World of Warcraft Maps: Silvermoon City

This map will be fully updated once Mists of Pandaria hits

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Ref Name Vendor/s or other key NPCs Trainer/s
A Inn Innkeeper (Jovia)
B Inn (upstairs) Cooking Supplies (Quelis) Cooking (Sylann)
C Bank Silvermoon City Commendations (Officer Dawning)
Guild Vault
D The Bazaar Shield Merchant (Winthren)
(South) Plate Armor Merchant (Tynna)
Mail Armor Merchant (Keeli)
E The Bazaar Reagents (Zalle)
(West) General Goods (Sathren Azuredawn)
F The Bazaar Axe Vendor (Feledis)
(North-West) Blade Vendor (Rahein)
G The Bazaar Leather Armor Merchant (Noraelath)
(North-West) Blunt Weapon Merchant (Welethelon)
H The Bazaar Horde Cloth Quartermaster (Sorim Lightsong) Tailoring (Keelen Sheets)
(North) Tailoring Supplies (Deynna)
Apprentice Tailor (Galana)
I The Bazaar Fireworks Vendor (Bithrus)
J The Bazaar Bag Vendor (Rathin)
(North-East) Clothier (Andra)
Cloth Armor Merchant (Zyandrel)
K The Bazaar Tradesman (Parnis)
(East) Battleground Emissaries
L The Bazaar Auction House
(Central) Auctioneers
M Walk of Elders Druid Trainer (Harene Plainwalker)
N Walk of Elders Wand Vendor (Zathanna)
(Upper West) Alchemy Supplies & Reagents (Velanni)
O Walk of Elders Battleground Emissaries
(South-West) Minstrel Manager (Michael Schweitzer)
P Walk of Elders Guild Master (Tandrine)
(South) Tabard Vendor (Kredis)
Q Walk of Elders Leatherworking Supplies (Zaralda) Leatherworking (Talmar)
(South-East) Skinning (Tyn)
R Walk of Elders Jewelcrafting Supplies (Gelanthis) Jewelcrafting (Kalinda)
S Walk of Elders Fishing Supplies (Olirea) First Aid (Alestus)
(North-East) Fishing (Drathen)
T Auction House Auctioneers
U Bank Bankers and Guild Vault
V Inn Innkeeper (Valandra)
Wine & Spirits Merchant (Vinemaster Suntouched)
W Royal Exchange Battleground Emissaries
X Fastriders’ Square Gunsmith (Mathaleron)
(Inner-East) Bowyer (Celana)
Y Blood Knight HQ Weapon Master (Ileda) Paladin Trainer (Champion Bachi)
Paladin Trainer (Osselan)
Paladin Trainer (Ithelis)
Z Blood Knight HQ Arena Master and all Battlemasters
2 Fastriders’ Square Stable Master (Shalenn) Pet Trainer (Halthenis)
(North) Hunter Trainer (Tana)
Hunter Trainer (Oninath)
Hunter Trainer (Zandine)
3 Fastriders’ Square Engineering Supplies (Yatheon) Engineering Trainer (Danwe)
4 Fastriders’ Square Blacksmithing Supplies (Eriden) Blacksmithing Trainer (Bemarrin)
5 Fastrider’s Square Mining Supplies (Zelan) Mining Trainer (Belil)
6 The Sanctum Warlock Trainer (Zanien)
Warlock Trainer (Alamma)
Warlock Trainer (Talionia)
7 Murder Row Poison Supplies (Darlia) Rogue Trainer (Nerisen)
(North-East) Rogue Trainer (Elara)
Rogue Trainer (Zelanis)
8 Court of the Sun Enchanting Supplies (Lyna) Enchanting Trainer (Sedana)
(North-East) Inscription Supplies (Lelorian) Inscription Trainer (Zantasia)
Lexicon of Power
9 Sunfury Spire Priest Trainer (Lotheolan)
(West) Priest Trainer (Belestra)
Priest Trainer (Aldrae)
10 Sunfury Spire Portal Trainer (Narinth)
(East) Mage Trainer (Zaedana)
Mage Trainer (Inethven)
Mage Trainer (Quithas)
11 Outside City Gates Flight Master (Skymistress Gloaming)