Location Of The Sacred Mount Lore Object

Here’s the location of the Unity At A Price lore object, which is required for the Rumbles of Thunder achievement.

First, you need to go to the Isle of Thunder, and get to the large building in the middle of The Diremoor, which is located here:

World_of_Warcraft 13

The lore object is in the outer ring of the building. Go up the steps. turn and walk around the outer ring until you see it sitting right here:


World_of_Warcraft 14

Location Of Unity At A Price Lore Object

Here’s the location of the Unity At A Price lore object, which is required for the Rumbles of Thunder achievement.

First, you need to go to the Isle of Thunder, and get to the Hall of the Grand Imperion, which is located here:

World_of_Warcraft 12

Once you’re in the Hall of the Grand Imperion, you stay on the ground level. The lore object is on the rear wall from the entrance, so you’ll need to clear a couple of the Shan’ze Soulrippers to get to it. Here’s the picture of the Unity At A Price lore object:

World_of_Warcraft 11

World of Warcraft Maps: Undercity

Time for another Horde city in World of Warcraft: Undercity. As always, feel free to post corrections or additions in the comments.

(View the full-size version here)

Ref Name Vendor/s or other key NPCs Trainer/s
A Ruins of Orb of Translocation
B Trade Quarter Undercity Commendations (Officer Gothena)
C Trade Quarter Weapons Merchant (Gordon Wendham)
(North West 1) Weapons Merchant (Louis Warren)
D Trade Quarter Heavy Armor Merchant (Timothy Weldon) NPC – Velora Nitely
(North West 2) Heavy Armor Merchant (Walter Ellingson)
E Trade Quarter Light Armor Merchant (Lauren Newcomb)
(North West 3) Trade Supplies (Daniel Bartlett)
F Trade Quarter Innkeeper (Innkeeper Norman) Mailbox
(North East 1) Stable Master (Anya Maulray)
G Trade Quarter Reagents Vendor (Thomas Mordan)
(North East 2)
H Trade Quarter Barber (Naznik Sureshave)
(South East 1)
I Trade Quarter General Goods (Eleanor Rusk)
(South East 2)
J Trade Quarter Trade Goods (Felicia Doan)
(South West 1)
K Trade Quarter Bat Handler (Michael Garrett)
(South West 2)
L Trade Quarter Bankers x 4
M Trade Quarter Cooking Supplies (Ronald Burch) Cooking Trainer (Eunice Burch)
(Lower West)
N Trade Quarter Undercity Census (Royal Overseer Bauhaus) Guild Master (Christopher Drakul)
(Lower East) Guild Tabard Designer (Edward Remington) Tabard Vendor (Merrill Pleasance)
O Trade Quarter Cockroach Vendor (Jeremiah Payson)
(Lower Inner East)
P Undercity Auctioneer Epitwee
Q Undercity Auctioneer Leeka
R Undercity Auctioneer Stockton
S Undercity Auctioneer Yarly
T Undercity Auctioneer Cain
U Undercity Auctioneer Naxxremis
V Undercity Auctioneer Tricket
W Undercity Auctioneer Rhyker
X The Apothecarium Herbalism Supplies (Katrina Alliestar) Herbalism Trainer (Martha Alliestar)
Y The Apothecarium Blue Moon Odds & Ends (Alessandro Luca)
(North East)
Z The Apothecarium Inscription Supplies (Ickabod Pimlen) Inscription Trainer (Margaux Parchley)
(South East 1)
2 The Apothecarium Enchanting Supplies (Thaddeus Webb) Enchanting Trainer (Lavinia Crowe)
(South East 2)
3 The Apothecarium Alchemy Supplies (Algernon) Andron Gant (NPC)
4 The Apothecarium Chemist Fuely (NPC) Alchemy Trainer (Dr. Herbert Halsey)
(South West 1) Theodore Griffs (NPC)
5 Rogues’ Quarter Engineering Supplies (Elizabeth Van Talen) Engineering Trainer (Franklin Lloyd)
(South West) Lucian Fenner (NPC) Forge
Estelle Gendry (NPC)
6 Rogues’ Quarter Mennet Carkad (NPC) Rogue Trainer (Carolyn Ward)
(Central) Rogue Trainer (Gregory Charles)
Rogue Trainer (Miles Dexter)
7 Rogues’ Quarter Gothard Winslow (NPC) Cedric Stumpel (NPC)
(North East) Locksmith (Walter Soref)
8 Rogues’ Quarter Thrown Weapons Merchant (N. Steenwick)
(North) Blade Merchant (Charles Seaton)
9 Rogues’ Quarter Poison Supplies (Ezekiel Graves)
(North 2)
10 Rogues’ Quarter First Aid Trainer (Mary Edras)
(North West)
11 Rogues’ Quarter Leather Armor Merchant (Gillian Moore) Leatherworking Trainer (Arthur Moore)
(North West 2) Leatherworking Supplies (Joseph Moore) Skinning Trainer (Killian Hagey)
12 Rogues’ Quarter Bag Vendor (Jonathan Chambers)
(North West 3)
13 Magic Quarter Book Dealer (Salazar Bloch)
(South West)
14 Magic Quarter Jorah Annison (NPC) Seeker Thompson (NPC) (moving)
(South West 2) Fungus Vendor (Morley Bates) (mobile)
15 Magic Quarter Andrew Brownell (NPC) Oran Snakewrithe (NPC)
(West) Samantha Shackleton (NPC)
16 Magic Quarter Horde Cloth Quartermaster (Ralston Farnsley) Tailoring Trainer (Josef Gregorian)
(North West) Tailoring Supplies (Millie Gregorian)
Cloth Armor Merchant (Sheldon Von Croy)
17 Magic Quarter Staff Merchant (Sydney Upton)
(North) Wand Vendor (Zane Bradford)
18 Magic Quarter Fishing Supplies (Elizabeth Cromwell) Fishing Trainer (Armand Cromwell)
19 Magic Quarter Master Shadoweave Tailor (Josephine Lister)
(East) Carendin Halgar (NPC)
20 Magic Quarter Relics (Silas Zimmer)
(North East)
21 Magic Quarter Reagents Vendor (Hannah Akeley)
(North East 2)
22 Magic Quarter Victor Bartholomew (NPC) Winifred Kerwin (NPC)
(North) Jezelle Pruitt (NPC) Adrian Bartlett (NPC)
23 Magic Quarter Mage Trainer (Anastasia Hartwell)
(North 2)
24 Magic Quarter Portal Trainer (Lexington Mortaim)
(North 3) Bethor Iceshard (NPC)
25 Magic Quarter Warlock Trainer (Richard Kerwin)
(North 4)
26 Magic Quarter Godrick Farsan (NPC) Mage Trainer (Kaelystia Hatebringer)
(North 5) (D) Martha Strain (NPC) Mage Trainer (Pierce Shackleton)
Warlock Trainer (Luther Pickman)
Warlock Trainer (Kaal Soulreaper)
27 War Quarter Training Dummies Mage Trainer (Derek the Undying)
28 War Quarter Priest Trainer (Father Lankester)
(North) Priest Trainer (Aelthalyste)
Priest Trainer (Father Lazarus)
Warrior Trainer (Baltus Fowler)
Warrior Trainer (Angela Curthas)
Warrior Trainer (Christoph Walker)
29 War Quarter Sergeant Rutger (NPC) Alyssa Blaye (NPC)
(South West) Sergeant Houser (NPC) Eldin Partridge (NPC)
Travist Bosk (NPC)
30 War Quarter Brother Malach (NPC) Marla Fowler (NPC)
(Central East) Lysta Bancroft (NPC) Chloe Curthas (NPC)
Edward (NPC) Riley Walker (NPC)
Andrew Hartwell (NPC) Robert Gossom (NPC)
Richard Van Brunt (NPC)
31 War Quarter Gerard Abernathy (NPC) Edrick Killian (NPC) (mobile)
(South) Joanna Whitehall (NPC) Mattie Alred (NPC) (mobile)
Leona Tharpe (NPC)
32 War Quarter Bow Merchant (Abigail Sawyer) Mining Trainer (Brom Killian)
(South 2) Mining Supplies (Sarah Killian)
33 War Quarter Weapon Merchant (Francis Eliot) Weapon Master (Archibald)
(East) Weapon Merchant (Geoffrey Hartwell)
Weapon Merchant (Benijah Fenner)
34 War Quarter Heavy Armor Merchant (Mirelle Tremayne) Blacksmithing Trainer (James Van Brunt)
(North East) Blacksmithing Supplies (Samuel Van Brunt) Forge
35 War Quarter Gun Merchant (Nicholas Atwood) Seeker Nahr (NPC) (Mobile)
(North East) Helena Atwood (NPC)


World of Warcraft Maps: Exodar

nother World of Warcraft map in our ongoing series. I’ve mentioned before that I’m not a fan of Exodar’s layout – I just find it damn hard to navigate. That said, having put this map together I feel a little more familar and hopefully this will save you some time.

(View the full-size version here)

Ref Name Vendor/s Trainer/s
A Seat of the Naaru Tradesman (Nurguni) Herald Bran’daan (NPC)
(South Central) General Goods (Onnis)
Bag Vendor (Cuzi)
B The Crystal Hall Enchanting Supplies (Egomis) Enchanting Trainer (Nahogg)
(South-East) Inscription Supplies (Sessoh) Inscription Trainer (Thoth)
Lexicon of Power
C The Crystal Hall Training dummies Shaman Trainer (Gurrag)
D The Crystal Hall Moth Keeper (Sixx)
(South Central)
E The Crystal Hall Fishing Supplies (Dekin) (Outside) Fishing Trainer (Erett)
F The Crystal Hall Reagents Vendor (Bildine)
G The Crystal Hall Shaman Trainer (Hobahken)
H The Crystal Hall Duumehi (NPC) First Aid Trainer (Nus)
(East) Ereuso (NPC)
I The Crystal Hall Jewelcrafting Supplies (Arred) Jewelcrafting Trainer (Farii)
(South-East) Apprentice Jewelcrafter (Padaar)
J The Crystal Hall Shaman Trainer (Sulaa)
K The Crystal Hall Seer Skaltesh (NPC) Chakaa (NPC)
Drysc (NPC) Sayari (NPC)
L The Vault of Lights Priest Trainer (Izmir) Priest Trainer (Caedmos)
(East) Priest Trainer (Fallat)
M The Vault of Lights Battlemaster (Hunara)
(West) Wintergrasp Battle-Mage (Arc Nazalia)
N The Vault of Lights Eye of the Storm (Mitia)
(North-West) Alliance Brigadier-General
O The Vault of Lights Battlemaster (Liedel the Just)
P The Vault of Lights Paladin Trainer (Kavaan) Paladin Trainer (Jol)
(South) Paladin Trainer (Baatun)
Q The Vault of Lights Torias (NPC) Audrid (NPC)
(Central) Curzon (NPC) Emony (NPC)
Tobin (NPC)
R The Vault of Lights Alchemy Supplies & Reagents (Musal) Portal Trainer (Lunaraa)
(East) Wand Vendor (Oss) Mage Trainer (Harnan)
Portal to Blasted Lands Mage Trainer (Edirah)
Mage Trainer (Bati)
S Trader’s Tier Guild Master (Funaam)
(North-West) Tabard Vendor (Issca)
T Trader’s Tier Engineering Supplies (Feera) Engineering Trainer (Ockil)
(South-West 1) Apprentice Engineer (Ghermas)
U Trader’s Tier Blacksmithing Supplies (Arras) Blacksmithing Trainer (Miall)
(South) Apprentice Blacksmith (Edrem) Mining Trainer (Muaat)
Mining Supplies (Merran)
V Trader’s Tier Bowyer (Avelii) Pet Trainer (Ganaar)
(South-West 2) Gunsmith (Muhaa) Hunter Trainer (Killac)
Hunter Trainer (Deremiis)
Hunter Trainer (Vord)
W Trader’s Tier Warrior Trainer (Ahonan)
(South-West 3) Warrior Trainer (Kazi)
Warrior Trainer (Behomat)
X Trader’s Tier Weapon Master (Handiir)
(South-West 4) Poison Supplies (Fingin)
Y Trader’s Tier Plate Armor Merchant (Gotaan)
(South 1) Shield Merchant (Treall)
Mail Armor Merchant (Yil) – upstairs
Z Trader’s Tier Blade Vendor (Ven)
(South 2)
2 Trader’s Tier Blunt Weapon Merchant (Ellomin)
(South 3) Cloth Armor Merchant (Gornil)
3 Trader’s Tier Leather Armor Merchant (Mahri)
(South 4)
4 Trader’s Tier Leatherworking Supplies (Haferet) Skinning Trainer (Remere)
(East) Apprentice Leatherworker (Feruul) Leatherworking Trainer
5 Trader’s Tier Alliance Cloth Quartermaster (Dugiru) Tailoring Trainer (Refik)
(North-East) Apprentice Tailor (Kayaart)
Tailoring Supplies (Neii)
6 The Exodar Artificer Andren (NPC)
(Mid-East) Artificer Drenin (NPC)
7 Seat of the Naaru O’ros (NPC) – downstairs
8 The Exodar Auctioneer (Fanin) Auctioneer (Eoch)
(Auction House) Auctioneer (Iressa)
9 The Exodar Banker (Kellag) Guild Vault
(Bank) Banker (Jaela)
Banker (Ossco)
10 Seat of the Naaru Cooking Supplies (Phea) Cook (Mumman)
(North 1)
11 Seat of the Naaru Stable Master (Arthaid)
(North 2)
12 The Exodar Innkeeper (Caregiver Breel) Mailbox
(North) Arena Battlemaster (Miglik Blotstrom)
13 The Exodar Hippogryph Master (Stephanos)
(Outside 1) Flight Point
14 The Exodar Riding Trainer (Aalun)
(Outside 2)
15 The Vault of Lights Alchemy Supplies (Altaa) Herbalism Trainer (Cemorrhan)
(Mid-West) Apprentice Alchemist (Deriz) Alchemy Trainer (Lucc)

World of Warcraft Maps: Darnassus

Another rainy afternoon, another World of Warcraft map. This time it’s Darnassus. It’s a city I always found a pain to get around initially, second only to Exodar. As always, feel free to post corrections or additions in the comments.

(View the full-size version here)

Ref Name Vendor/s or other key NPCs Trainer/s
A Temple Gardens Mailbox  
  (Central) Guild Vault  
    Bankers (Idriana, Garryeth and Lairn)  
B Temple Gardens Sarin Starlight (NPC) Portal to Flight Master and
  (West) Sister Aquinne (NPC) Rut’theran Village
C Cenarion Enclave Rellian Greenspyre (NPC)  
  (South) Food and Drink Vendor (Dendrythis) (moving)  
D Cenarion Enclave Saber Handler (Lelanai) Riding Trainer (Jartsam)
  (Central) Huntress Ravenoak (NPC) (moving)  
E Cenarion Enclave Corand (NPC) Hunter Trainer (Jocaste)
  (South Central) Stable Master (Alassin)  
F Cenarion Enclave   Hunter Trainer (Dorion)
  (East)   Pet Trainer (Silvaria)
G Cenarion Enclave   Hunter Trainer (Sheen’ra Nightrunner)
H Cenarion Enclave Reagents Vendor (Cyroen) Druid Trainer (Fylerian Nightwing)
  (North Central) Arch Druid Fandral Staghelm (NPC) (U) Druid Trainer (Denatharion)
      Druid Trainer (Mathrengyl Bearwalker) (U)
I Cenarion Enclave   Rogue Trainer (Syurna)
  (Underground)   Rogue Trainer (Anishar)
  (enter north of J)   Rogue Trainer (Erion Shadewhisper)
J Cenarion Enclave Poison Supplies (Kyrai)  
  (South-West) Faelyssa (NPC)  
K Craftsmen’s Alchemy Supplies (Ulthir) Alchemy Trainer (Ainethil)
  Terrace Argent Guard Manados (NPC) (U) Dawnwatcher Shaedlass (NPC) (U)
  (South) Milla Fairancora (NPC) Dawnwatcher Selgorm (NPC) (U)
L Craftsmen’s Cooking Supplies (Fyldan) Cooking Trainer (Alegorn)
M Craftsmen’s Tce   First Aid Trainer (Dannelor)
N Craftsmen’s Tce Enchanting Supplies (Vaean) Enchanting Trainer (Taladan)
  (North 2) Apprentice Enchanter (Lalina Summermoon) Inscription Trainer (Feyden Darkin) (U)
      Lexicon of Power (U)
O Craftsmen’s Tce Trade Supplies (Mythrin’dir)  
P Craftsmen’s Tce Innkeeper (Saelienne)  
  (North-East 2)    
Q Craftsmen’s Tce Alliance Cloth Quartermaster (R. Duskstriker) Tailoring Trainer (Me’lynn)
  (North-East 3) Trianna (NPC) Leatherworking Trainer (Telonis) (U)
    Tailoring Supplies (Elynna) Skinning Trainer (Eladriel) (U)
    Leatherworking Supplies (Saenorion) (U) Apprentice Leatherworker (Darianna)
    Lotherias (NPC) Apprentice Leatherworker (Faldron)
R Craftsmen’s Tce Guild Master (Lysheana) Shalumon (Tabard Vendor)
  (East) Guild Tabard Designer (Ellaercia)  
S Warrior’s Terrace General Goods (Mydrannul) Owl Trainer (Shylenai)
  (Far East) Food and Drink Vendor (Fyrenna)  
T Warrior’s Terrace Battlemasters – all battlegrounds Warrior Trainer (Arias’ta Bladesinger)
  (Upper West) Elanaria (NPC) Warrior Trainer (Darnath Bladesinger)
U Warrior’s Terrace Weapon Merchant (Ariyell Skyshadow) Weapon Master (Ilyenia)
  (Lower West) Night Elf Armorer (Cylania)  
    Mathiel (NPC)  
V Tradesman’s Tce Auction House  
  (North-West) Auctioneers x 4  
W Tradesman’s Tce General Goods (Ellandrieth)  
  (North) Bag Merchant (Yidan) (Upstairs)  
X Tradesman’s Tce Jareth Wildwoods (NPC)  
Y Tradesman’s Tce Mace & Staff Merchant (Mythidan)  
  (North 2) Blade Merchant (Merelyssa)  
    Axe Merchant (Glorandiir)  
    Weapon Merchant (Kieran) (Upstairs)  
Z Tradesman’s Tce Treshala Fallowbrook (NPC) (Upstairs)  
  (North-East 2) (access from ref Y)  
2 Tradesman’s Tce Bow Merchant (Landria)  
  (Central) Thrown Weapons Merchant (Turian)  
3 Tradesman’s Tce Cloth Armor Merchant (Vinasia)  
  (South-West) Two Handed Weapon Merchant (E. Dewwhisper)  
4 Tradesman’s Tce Mail Armor Merchant (Melea)  
  (South-West 2) Shield Merchant (Caynrus) (Upstairs)  
5 Tradesman’s Tce Leather Armor Merchant (Cyridan)  
  (South-West 3)    
6 Tradesman’s Tce Robe Vendor (Anadyia)  
  (South) Staff Merchant (Andrus)  
7 Temple of the Archmage Mordent Evenshade (NPC) Portal Trainer (Elissa Dumas)
  Moon Sentinel Stillbough (NPC) Priest Trainer (Jandria)
  (Central) Sentinel Dalia Sunblade (NPC) Priest Trainer (Lariia)
    Gracina Spiritmight (NPC) (Upstairs) Priest Trainer (Princess Alathea) (U)
    Tyrande Whisperwind (NPC) (Upstairs) Mage Trainer (Emissary Valustraa) (U)
    Priestess A’moora (NPC) (Upstairs) Paladin Trainer (Rukua) (U)
      Priest Trainer (Astarii Starseeker) (U)
8 Temple of the Chief Archaeologist Greywhisker (NPC)  
  Moon (Outer West) Huntress Skymane (NPC) (Moving)  
9 Darnassus Reagents (Alaindia) Herbalism Trainer (Firodren Mooncaller)
  (South-East) Herbalism Supplies (Chardryn)

World of Warcraft Maps: Shattrath

As always, please post an omissions in the comments.

Ref Name Vendor/s or other key NPCs Trainer/s
A Terrace of Light Nil Portal Trainer (Iorioa)
  (East)   Portal: Exodar
      Portal: Silvermoon City
B Terrace of Light Nil Portal: Thunder Bluff
  (South)   Portal: Ogrimmar
      Portal: Undercity
C Terrace of Light Sha’tari Quartermaster (Almaador) Portal: Isle of Quel’Danas
  (West) Jewelcrafting Supplies (Ontuvo)  
    Weapons and Armorsmith (Anwehu)  
D Terrace of Light   Portal: Stormwind
  (North)   Portal: Darnassus
      Portal: Ironforge
E Terrace of Light Sha’tari Recruitment Officer (Yuula)  
  (Outer East) Flightmaster (Nutral)  
F Bank (Aldor) Aldor Quartermaster (Endarin)  
    Aldor Inscriptions (Saalyn)  
    Aldor Apothecary (Haldor the Compulsive)  
    Banker and Guild Vault  
G Bank (Scryers) Scryers Quartermaster (Enuril)  
    Scryers Inscriptions (Veredis)  
    Scryers Apothecary (Xorith)  
    Banker and Guild Vault  
H The Seer’s Library Keeper of Sha’Tari Artifacts (Arodis Sunblade) Enchanting (Volali) (U)
    Keeper of Sha’Tari Heirlooms (Veynna Dawnstar) Master Enchanting (Bardolan) (U)
I Scryer’s Tier Wine Vendor (Alamaro)  
  (Rear) Reagents Vendor (Amshesha Stilldark)  
    Enchanting Supplies (Yurial Soulwater)  
J Scryer’s Tier Dagger Vendor (Mahir Redstroke)  
  (East) Fence – Gem vendor (Lisrythe Bloodwatch)  
    Innkeeper Haelthol  
    Stablemaster (Ilthuril)  
    Trade Goods (Trader Endernor)  
K Scryer’s Tier   Master Inscription (Lanloer)
  (Shattrath East)   Master Enchanting (Andiala)
      Master Jewelcrafting (K. Silvermane)
      Master Mining (Hanlir)
L Scryer’s Tier General Goods (Nalama)  
  (Inner East) Staff Vendor (Urumir Stavebright)  
M Scryer’s Tier Wand Vendir (Quelama Lightblade)  
  (Inner West) Sword Vendor (Selanam the Blade)  
N Scryer’s Tier   Master Herbalism (Botanist Alaenra)
  (West)   Master Alchemy (Aelthin)
O Scryer’s Tier Specialty Ammunition Vendor (Archer Delvinar) Master Leatherworking (Daenril)
  (Shattrath West)   Master Tailoring (Miralisse)
      Master Skinning (Irduil)
      Master Blacksmithing (Barien)
      Master Engineering (Engineer Sinbei)
P Aldor Rise Engineering Supplies (Technician Halmaha)  
  (South) Stable Master (Oruhu)  
    Food and Drink Vendor (Garul)  
    Innkeeper (Minalei)  
Q Aldor Rise   Master Inscription (Recorder Lidio)
  (Shattrath South)   Master Enchanting (Zurii)
      Master Jewelcrafting (Nemiha)
      Master Mining (Fono)
R Shrine of Keeper of Sha’Tari Artifacts (Asuur)  
  Unending Light Keeper of Sha’Tari Heirlooms (Kelara)  
S Aldor Rise Staff Vendor (Ahemen) Master Jewelcrafting (Hamanar)
  (North) Jewelcrafting Supplies Vendor (Inessera)  
T Aldor Rise Specialty Ammunition Vendor (Marksman Bova) Master Herbalism (Jijia)
  (Shattrath North)   Master Alchemy (Alchemist Kanhu)
      Master Leatherworking (Korim)
      Master Tailoring (Weaver Aoa)
      Master Skinning (Dremm)
      Master Blacksmithing (Onodo)
      Master Engineering (Technician Mihila)
U Lower City (West) “Dirty” Larry  
V Lower City Alchemy Supplies (Skreah) – first level Master Alchemy (Lorokeem)
  (‘Treehouse 1’) Poison Supplied (Karokka) – top level  
W Lower City West Blade Merchant (Lissaf)  
  (‘Treehouse 2’)    
X Lower City (North) Fish Merchant (Oloraak)  
Y Lower City (East) Wind Trader Lathrai  
Z World’s End Tavern Haris Pilton – ‘Socialite’ Rogue Academy Proprietor
    Bartender and Barmaid (Lonika Stillblade)
2 Lower City   Armorsmith Trainer (Zula Slagfury)
  (Inner East)   Weaponsmith Trainer (K. Grimblade)
3 Lower City Arena Battlemaster (Kixi the Shiv)  
  (South East) Arena Battlemaster (‘Backstab’ Bindo Gearbomb)  
4 Lower City Horde Battlemasters  
  (Inner South East) (all battlegrounds)  
5 Lower City Trade Goods (Ernie Packwell) Master Leatherworking (Damari)
  (South) Leatherworking Supplies (Cro Threadstrong) Cook (Jack Trapper)
    Spellfire Specialist (Gidge Spellweaver) Master Skinning (Seymour)
    Mooncloth Specialist (Nasmara Moonsong)  
    Specialty Tailoring Supplies (Eiin)  
    Amazing Amulets (Griftah)  
    Engineering Supplies (Viggz Shinesparked)  
    Reagents (Fantei)  
    Blacksmithing Supplies (Aaron Hollman)  
    Fruit Seller (Granny Smith)  
    Enchanting Supplies (Madame Ruby)  
    Cooking Supplies (Jim Saltit)  
    Lower City Quartermaster (Nakodu)  
    Bread Merchant (Muffin Man Moser)  
    Meat Vendor (Brendan Turner)  
    General Goods (Eral)

Map of Orgrimmar Vendors, Trainers and NPCs

Fully Updated for Mists of Pandaria

How to use this map: find your Orgrimmar trainer/vendor/NPC in the table and match the number or letter listed in that cell to find it on the map. Enjoy – and please let us know if we’ve missed something!

(Click on image for the full size version)

Ref Vendor/s or other key NPCs Trainer/s
A Wind Rider Master (Doras) Flying Trainer (Maztha)
Bilgewater Cartel Quartermaster (Frizzo Villamar) PvP Envoys
Wind Rider Keeper (Drakma)
B Battle Pet Trainer (Varzok)
C Zeppelin Master (Borean Tundra)
Zeppelin Master (Thunder Bluff)
D Zeppelin Master (Tirisfal Glades) Bort (NPC)
Zeppelin Master (Stranglethorn Vale)
E Farseer Krogar
Portals to Cataclysm zones (Deepholm, Uldum etc)
F Lord Itharius (Ambassador of the Green Dragonflight)
G Druid Trainer (Shalla Whiteleaf) Priest Trainer (Seer Liwatha)
Shaman Trainer (Sahi Cloudsinger) Warrior Trainer (Nahu Ragehoof)
Hunter Trainer (Nohi Plainswalker) Sunwalker Atohmo’s Kodo (NPC)
H Auctioneer Sowata Blacksmithing Trainer (Opuno Ironhorn)
Bow and Rifle Vendor (Kaja) Skinning Trainer (Rento)
Stable Master (Lonto) Cenarion Emissary Blackhoof (NPC)
I Innkeeper (Miwana) Tailoring Trainer (Hiwahi Three-Feathers)
Searn Firewarder (NPC) Shaman Trainer (Sian’tsu)
Shaman Trainer (Kardris Dreamseeker)
Shaman Trainer (Sagorne Creststrider)
J Banker (Tatepi) Trade Supplies (Isashi)
Guild Vault General Goods (Owato)
K Enchanting Supplies (Kithas) Enchanting Trainer (Godan)
Enchanter Farendin (NPC)
Apprentice Enchanter (Jhag)
L Alchemy Supplies (Kor’Geld) Alchemy Trainer (Yelmak)
Apprentice Alchemist (Whuut) General Goods (Asoran)
Jes’rimon (NPC) – upstairs Reagents (Magenius)
Dran Droffers (NPC) Malton Droffers (NPC)
M Engineering Supplies (Sovik) Engineering Trainer (Roxxik)
Rilli Greasygob (NPC) Apprentice Engineers (Thund and Nogg)
Orphan Matron Battlewail Tosamina (NPC)
Sasi (NPC) Bag Vendor (Gotri)
Gogu (NPC)
N Leather Armor Merchant (Morgum) Skinning Trainer (Thuwd)
Leatherworking Supplies (Tamar) Leatherworking Trainer (Karolek)
Cloth and Leather Armor Merchant (Handor) Apprentice Leatherworker (Kamari)
Cloth Armor Merchant (Ollanus) Tailoring Trainer (Magar)
Tailoring Supplies (Borya) Apprentice Tailor (Snang)
Cloth and Leather Armor Merchant (Tor’phan) Toys and Novelties (Blax Bottlerocket) – walks past
Krixx (Zeppelin Engineer)
O Transmogrifier (Warpweaver Dushar) Void Storage (Vaultkeeper Jazra)
Arcane Reforger (Thaumaturge Zajir) Thaumaturge Altha (NPC)
P Sous Chef (Shazdar) Cooking Trainer (Arugi)
Infantry Chef (Marogg) Cooking Supplies (Suja)
Meat Vendor (Borstan)
Q Omakka Wolfbrother (NPC)
R Orgrimmar Auction House Mailbox
S Innkeeper (Gryshka) Kozish (NPC)
Zazo (NPC) Grunt Komak (NPC)
Goma (NPC) Barkeep Morag
Gamon (NPC) General Goods (Trak’gen)
Trade Supplies (Shimra)
T Shang’gok (NPC)
U Orgrimmar Bank Grunts Karus, Koma, Soran
Guild Vault Bankers Branzlit, Kixa, Rilgiz and Perixa
V Grommash Hold Priest Trainer (Dark Cleric Cecille)
Zor Lonetree (NPC) Priest Trainer (Tyelis)
Shok Narnes (NPC) Archaeology Trainer (Belloc Brightblade)
Gotura Fourwinds (NPC) Paladin Trainer (Master Pyraenor)
Sauranok the Mystic (NPC) Guild Vendor (Goram) – outside
Garrosh Hellscream (NPC) Guild Master (Urtrun Clanbringer)
Ziradormi (NPC)
Ambassador Dawnsinger (NPC)
Mokvar (NPC)
Eitrigg (NPC)
W Mail Armor Merchant (Sana) Mining Trainer (Gonto)
Plate Armor Merchant (Naros) Blacksmithing Trainer (Rogg)
Mining Supplies (Lutah)
Blacksmithing Supplies (Punra)
X War Mount Quartermaster (Raider Bork) Weapons Quartermaster (Sergeant Thunderhorn)
Legacy Weapon Quartermaster (Stone Guard Zarg) Armor Quartermaster (Doris Volanthius)
Legacy Armor Quartermaster (First Sergeant Hola’mahi) Armor Quartermaster (Lady Palanseer)
Accessories Quartermaster (Brave Stonehide) Advisor Willington (NPC)
Honor Trade Goods (Rogoc) Chieftain Earthbind (NPC)
Blood Guard Hini’wana
Y Zankaja (NPC) Mailbox
Z Inscription Supplies (Xantili) Druid Trainer (Sesebi)
Portal to Blasted Lands Fishing Trainer (Old Umbehto)
Priest Trainer (Shadow Walker Zuru)
Warlock Trainer (Unjari Feltongue)
Inscription Trainer (Jo’mah) – upstairs
Mage Trainer (Uthel’nay) – upstairs
Portal Trainer (Zirazi the Star-Gazer) – upstairs
2 Cooking Supplies (Xen’to) Cooking Trainer (Zamja)
Food and Drink (Batamsi) Bwemba (NPC)
3 Stable Master (Xon’cha) Shaman Trainer (Witch Doctor Umbu) – walks past
Innkeeper (Sijambi) Auctioneer (Ziji) – upstairs
Trade Supplies (Huju) Banker (Makavu) – upstairs
General Goods (Jin’diza) Snake Vendor (Xan’tish) – walks past
Kali Remik (NPC)
4 Keldran (NPC)
5 Reagents and Poisons (Zeal’aya) Herbalism Trainer (Jandi)
6 Barber (Bebri Coifcurl) Mailbox
7 Zazzle (NPC) Mailbox
Flekky Nox (NPC)
8 War Harness Maker (Kiro) Warchief’s Herald
Warchief’s Command Board Guild Vault
9 Innkeeper (Nufa) Herezegor Flametusk (NPC)
Bartender (Gravy)
10 Belgrom Rockmaul (NPC) Warrior Trainer (Blademaster Ronakada)
Training Dummies Warrior Trainer (Grezz Ragefist)
Frostwolf Ambassador Rokhstrom Warrior Trainer (Sorek)
Battlemaster (Karg Skullgore) – upstairs
Battlemaster (Karba Blazemaw) – upstairs
11 Fishing Supplies (Shankys) Fishing Trainer (Lumak)
Master Angler (Razgar)
12 Auction House Mailbox
13 Raider’s Training Dummies Mailbox
14 Entry to Ring of Valor
15 Mining Supplies (Gorina) Mining Trainer (Makaru)
Jewelcrafting Supplies (Marith Lazuria) Jewelcrafting Trainer (Lugrah)
Jewelcrafting Supplies (Taryssa Lazuria)
16 Portal to Pandaria Monk Trainer (Ji Firepaw)
17 Krathok Moltenfist (NPC) Blacksmithing Trainer (Okothos Ironrager)
Apprentice Blacksmith (Ug’thok) Blacksmithing Trainer (Borgosh Corebender)
Apprentice Blacksmith (Snarl) Blacksmithing Trainer (Saru Steelfury)
Blacksmithing Supplies (Sumi) Blacksmithing Trainer (Shayis Steelfury) – outside
Heavy Armor Merchant (Tumi) Blackmithing Trainer (Kelgruk Bloodaxe)
Weapon Vendor (Zendo’jian) – outside Two-Handed Weapons Merchant (Galthuk)
Aturk the Anvil (NPC) Orokk Omosh (NPC)
Ox – The Mithril Order (NPC) Mace and Staves Vendor (Koru)
Weapon Vendor (Shoma)
18 Tailoring Supplies (Lizna Goldweaver) Tailoring Trainer (Nivi Weavewell)
Stable Master (Bezzil) Rogue Trainer (Vish The Sneak)
Barmaid (Tanzi) Mage Trainer (Conjurer Mixli)
Innkeeper (Tinza Silvermug) Warlock Trainer (Kazrali the Witch)
General Goods (Denk Hordewell)
Bartender (Miragohn Mixmaster)
19 Trade Supplies (Pezik Lockfast) Hunter Trainer (Dankin Farsnipe)
Cooking Supplies (Karizi Porkpatty) Cooking Trainer (Zarbo Porkpatty)
Barmaid (Sanzi) Priest Trainer (Brother Silverhallow)
Engineering Supplies (Vizna Bangwrench) First Aid Trainer (Krenk Choplimb)
Trike Dealer (Kall Worthaton) Riding Trainer (Revi Ramrod)
Engineering Trainer (“Jack” Pisarex Slamfix)
20 Blacksmithing Supplies (Zido Helmbreaker) Shaman Trainer (Environmental Engineer Linza)
Mining Trainer (Gizzik Oregrab)
Blacksmithing Trainer (Kark Helmbreaker)
21 Boss Mida (NPC) Warrior Trainer (Bruiser Janx)
Kazit (NPC)
Auctioneer Fenk
Battle Pet Trainer (Matty)
Banker (Nuzo)
Banker (Zerit)