandaria: go to number 46 on the map below 😉

Stormwind Vendors, Trainers and Quartermasters

(Click on image for full size version)

Ref Vendor/s or other key NPCs Trainer/s
A Guild Master (Aldwin Laughlin) Golden King (NPC)
Tabard Designer (Rebecca Laughlin)
Guild Vendor (Shay Pressler)
Adam Pressler (NPC)
B Mistress of Cheese (Elaine Trias)
Apprentice of Cheese (Ben Trias)
Master of Cheese (Elling Trias) – upstairs
C Reagents (Kyra Boucher) Renato Gallina (NPC)
Alchemy Supplies & Reagents (Keldric Boucher)
Morgan Pestle
D General Goods (Thurman Mullby) Bag Merchant (Dawn Radue)
Trade Supplies (Edna Mullby)
E Weapons Merchant (Marda Weller)
Weapons Merchant (Gunther Weller)
F Cloth Armor Merchant (Carla Granger) Harlan Bagley (NPC)
Leather Armor Merchant (Lara Moore)
Mail Armor Merchant (Aldric Moore)
G Auctioneers Justine Demailer (NPC) – outside
Ian Drake (NPC) – outside
H Innkeeper Allison
I Bankers Portal Panda (Ka Pao
Guild Vaults
J Bow & Gun Merchant (Lina Stover) Topper McNab (NPC) – outside
Bow & Arrow Merchant (Frederick Stover)
K Barber (Jelinek Sharpshear) Genevieve (NPC)
Anastasia (NPC) Ol’ Emma (NPC) – walks past
L Gryphon Master (Dungar Longdrink) Flying Trainer (Bralla Cloudwing)
Gryphon Keeper (Tannec Stonebeak)
Stormwind Quartermaster (Lancy Revshon)
M Florist (Bernard Gump) Little Adeline (NPC)
Herbalism Supplies (Felicia Gump)
N Clothier (Lisbeth Schneider) Rema Schenider (NPC)
O Wine Vendor (Julia Gallina) Suzetta Gallina (NPC)
Merlot Connoisseur (Roberto Pupellyverbos)
P Enchanting Supplies (Jessara Cordell) Enchanting Trainer (Lucan Cordell)
IIthurian Whitespire (NPC) – former reforger Apprentice Enchanter (Betty Quin)
Q Librarian (Adair Gilroy) Mazen Mac’Nadir (NPC)
Candy Vendor (Lisa McKeever) Acolyte Dellis (NPC)
R Inscription Supplies (Stanly McCormick) Inscription Trainer (Catarina Stanford)
Ink Trader (Sarana Damir) Lexicon of Power
S Fireworks Vendor (Darian Singh)
T Bartender (Jarel Moor)
U Tailoring Trainer (Jalane Ayrole) Warlock Trainer (Demisette Cloyce)
Zardeth of the Black Claw (NPC) Warlock Trainer (Ursula Deline)
Gakin the Darkbinder (NPC) Warlock Trainer (Sandahl)
Demon Trainer (Spackle Thornberry)
V Arcane Trinkets Vendor (Charys Yserian) Fizzles (NPC)
W Reagents (Owen Vaughn)
X Hatter (Evan Larson) Apprentice Tailor (Sellandus)
Robe Merchant (Wynne Larson) Thurman Schneider (NPC)
Collin Mauren (NPC) – outside, around corner
Y Bartender (Joachim Brenlow) Innkeeper (Steven Lohan)
Head Chef (Angus Stern) Apprentice Chef (Connor Rivers)
Erich Lohan (NPC) – mobile
Z Archmage Malin (NPC) – outside Master Mage (Maginor Dumas)
Portal to Blasted Lands Mage Trainer (Jennea Cannon)
High Sorcerer Andromath (NPC) Mage Trainer (Elsharin)
Coridormi (NPC) Portal Trainer (Larimaine Purdue)
2 Wand Merchant (Ardwyn Cailen) Staves Merchant (Allan Hafgan)
3 Light Armor Merchant (Duncan Cullen) Tailoring Trainer (Georgio Bolero)
Tailoring Supplies (Alexandra Bolero) Apprentice Tailor(Lawrence Schneider)
4 Herbalism Supplies (Eldraeith) Apprentice Alchemist (Tel’Athir)
Alchemy Supplies (Maria Lumere) Alchemy Trainer (Lilyssia Nightbreeze)
Herbalism Trainer (Tannysa) – outside
5 Nambria (NPC)
6 Recruiter Burns (NPC)
Ship to Valiance Keep (Borean Tundra)
Dockmaster (Leesha Tannerby)
6a Bwemba (NPC)
Commander Sharp (NPC)
6b Justin Boehm (NPC) Engineer Kurtis Paddock (NPC)
Daniel Kramer (NPC) Serban Oprescu (NPC)
Meghan Dawson (NPC) Art Peshkov (NPC)
Galley Chief Paul Kubit (NPC) Candace Thomas (NPC)
6c Argos Nightwhisper (NPC) Priest Trainer (Nara Meideros)
Dockmaster (Nayura) Druid Trainer (Sheldras Moontree)
Ship to Auberdine (Darnassus)
7 Arcane Reforger (Thaumaturge Vashreen) Thaumaturge Rafir (NPC)
Void Storage (Vaultkeeper Razhid)
Transmogrifier (Warpweaver Hashom)
8 Stormwind Census (Royal Factor Bathrilor)
City Architect (Baros Alexston)
9 Nil
10 Orphan Matron Nightingale (NPC)
Orphanage Matron (Shellene)
11 Mail Armor Merchant (Agustus Moulaine)
Robe Vendor (Theresa Moulaine)
12 Staff & Mace Merchant (Gregory Ardus)
13 Scarlet Crusade Emissary (Brother Crowley) Priest Trainer (Brother Benjamin)
Reagents Vendor (Brother Cassius) Priest Trainer (Brother Joshua)
Brother Sarno (NPC) Priest Trainer (High Priestess Laurena)
Duthorian Rall (NPC) Paladin Trainer (Katherine the Pure)
Bishop Farthing (NPC) Paladin Trainer (Arthur the Faithful)
Gazin Tenorm (NPC) Paladin Trainer
Altar Boy Thomas (NPC) (Lord Grayson Shadowbreaker)
First Aid Trainer (Angela Leifeld)
14 Stable Master (Jenova Stoneshield) Pet Trainer (Karrina Mekenda)
Muzzle (NPC) Hunter Trainer (Einris Brightspear)
Hunter Trainer (Ulfir Ironbeard)
Hunter Trainer (Thorfin Stoneshield)
15 Battleground Emissary
16 Engineering Supplies (Billibub Cogspinner) Engineering Trainer (L. Sparkspindle)
Shoni the Shilent (NPC) Priest Trainer (Chief Surgeon Gashweld)
17 Guns Vendor (Thulman Flintcrag)
18 Grimand Elmore (NPC) Blacksmithing Trainer (Borgus Steelhand)
Axe Merchant (Kathrum Axehand)
19 Mining Supplies (Brooke Stonebraid) Mining Trainer (Gelman Stonehand)
20 Blacksmithing Supplies (Kaita Deepforge) Blacksmithing Trainer (T.Deepforge)
Locksmith (Benik Boltshear) Hank The Hammer (NPC)
Furen Longbeard (NPC)
21a Naanae (NPC) Lucas Severing (NPC)
Rell Nightwind (NPC) Emissary Taluun (NPC)
Crithto (Battle Pet) – mobile
21b Caledra Dawnbreeze (NPC) Count Remington Ridgewell (NPC)
Bishop DeLavey (NPC) Lord Baurles K. Wishock (NPC)
21c Battlemasters Battleground Emissary
Mithras Ironhill (NPC)
21d Major Samuelson (NPC) Grand-Admiral Jes-Tereth (NPC)
King Varian Wrynn (NPC) Prince Anduin Wrynn (NPC)
Genn Greymane (NPC)
21e Cenarion Emissary Jademoon Archaeology Trainer (Harrison Jones)
Lana Dubing (NPC) Donyal Tovald (NPC)
Darnella Winford (NPC) Milton Sheaf (NPC)
Alicia (NPC)
22 Shield Merchant (Bryan Cross) Officer Connolly (walks past)
23 Cobbler (Mayda Thane)
24 Leatherworking Supplies (Jillian Tanner) Leatherworking Trainer (Simon Tanner)
Bag Vendor (Alyssa Griffith) Skinning Trainer (Maris Granger)
Leather Armor Merchant (Seoman Griffith) Little Noah (NPC)
Randal Worth (NPC)
25 Heavy Armor Merchant (Osric Strang)
Mail Armor Merchant (Wilhelm Strang)
26 Blade Merchant (Heinrich Stone) Jenn Langston (NPC) – walks past
27 Two Handed Weapon Merchant Nikova Raskol (NPC) – outside
(Gerik Koen)
28 Innkeeper (Maegan Tillman) Cooking Trainer (Stephen Ryback)
Barmaid (Elly Langston) Cooking Supplies (Erika Tate)
Harry Burlguard (NPC) Tavernkeeper (Reese Langston)
Bartleby (NPC) Aedis Brom (NPC)
Christoph Faral (NPC) Master of Cooking Recipes (Kendor Kabonka) upstairs
29 Rogue Trainer (Osborne The Night Man)
30 Justice Heirlooms (Larisse Pembraux) Warrior Trainer (Ilsa Corbin)
Legacy Justice Quartermaster (Toren Landow) Warrior Trainer (Wu Shen)
Valor Quartermaster (Faldren Tillsdale) Warrior Trainer (Ander Germaine)
Justice Quartermaster (Magatha Silverton) Hunter Trainer (Wulf Hansreim)
Justice Trade Goods (Talric Forthright) Hunter Trainer (Sarisse Jume)
Gonzalez (NPC) Hunter Trainer (Don Omar)
Dave the Quick (NPC) – outside Pet Trainer (Alma Deering)
31 Officer Accessories Quartermaster Accessories Quartermaster (Master Sergeant Biggins)
Weapons Quartermaster (Capt O’Neal) Legacy Armor Quartermaster (Sergeant Major Clate)
Legacy Weapon Quartermaster (Lt Jackspring) Honor Heirlooms (Liliana Emberfrost)
War Mount Quartermaster (Lt Karter) Honor Trade Goods (Edlan Halsing)
Armor Quartermaster (Captain Dirgehammer) Archmage Gaiman (NPC)
Apprentice Armor Quartermaster Harbinger Ennarth (NPC)
Armor Quartermaster (Lt Tristia) Sergeant Major Skyshadow (NPC)
32a Shady Dealer (Jasper Fel) Rogue Trainer (Lord Tony Romano)
Poison Supplies (Sloan McCoy) Renzik “The Shiv” (NPC)
Samuelson’s Files (up spiral staircase) Master Matthias Shaw (NPC)
32b Training Dummies Master Wood (NPC)
32c Stable Master (Karin) Riding Trainer (Darlene Stokx)
Horse Breeder (Katie Stokx)
33 Jewelcrafting Supplies (Isabel Jones) Jewelcrafting Trainer (Theresa Denman)
Jewelcrafting Supplies (Terrance Denman) Epic Gem Recipes (Farrah Facet)
Jewelcrafting Design Vendor (Isabel Jones)
34 Head Chef (Robby Flay)
Sous Chef (Bario Matalli)
35 Thargold Ironwing (NPC) Stormwind Rat (NPC)
36 David Gregory (NPC)
Judy Gregory (NPC)
37 Lana Ashwin (NPC) Sean Copeland (NPC)
“Daphne “”The Rose”” Bloom (NPC)” Scott Keenan (NPC)
Warren Fulton (NPC) Daniel Kinsey (NPC)
Quincy Cutler (NPC)
38 Heavy Armor Merchant (Allison Potts) Blacksmithing Trainer (Jordan Smith)
39 Brohann Caskbelly (NPC) Wilder Thistlenettle (NPC)
40 Morgg Stormshot
41 Auction House
42 Royal Bank of Stormwind Banker (Fineas G Bankworthy)
Officer Brady (NPC) Bankers
43 Innkeeper (Thaegra Tillstone) Shaman Trainer (Farseer Umbrua)
Tavern Keeper (Colin Field) Shaman Trainer (Bolner Hammerbeak)
Barmaid (Myrla Stoneround) Shaman Trainer (Dalga Hammerbeak)
44 Dylan Aguilar (NPC) Battle Pet Trainer (Audrey Burnhep)
45 Naraat The Earthspeaker (NPC) Portal to Uldum
Portal to Deepholm Portal to Mount Hyjal
Portal to Twilight Highlands Portal to Tol Barad
Portal to Vashj’ir
46 Jojo Ironbrow (NPC) Monk Trainer (Aysa Cloudsinger)
Portal to Pandaria
47 Chromie (NPC) Wyrmrest Protectors
48 Brunn Goldenmug (NPC)
49 Leria Nightwind (NPC)

World of Warcraft Maps: Undercity

Time for another Horde city in World of Warcraft: Undercity. As always, feel free to post corrections or additions in the comments.

(View the full-size version here)

Ref Name Vendor/s or other key NPCs Trainer/s
A Ruins of Orb of Translocation
B Trade Quarter Undercity Commendations (Officer Gothena)
C Trade Quarter Weapons Merchant (Gordon Wendham)
(North West 1) Weapons Merchant (Louis Warren)
D Trade Quarter Heavy Armor Merchant (Timothy Weldon) NPC – Velora Nitely
(North West 2) Heavy Armor Merchant (Walter Ellingson)
E Trade Quarter Light Armor Merchant (Lauren Newcomb)
(North West 3) Trade Supplies (Daniel Bartlett)
F Trade Quarter Innkeeper (Innkeeper Norman) Mailbox
(North East 1) Stable Master (Anya Maulray)
G Trade Quarter Reagents Vendor (Thomas Mordan)
(North East 2)
H Trade Quarter Barber (Naznik Sureshave)
(South East 1)
I Trade Quarter General Goods (Eleanor Rusk)
(South East 2)
J Trade Quarter Trade Goods (Felicia Doan)
(South West 1)
K Trade Quarter Bat Handler (Michael Garrett)
(South West 2)
L Trade Quarter Bankers x 4
M Trade Quarter Cooking Supplies (Ronald Burch) Cooking Trainer (Eunice Burch)
(Lower West)
N Trade Quarter Undercity Census (Royal Overseer Bauhaus) Guild Master (Christopher Drakul)
(Lower East) Guild Tabard Designer (Edward Remington) Tabard Vendor (Merrill Pleasance)
O Trade Quarter Cockroach Vendor (Jeremiah Payson)
(Lower Inner East)
P Undercity Auctioneer Epitwee
Q Undercity Auctioneer Leeka
R Undercity Auctioneer Stockton
S Undercity Auctioneer Yarly
T Undercity Auctioneer Cain
U Undercity Auctioneer Naxxremis
V Undercity Auctioneer Tricket
W Undercity Auctioneer Rhyker
X The Apothecarium Herbalism Supplies (Katrina Alliestar) Herbalism Trainer (Martha Alliestar)
Y The Apothecarium Blue Moon Odds & Ends (Alessandro Luca)
(North East)
Z The Apothecarium Inscription Supplies (Ickabod Pimlen) Inscription Trainer (Margaux Parchley)
(South East 1)
2 The Apothecarium Enchanting Supplies (Thaddeus Webb) Enchanting Trainer (Lavinia Crowe)
(South East 2)
3 The Apothecarium Alchemy Supplies (Algernon) Andron Gant (NPC)
4 The Apothecarium Chemist Fuely (NPC) Alchemy Trainer (Dr. Herbert Halsey)
(South West 1) Theodore Griffs (NPC)
5 Rogues’ Quarter Engineering Supplies (Elizabeth Van Talen) Engineering Trainer (Franklin Lloyd)
(South West) Lucian Fenner (NPC) Forge
Estelle Gendry (NPC)
6 Rogues’ Quarter Mennet Carkad (NPC) Rogue Trainer (Carolyn Ward)
(Central) Rogue Trainer (Gregory Charles)
Rogue Trainer (Miles Dexter)
7 Rogues’ Quarter Gothard Winslow (NPC) Cedric Stumpel (NPC)
(North East) Locksmith (Walter Soref)
8 Rogues’ Quarter Thrown Weapons Merchant (N. Steenwick)
(North) Blade Merchant (Charles Seaton)
9 Rogues’ Quarter Poison Supplies (Ezekiel Graves)
(North 2)
10 Rogues’ Quarter First Aid Trainer (Mary Edras)
(North West)
11 Rogues’ Quarter Leather Armor Merchant (Gillian Moore) Leatherworking Trainer (Arthur Moore)
(North West 2) Leatherworking Supplies (Joseph Moore) Skinning Trainer (Killian Hagey)
12 Rogues’ Quarter Bag Vendor (Jonathan Chambers)
(North West 3)
13 Magic Quarter Book Dealer (Salazar Bloch)
(South West)
14 Magic Quarter Jorah Annison (NPC) Seeker Thompson (NPC) (moving)
(South West 2) Fungus Vendor (Morley Bates) (mobile)
15 Magic Quarter Andrew Brownell (NPC) Oran Snakewrithe (NPC)
(West) Samantha Shackleton (NPC)
16 Magic Quarter Horde Cloth Quartermaster (Ralston Farnsley) Tailoring Trainer (Josef Gregorian)
(North West) Tailoring Supplies (Millie Gregorian)
Cloth Armor Merchant (Sheldon Von Croy)
17 Magic Quarter Staff Merchant (Sydney Upton)
(North) Wand Vendor (Zane Bradford)
18 Magic Quarter Fishing Supplies (Elizabeth Cromwell) Fishing Trainer (Armand Cromwell)
19 Magic Quarter Master Shadoweave Tailor (Josephine Lister)
(East) Carendin Halgar (NPC)
20 Magic Quarter Relics (Silas Zimmer)
(North East)
21 Magic Quarter Reagents Vendor (Hannah Akeley)
(North East 2)
22 Magic Quarter Victor Bartholomew (NPC) Winifred Kerwin (NPC)
(North) Jezelle Pruitt (NPC) Adrian Bartlett (NPC)
23 Magic Quarter Mage Trainer (Anastasia Hartwell)
(North 2)
24 Magic Quarter Portal Trainer (Lexington Mortaim)
(North 3) Bethor Iceshard (NPC)
25 Magic Quarter Warlock Trainer (Richard Kerwin)
(North 4)
26 Magic Quarter Godrick Farsan (NPC) Mage Trainer (Kaelystia Hatebringer)
(North 5) (D) Martha Strain (NPC) Mage Trainer (Pierce Shackleton)
Warlock Trainer (Luther Pickman)
Warlock Trainer (Kaal Soulreaper)
27 War Quarter Training Dummies Mage Trainer (Derek the Undying)
28 War Quarter Priest Trainer (Father Lankester)
(North) Priest Trainer (Aelthalyste)
Priest Trainer (Father Lazarus)
Warrior Trainer (Baltus Fowler)
Warrior Trainer (Angela Curthas)
Warrior Trainer (Christoph Walker)
29 War Quarter Sergeant Rutger (NPC) Alyssa Blaye (NPC)
(South West) Sergeant Houser (NPC) Eldin Partridge (NPC)
Travist Bosk (NPC)
30 War Quarter Brother Malach (NPC) Marla Fowler (NPC)
(Central East) Lysta Bancroft (NPC) Chloe Curthas (NPC)
Edward (NPC) Riley Walker (NPC)
Andrew Hartwell (NPC) Robert Gossom (NPC)
Richard Van Brunt (NPC)
31 War Quarter Gerard Abernathy (NPC) Edrick Killian (NPC) (mobile)
(South) Joanna Whitehall (NPC) Mattie Alred (NPC) (mobile)
Leona Tharpe (NPC)
32 War Quarter Bow Merchant (Abigail Sawyer) Mining Trainer (Brom Killian)
(South 2) Mining Supplies (Sarah Killian)
33 War Quarter Weapon Merchant (Francis Eliot) Weapon Master (Archibald)
(East) Weapon Merchant (Geoffrey Hartwell)
Weapon Merchant (Benijah Fenner)
34 War Quarter Heavy Armor Merchant (Mirelle Tremayne) Blacksmithing Trainer (James Van Brunt)
(North East) Blacksmithing Supplies (Samuel Van Brunt) Forge
35 War Quarter Gun Merchant (Nicholas Atwood) Seeker Nahr (NPC) (Mobile)
(North East) Helena Atwood (NPC)


World of Warcraft Maps: Exodar

nother World of Warcraft map in our ongoing series. I’ve mentioned before that I’m not a fan of Exodar’s layout – I just find it damn hard to navigate. That said, having put this map together I feel a little more familar and hopefully this will save you some time.

(View the full-size version here)

Ref Name Vendor/s Trainer/s
A Seat of the Naaru Tradesman (Nurguni) Herald Bran’daan (NPC)
(South Central) General Goods (Onnis)
Bag Vendor (Cuzi)
B The Crystal Hall Enchanting Supplies (Egomis) Enchanting Trainer (Nahogg)
(South-East) Inscription Supplies (Sessoh) Inscription Trainer (Thoth)
Lexicon of Power
C The Crystal Hall Training dummies Shaman Trainer (Gurrag)
D The Crystal Hall Moth Keeper (Sixx)
(South Central)
E The Crystal Hall Fishing Supplies (Dekin) (Outside) Fishing Trainer (Erett)
F The Crystal Hall Reagents Vendor (Bildine)
G The Crystal Hall Shaman Trainer (Hobahken)
H The Crystal Hall Duumehi (NPC) First Aid Trainer (Nus)
(East) Ereuso (NPC)
I The Crystal Hall Jewelcrafting Supplies (Arred) Jewelcrafting Trainer (Farii)
(South-East) Apprentice Jewelcrafter (Padaar)
J The Crystal Hall Shaman Trainer (Sulaa)
K The Crystal Hall Seer Skaltesh (NPC) Chakaa (NPC)
Drysc (NPC) Sayari (NPC)
L The Vault of Lights Priest Trainer (Izmir) Priest Trainer (Caedmos)
(East) Priest Trainer (Fallat)
M The Vault of Lights Battlemaster (Hunara)
(West) Wintergrasp Battle-Mage (Arc Nazalia)
N The Vault of Lights Eye of the Storm (Mitia)
(North-West) Alliance Brigadier-General
O The Vault of Lights Battlemaster (Liedel the Just)
P The Vault of Lights Paladin Trainer (Kavaan) Paladin Trainer (Jol)
(South) Paladin Trainer (Baatun)
Q The Vault of Lights Torias (NPC) Audrid (NPC)
(Central) Curzon (NPC) Emony (NPC)
Tobin (NPC)
R The Vault of Lights Alchemy Supplies & Reagents (Musal) Portal Trainer (Lunaraa)
(East) Wand Vendor (Oss) Mage Trainer (Harnan)
Portal to Blasted Lands Mage Trainer (Edirah)
Mage Trainer (Bati)
S Trader’s Tier Guild Master (Funaam)
(North-West) Tabard Vendor (Issca)
T Trader’s Tier Engineering Supplies (Feera) Engineering Trainer (Ockil)
(South-West 1) Apprentice Engineer (Ghermas)
U Trader’s Tier Blacksmithing Supplies (Arras) Blacksmithing Trainer (Miall)
(South) Apprentice Blacksmith (Edrem) Mining Trainer (Muaat)
Mining Supplies (Merran)
V Trader’s Tier Bowyer (Avelii) Pet Trainer (Ganaar)
(South-West 2) Gunsmith (Muhaa) Hunter Trainer (Killac)
Hunter Trainer (Deremiis)
Hunter Trainer (Vord)
W Trader’s Tier Warrior Trainer (Ahonan)
(South-West 3) Warrior Trainer (Kazi)
Warrior Trainer (Behomat)
X Trader’s Tier Weapon Master (Handiir)
(South-West 4) Poison Supplies (Fingin)
Y Trader’s Tier Plate Armor Merchant (Gotaan)
(South 1) Shield Merchant (Treall)
Mail Armor Merchant (Yil) – upstairs
Z Trader’s Tier Blade Vendor (Ven)
(South 2)
2 Trader’s Tier Blunt Weapon Merchant (Ellomin)
(South 3) Cloth Armor Merchant (Gornil)
3 Trader’s Tier Leather Armor Merchant (Mahri)
(South 4)
4 Trader’s Tier Leatherworking Supplies (Haferet) Skinning Trainer (Remere)
(East) Apprentice Leatherworker (Feruul) Leatherworking Trainer
5 Trader’s Tier Alliance Cloth Quartermaster (Dugiru) Tailoring Trainer (Refik)
(North-East) Apprentice Tailor (Kayaart)
Tailoring Supplies (Neii)
6 The Exodar Artificer Andren (NPC)
(Mid-East) Artificer Drenin (NPC)
7 Seat of the Naaru O’ros (NPC) – downstairs
8 The Exodar Auctioneer (Fanin) Auctioneer (Eoch)
(Auction House) Auctioneer (Iressa)
9 The Exodar Banker (Kellag) Guild Vault
(Bank) Banker (Jaela)
Banker (Ossco)
10 Seat of the Naaru Cooking Supplies (Phea) Cook (Mumman)
(North 1)
11 Seat of the Naaru Stable Master (Arthaid)
(North 2)
12 The Exodar Innkeeper (Caregiver Breel) Mailbox
(North) Arena Battlemaster (Miglik Blotstrom)
13 The Exodar Hippogryph Master (Stephanos)
(Outside 1) Flight Point
14 The Exodar Riding Trainer (Aalun)
(Outside 2)
15 The Vault of Lights Alchemy Supplies (Altaa) Herbalism Trainer (Cemorrhan)
(Mid-West) Apprentice Alchemist (Deriz) Alchemy Trainer (Lucc)

World of Warcraft Maps: Darnassus

Another rainy afternoon, another World of Warcraft map. This time it’s Darnassus. It’s a city I always found a pain to get around initially, second only to Exodar. As always, feel free to post corrections or additions in the comments.

(View the full-size version here)

Ref Name Vendor/s or other key NPCs Trainer/s
A Temple Gardens Mailbox  
  (Central) Guild Vault  
    Bankers (Idriana, Garryeth and Lairn)  
B Temple Gardens Sarin Starlight (NPC) Portal to Flight Master and
  (West) Sister Aquinne (NPC) Rut’theran Village
C Cenarion Enclave Rellian Greenspyre (NPC)  
  (South) Food and Drink Vendor (Dendrythis) (moving)  
D Cenarion Enclave Saber Handler (Lelanai) Riding Trainer (Jartsam)
  (Central) Huntress Ravenoak (NPC) (moving)  
E Cenarion Enclave Corand (NPC) Hunter Trainer (Jocaste)
  (South Central) Stable Master (Alassin)  
F Cenarion Enclave   Hunter Trainer (Dorion)
  (East)   Pet Trainer (Silvaria)
G Cenarion Enclave   Hunter Trainer (Sheen’ra Nightrunner)
H Cenarion Enclave Reagents Vendor (Cyroen) Druid Trainer (Fylerian Nightwing)
  (North Central) Arch Druid Fandral Staghelm (NPC) (U) Druid Trainer (Denatharion)
      Druid Trainer (Mathrengyl Bearwalker) (U)
I Cenarion Enclave   Rogue Trainer (Syurna)
  (Underground)   Rogue Trainer (Anishar)
  (enter north of J)   Rogue Trainer (Erion Shadewhisper)
J Cenarion Enclave Poison Supplies (Kyrai)  
  (South-West) Faelyssa (NPC)  
K Craftsmen’s Alchemy Supplies (Ulthir) Alchemy Trainer (Ainethil)
  Terrace Argent Guard Manados (NPC) (U) Dawnwatcher Shaedlass (NPC) (U)
  (South) Milla Fairancora (NPC) Dawnwatcher Selgorm (NPC) (U)
L Craftsmen’s Cooking Supplies (Fyldan) Cooking Trainer (Alegorn)
M Craftsmen’s Tce   First Aid Trainer (Dannelor)
N Craftsmen’s Tce Enchanting Supplies (Vaean) Enchanting Trainer (Taladan)
  (North 2) Apprentice Enchanter (Lalina Summermoon) Inscription Trainer (Feyden Darkin) (U)
      Lexicon of Power (U)
O Craftsmen’s Tce Trade Supplies (Mythrin’dir)  
P Craftsmen’s Tce Innkeeper (Saelienne)  
  (North-East 2)    
Q Craftsmen’s Tce Alliance Cloth Quartermaster (R. Duskstriker) Tailoring Trainer (Me’lynn)
  (North-East 3) Trianna (NPC) Leatherworking Trainer (Telonis) (U)
    Tailoring Supplies (Elynna) Skinning Trainer (Eladriel) (U)
    Leatherworking Supplies (Saenorion) (U) Apprentice Leatherworker (Darianna)
    Lotherias (NPC) Apprentice Leatherworker (Faldron)
R Craftsmen’s Tce Guild Master (Lysheana) Shalumon (Tabard Vendor)
  (East) Guild Tabard Designer (Ellaercia)  
S Warrior’s Terrace General Goods (Mydrannul) Owl Trainer (Shylenai)
  (Far East) Food and Drink Vendor (Fyrenna)  
T Warrior’s Terrace Battlemasters – all battlegrounds Warrior Trainer (Arias’ta Bladesinger)
  (Upper West) Elanaria (NPC) Warrior Trainer (Darnath Bladesinger)
U Warrior’s Terrace Weapon Merchant (Ariyell Skyshadow) Weapon Master (Ilyenia)
  (Lower West) Night Elf Armorer (Cylania)  
    Mathiel (NPC)  
V Tradesman’s Tce Auction House  
  (North-West) Auctioneers x 4  
W Tradesman’s Tce General Goods (Ellandrieth)  
  (North) Bag Merchant (Yidan) (Upstairs)  
X Tradesman’s Tce Jareth Wildwoods (NPC)  
Y Tradesman’s Tce Mace & Staff Merchant (Mythidan)  
  (North 2) Blade Merchant (Merelyssa)  
    Axe Merchant (Glorandiir)  
    Weapon Merchant (Kieran) (Upstairs)  
Z Tradesman’s Tce Treshala Fallowbrook (NPC) (Upstairs)  
  (North-East 2) (access from ref Y)  
2 Tradesman’s Tce Bow Merchant (Landria)  
  (Central) Thrown Weapons Merchant (Turian)  
3 Tradesman’s Tce Cloth Armor Merchant (Vinasia)  
  (South-West) Two Handed Weapon Merchant (E. Dewwhisper)  
4 Tradesman’s Tce Mail Armor Merchant (Melea)  
  (South-West 2) Shield Merchant (Caynrus) (Upstairs)  
5 Tradesman’s Tce Leather Armor Merchant (Cyridan)  
  (South-West 3)    
6 Tradesman’s Tce Robe Vendor (Anadyia)  
  (South) Staff Merchant (Andrus)  
7 Temple of the Archmage Mordent Evenshade (NPC) Portal Trainer (Elissa Dumas)
  Moon Sentinel Stillbough (NPC) Priest Trainer (Jandria)
  (Central) Sentinel Dalia Sunblade (NPC) Priest Trainer (Lariia)
    Gracina Spiritmight (NPC) (Upstairs) Priest Trainer (Princess Alathea) (U)
    Tyrande Whisperwind (NPC) (Upstairs) Mage Trainer (Emissary Valustraa) (U)
    Priestess A’moora (NPC) (Upstairs) Paladin Trainer (Rukua) (U)
      Priest Trainer (Astarii Starseeker) (U)
8 Temple of the Chief Archaeologist Greywhisker (NPC)  
  Moon (Outer West) Huntress Skymane (NPC) (Moving)  
9 Darnassus Reagents (Alaindia) Herbalism Trainer (Firodren Mooncaller)
  (South-East) Herbalism Supplies (Chardryn)

World of Warcraft Maps: Shattrath

As always, please post an omissions in the comments.

Ref Name Vendor/s or other key NPCs Trainer/s
A Terrace of Light Nil Portal Trainer (Iorioa)
  (East)   Portal: Exodar
      Portal: Silvermoon City
B Terrace of Light Nil Portal: Thunder Bluff
  (South)   Portal: Ogrimmar
      Portal: Undercity
C Terrace of Light Sha’tari Quartermaster (Almaador) Portal: Isle of Quel’Danas
  (West) Jewelcrafting Supplies (Ontuvo)  
    Weapons and Armorsmith (Anwehu)  
D Terrace of Light   Portal: Stormwind
  (North)   Portal: Darnassus
      Portal: Ironforge
E Terrace of Light Sha’tari Recruitment Officer (Yuula)  
  (Outer East) Flightmaster (Nutral)  
F Bank (Aldor) Aldor Quartermaster (Endarin)  
    Aldor Inscriptions (Saalyn)  
    Aldor Apothecary (Haldor the Compulsive)  
    Banker and Guild Vault  
G Bank (Scryers) Scryers Quartermaster (Enuril)  
    Scryers Inscriptions (Veredis)  
    Scryers Apothecary (Xorith)  
    Banker and Guild Vault  
H The Seer’s Library Keeper of Sha’Tari Artifacts (Arodis Sunblade) Enchanting (Volali) (U)
    Keeper of Sha’Tari Heirlooms (Veynna Dawnstar) Master Enchanting (Bardolan) (U)
I Scryer’s Tier Wine Vendor (Alamaro)  
  (Rear) Reagents Vendor (Amshesha Stilldark)  
    Enchanting Supplies (Yurial Soulwater)  
J Scryer’s Tier Dagger Vendor (Mahir Redstroke)  
  (East) Fence – Gem vendor (Lisrythe Bloodwatch)  
    Innkeeper Haelthol  
    Stablemaster (Ilthuril)  
    Trade Goods (Trader Endernor)  
K Scryer’s Tier   Master Inscription (Lanloer)
  (Shattrath East)   Master Enchanting (Andiala)
      Master Jewelcrafting (K. Silvermane)
      Master Mining (Hanlir)
L Scryer’s Tier General Goods (Nalama)  
  (Inner East) Staff Vendor (Urumir Stavebright)  
M Scryer’s Tier Wand Vendir (Quelama Lightblade)  
  (Inner West) Sword Vendor (Selanam the Blade)  
N Scryer’s Tier   Master Herbalism (Botanist Alaenra)
  (West)   Master Alchemy (Aelthin)
O Scryer’s Tier Specialty Ammunition Vendor (Archer Delvinar) Master Leatherworking (Daenril)
  (Shattrath West)   Master Tailoring (Miralisse)
      Master Skinning (Irduil)
      Master Blacksmithing (Barien)
      Master Engineering (Engineer Sinbei)
P Aldor Rise Engineering Supplies (Technician Halmaha)  
  (South) Stable Master (Oruhu)  
    Food and Drink Vendor (Garul)  
    Innkeeper (Minalei)  
Q Aldor Rise   Master Inscription (Recorder Lidio)
  (Shattrath South)   Master Enchanting (Zurii)
      Master Jewelcrafting (Nemiha)
      Master Mining (Fono)
R Shrine of Keeper of Sha’Tari Artifacts (Asuur)  
  Unending Light Keeper of Sha’Tari Heirlooms (Kelara)  
S Aldor Rise Staff Vendor (Ahemen) Master Jewelcrafting (Hamanar)
  (North) Jewelcrafting Supplies Vendor (Inessera)  
T Aldor Rise Specialty Ammunition Vendor (Marksman Bova) Master Herbalism (Jijia)
  (Shattrath North)   Master Alchemy (Alchemist Kanhu)
      Master Leatherworking (Korim)
      Master Tailoring (Weaver Aoa)
      Master Skinning (Dremm)
      Master Blacksmithing (Onodo)
      Master Engineering (Technician Mihila)
U Lower City (West) “Dirty” Larry  
V Lower City Alchemy Supplies (Skreah) – first level Master Alchemy (Lorokeem)
  (‘Treehouse 1’) Poison Supplied (Karokka) – top level  
W Lower City West Blade Merchant (Lissaf)  
  (‘Treehouse 2’)    
X Lower City (North) Fish Merchant (Oloraak)  
Y Lower City (East) Wind Trader Lathrai  
Z World’s End Tavern Haris Pilton – ‘Socialite’ Rogue Academy Proprietor
    Bartender and Barmaid (Lonika Stillblade)
2 Lower City   Armorsmith Trainer (Zula Slagfury)
  (Inner East)   Weaponsmith Trainer (K. Grimblade)
3 Lower City Arena Battlemaster (Kixi the Shiv)  
  (South East) Arena Battlemaster (‘Backstab’ Bindo Gearbomb)  
4 Lower City Horde Battlemasters  
  (Inner South East) (all battlegrounds)  
5 Lower City Trade Goods (Ernie Packwell) Master Leatherworking (Damari)
  (South) Leatherworking Supplies (Cro Threadstrong) Cook (Jack Trapper)
    Spellfire Specialist (Gidge Spellweaver) Master Skinning (Seymour)
    Mooncloth Specialist (Nasmara Moonsong)  
    Specialty Tailoring Supplies (Eiin)  
    Amazing Amulets (Griftah)  
    Engineering Supplies (Viggz Shinesparked)  
    Reagents (Fantei)  
    Blacksmithing Supplies (Aaron Hollman)  
    Fruit Seller (Granny Smith)  
    Enchanting Supplies (Madame Ruby)  
    Cooking Supplies (Jim Saltit)  
    Lower City Quartermaster (Nakodu)  
    Bread Merchant (Muffin Man Moser)  
    Meat Vendor (Brendan Turner)  
    General Goods (Eral)

World of Warcraft Maps: Dalaran

For non World of Warcraft players, you may want to skip this story, but for those who do partake of the odd hour of WoW, you’ll know how frustrating it can be at times finding vendors in cities. Today, I was trying to find a particular vendor in Dalaran and couldn’t find them, so went Googling for a detailed map. I realised there was nothing as visual as I preferred, so spent a couple of hours putting this version together. Every vendor and trainer I could find is in the list (please leave any omissions in the comments) – enjoy!

(You can view the full size version here)

Ref Name Vendor/s Trainer/s
A Tanks for Everything Blacksmithing Supplies Armorsmithing
    Plate Armor Merchant Grand Master Blacksmithing
    Shield Merchant Weaponsmithing
B Forge of Fate Nil Nil
C All That Glitters Mining Supplies Grand Master Mining
  Prospecting Co.    
D Like Clockwork Engineering Supplies Grand Master Engineering
      Goblin Engineering
      Gnome Engineering
E Legendary Leathers Fur and Leather Trader Grand Master Skinning
    Leatherworking & Skinning Supplies Grand Master Leatherworking
      Elemental Leatherworking (U)
      Dragonscale Leatherworking (U)
      Tribal Leatherworking (U)
F Talismanic Textiles Mooncloth Tailoring Specialist Grand Master Tailoring
    Spellfire Tailoring Specialist  
    Tailoring Supplies  
    Shadoweave Tailoring Specialist (U)  
G First to Your Aid First Aid Supplies Grand Master First Aid
H Simply Enchanting Enchanting Supplies Grand Master Enchanting
    Shard Trader  
I The Wonderworks Toymaker  
    Clockwork Assistant  
J The Threads of Fate Cloth Armor Merchant Cobbler (U)
    Clothier Haberdasher (U)
      Cloaks (U)
K Cartier & Co Jewelcrafting Supplies Grand Master Jewelcrafting
  Fine Jewelry Jewelry Vendor  
L The Agronomical Alchemy Supplies Grand Master Alchemy
M Unnamed Herbalism Supplies Grand Master Herbalism
N The Scribes’ Sacellum Ink Trader Grand Master Inscription
    Inscription Supplies  
O The Legerdemain Innkeeper  
  Lounge Assistant Innkeeper (U)  
P Aimee Pie, Pastry and Cakes  
Q The Bank of Dalaran Banker x 3  
    Guild vault  
R Barbershop Barber  
S One More Glass Wine Vendor  
    Bread & Cheese Vendor  
T Magical Menagerie Pet Supplies  
    Stable Master  
    Exotic Mount Vendor  
U The Violet Gate   Portal Trainer
      Mage Trainer
V The Hunter’s Reach Bowyer  
    Specialty Ammunition  
W Aerith Primrose Flower Vendor  
X Dalaran Visitor Center Guild Master  
    Tabard Vendor  
    City Historian  
Y The Arsenal Absolute Sword Merchant  
    Axe & Polearm Merchant  
    Mace Merchant (U)  
Z Glorious Goods General Goods  
    Trade Supplies  
2 Langrom’s Leather Mail Armor Merchant  
  & Links Leather Armor Merchant  
3 The Militant Mystic Wands Merchant  
    Staves Merchant  
4 Curiosities & Moore Trinkets & Charms Vendor  
    Relics Vendor (U)  
    Offhand Offerings (U)  
5 A Hero’s Welcome Innkeeper  
6 Applebough Fruit Vendor  
7 Sisters Sorcerous Reagent Merchant  
    Magical Goods Vendor  
8 The Silver Enclave Emblem of Valor Quartermaster (U)  
    Emblem of Heroism Quartermaster (U)  
    Emblem of Conquest Quartermaster (U)  
9 The Violet Citadel Kirin Tor Quartermaster (U)  
    Caverns of Time Portal  
    Purple Parlor Portal  
10 The Silver Enclave Portals to all cities and battlegrounds  
11 The Underbelly Poison Vendor  
  Entrance (leads to) Tools of the Trade Vendor  
    Reagents & Magical Goods Vendor (number 11 is missing off map sorry – entrance is just below G & H  
12 Krasus’ Landing Flight Master Cold Weather Flying

If enough people find this useful I’m happy to put one together for another city.

Map of Orgrimmar Vendors, Trainers and NPCs

Fully Updated for Mists of Pandaria

How to use this map: find your Orgrimmar trainer/vendor/NPC in the table and match the number or letter listed in that cell to find it on the map. Enjoy – and please let us know if we’ve missed something!

(Click on image for the full size version)

Ref Vendor/s or other key NPCs Trainer/s
A Wind Rider Master (Doras) Flying Trainer (Maztha)
Bilgewater Cartel Quartermaster (Frizzo Villamar) PvP Envoys
Wind Rider Keeper (Drakma)
B Battle Pet Trainer (Varzok)
C Zeppelin Master (Borean Tundra)
Zeppelin Master (Thunder Bluff)
D Zeppelin Master (Tirisfal Glades) Bort (NPC)
Zeppelin Master (Stranglethorn Vale)
E Farseer Krogar
Portals to Cataclysm zones (Deepholm, Uldum etc)
F Lord Itharius (Ambassador of the Green Dragonflight)
G Druid Trainer (Shalla Whiteleaf) Priest Trainer (Seer Liwatha)
Shaman Trainer (Sahi Cloudsinger) Warrior Trainer (Nahu Ragehoof)
Hunter Trainer (Nohi Plainswalker) Sunwalker Atohmo’s Kodo (NPC)
H Auctioneer Sowata Blacksmithing Trainer (Opuno Ironhorn)
Bow and Rifle Vendor (Kaja) Skinning Trainer (Rento)
Stable Master (Lonto) Cenarion Emissary Blackhoof (NPC)
I Innkeeper (Miwana) Tailoring Trainer (Hiwahi Three-Feathers)
Searn Firewarder (NPC) Shaman Trainer (Sian’tsu)
Shaman Trainer (Kardris Dreamseeker)
Shaman Trainer (Sagorne Creststrider)
J Banker (Tatepi) Trade Supplies (Isashi)
Guild Vault General Goods (Owato)
K Enchanting Supplies (Kithas) Enchanting Trainer (Godan)
Enchanter Farendin (NPC)
Apprentice Enchanter (Jhag)
L Alchemy Supplies (Kor’Geld) Alchemy Trainer (Yelmak)
Apprentice Alchemist (Whuut) General Goods (Asoran)
Jes’rimon (NPC) – upstairs Reagents (Magenius)
Dran Droffers (NPC) Malton Droffers (NPC)
M Engineering Supplies (Sovik) Engineering Trainer (Roxxik)
Rilli Greasygob (NPC) Apprentice Engineers (Thund and Nogg)
Orphan Matron Battlewail Tosamina (NPC)
Sasi (NPC) Bag Vendor (Gotri)
Gogu (NPC)
N Leather Armor Merchant (Morgum) Skinning Trainer (Thuwd)
Leatherworking Supplies (Tamar) Leatherworking Trainer (Karolek)
Cloth and Leather Armor Merchant (Handor) Apprentice Leatherworker (Kamari)
Cloth Armor Merchant (Ollanus) Tailoring Trainer (Magar)
Tailoring Supplies (Borya) Apprentice Tailor (Snang)
Cloth and Leather Armor Merchant (Tor’phan) Toys and Novelties (Blax Bottlerocket) – walks past
Krixx (Zeppelin Engineer)
O Transmogrifier (Warpweaver Dushar) Void Storage (Vaultkeeper Jazra)
Arcane Reforger (Thaumaturge Zajir) Thaumaturge Altha (NPC)
P Sous Chef (Shazdar) Cooking Trainer (Arugi)
Infantry Chef (Marogg) Cooking Supplies (Suja)
Meat Vendor (Borstan)
Q Omakka Wolfbrother (NPC)
R Orgrimmar Auction House Mailbox
S Innkeeper (Gryshka) Kozish (NPC)
Zazo (NPC) Grunt Komak (NPC)
Goma (NPC) Barkeep Morag
Gamon (NPC) General Goods (Trak’gen)
Trade Supplies (Shimra)
T Shang’gok (NPC)
U Orgrimmar Bank Grunts Karus, Koma, Soran
Guild Vault Bankers Branzlit, Kixa, Rilgiz and Perixa
V Grommash Hold Priest Trainer (Dark Cleric Cecille)
Zor Lonetree (NPC) Priest Trainer (Tyelis)
Shok Narnes (NPC) Archaeology Trainer (Belloc Brightblade)
Gotura Fourwinds (NPC) Paladin Trainer (Master Pyraenor)
Sauranok the Mystic (NPC) Guild Vendor (Goram) – outside
Garrosh Hellscream (NPC) Guild Master (Urtrun Clanbringer)
Ziradormi (NPC)
Ambassador Dawnsinger (NPC)
Mokvar (NPC)
Eitrigg (NPC)
W Mail Armor Merchant (Sana) Mining Trainer (Gonto)
Plate Armor Merchant (Naros) Blacksmithing Trainer (Rogg)
Mining Supplies (Lutah)
Blacksmithing Supplies (Punra)
X War Mount Quartermaster (Raider Bork) Weapons Quartermaster (Sergeant Thunderhorn)
Legacy Weapon Quartermaster (Stone Guard Zarg) Armor Quartermaster (Doris Volanthius)
Legacy Armor Quartermaster (First Sergeant Hola’mahi) Armor Quartermaster (Lady Palanseer)
Accessories Quartermaster (Brave Stonehide) Advisor Willington (NPC)
Honor Trade Goods (Rogoc) Chieftain Earthbind (NPC)
Blood Guard Hini’wana
Y Zankaja (NPC) Mailbox
Z Inscription Supplies (Xantili) Druid Trainer (Sesebi)
Portal to Blasted Lands Fishing Trainer (Old Umbehto)
Priest Trainer (Shadow Walker Zuru)
Warlock Trainer (Unjari Feltongue)
Inscription Trainer (Jo’mah) – upstairs
Mage Trainer (Uthel’nay) – upstairs
Portal Trainer (Zirazi the Star-Gazer) – upstairs
2 Cooking Supplies (Xen’to) Cooking Trainer (Zamja)
Food and Drink (Batamsi) Bwemba (NPC)
3 Stable Master (Xon’cha) Shaman Trainer (Witch Doctor Umbu) – walks past
Innkeeper (Sijambi) Auctioneer (Ziji) – upstairs
Trade Supplies (Huju) Banker (Makavu) – upstairs
General Goods (Jin’diza) Snake Vendor (Xan’tish) – walks past
Kali Remik (NPC)
4 Keldran (NPC)
5 Reagents and Poisons (Zeal’aya) Herbalism Trainer (Jandi)
6 Barber (Bebri Coifcurl) Mailbox
7 Zazzle (NPC) Mailbox
Flekky Nox (NPC)
8 War Harness Maker (Kiro) Warchief’s Herald
Warchief’s Command Board Guild Vault
9 Innkeeper (Nufa) Herezegor Flametusk (NPC)
Bartender (Gravy)
10 Belgrom Rockmaul (NPC) Warrior Trainer (Blademaster Ronakada)
Training Dummies Warrior Trainer (Grezz Ragefist)
Frostwolf Ambassador Rokhstrom Warrior Trainer (Sorek)
Battlemaster (Karg Skullgore) – upstairs
Battlemaster (Karba Blazemaw) – upstairs
11 Fishing Supplies (Shankys) Fishing Trainer (Lumak)
Master Angler (Razgar)
12 Auction House Mailbox
13 Raider’s Training Dummies Mailbox
14 Entry to Ring of Valor
15 Mining Supplies (Gorina) Mining Trainer (Makaru)
Jewelcrafting Supplies (Marith Lazuria) Jewelcrafting Trainer (Lugrah)
Jewelcrafting Supplies (Taryssa Lazuria)
16 Portal to Pandaria Monk Trainer (Ji Firepaw)
17 Krathok Moltenfist (NPC) Blacksmithing Trainer (Okothos Ironrager)
Apprentice Blacksmith (Ug’thok) Blacksmithing Trainer (Borgosh Corebender)
Apprentice Blacksmith (Snarl) Blacksmithing Trainer (Saru Steelfury)
Blacksmithing Supplies (Sumi) Blacksmithing Trainer (Shayis Steelfury) – outside
Heavy Armor Merchant (Tumi) Blackmithing Trainer (Kelgruk Bloodaxe)
Weapon Vendor (Zendo’jian) – outside Two-Handed Weapons Merchant (Galthuk)
Aturk the Anvil (NPC) Orokk Omosh (NPC)
Ox – The Mithril Order (NPC) Mace and Staves Vendor (Koru)
Weapon Vendor (Shoma)
18 Tailoring Supplies (Lizna Goldweaver) Tailoring Trainer (Nivi Weavewell)
Stable Master (Bezzil) Rogue Trainer (Vish The Sneak)
Barmaid (Tanzi) Mage Trainer (Conjurer Mixli)
Innkeeper (Tinza Silvermug) Warlock Trainer (Kazrali the Witch)
General Goods (Denk Hordewell)
Bartender (Miragohn Mixmaster)
19 Trade Supplies (Pezik Lockfast) Hunter Trainer (Dankin Farsnipe)
Cooking Supplies (Karizi Porkpatty) Cooking Trainer (Zarbo Porkpatty)
Barmaid (Sanzi) Priest Trainer (Brother Silverhallow)
Engineering Supplies (Vizna Bangwrench) First Aid Trainer (Krenk Choplimb)
Trike Dealer (Kall Worthaton) Riding Trainer (Revi Ramrod)
Engineering Trainer (“Jack” Pisarex Slamfix)
20 Blacksmithing Supplies (Zido Helmbreaker) Shaman Trainer (Environmental Engineer Linza)
Mining Trainer (Gizzik Oregrab)
Blacksmithing Trainer (Kark Helmbreaker)
21 Boss Mida (NPC) Warrior Trainer (Bruiser Janx)
Kazit (NPC)
Auctioneer Fenk
Battle Pet Trainer (Matty)
Banker (Nuzo)
Banker (Zerit)