World of Warcraft Maps: Exodar

nother World of Warcraft map in our ongoing series. I’ve mentioned before that I’m not a fan of Exodar’s layout – I just find it damn hard to navigate. That said, having put this map together I feel a little more familar and hopefully this will save you some time.

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Ref Name Vendor/s Trainer/s
A Seat of the Naaru Tradesman (Nurguni) Herald Bran’daan (NPC)
(South Central) General Goods (Onnis)
Bag Vendor (Cuzi)
B The Crystal Hall Enchanting Supplies (Egomis) Enchanting Trainer (Nahogg)
(South-East) Inscription Supplies (Sessoh) Inscription Trainer (Thoth)
Lexicon of Power
C The Crystal Hall Training dummies Shaman Trainer (Gurrag)
D The Crystal Hall Moth Keeper (Sixx)
(South Central)
E The Crystal Hall Fishing Supplies (Dekin) (Outside) Fishing Trainer (Erett)
F The Crystal Hall Reagents Vendor (Bildine)
G The Crystal Hall Shaman Trainer (Hobahken)
H The Crystal Hall Duumehi (NPC) First Aid Trainer (Nus)
(East) Ereuso (NPC)
I The Crystal Hall Jewelcrafting Supplies (Arred) Jewelcrafting Trainer (Farii)
(South-East) Apprentice Jewelcrafter (Padaar)
J The Crystal Hall Shaman Trainer (Sulaa)
K The Crystal Hall Seer Skaltesh (NPC) Chakaa (NPC)
Drysc (NPC) Sayari (NPC)
L The Vault of Lights Priest Trainer (Izmir) Priest Trainer (Caedmos)
(East) Priest Trainer (Fallat)
M The Vault of Lights Battlemaster (Hunara)
(West) Wintergrasp Battle-Mage (Arc Nazalia)
N The Vault of Lights Eye of the Storm (Mitia)
(North-West) Alliance Brigadier-General
O The Vault of Lights Battlemaster (Liedel the Just)
P The Vault of Lights Paladin Trainer (Kavaan) Paladin Trainer (Jol)
(South) Paladin Trainer (Baatun)
Q The Vault of Lights Torias (NPC) Audrid (NPC)
(Central) Curzon (NPC) Emony (NPC)
Tobin (NPC)
R The Vault of Lights Alchemy Supplies & Reagents (Musal) Portal Trainer (Lunaraa)
(East) Wand Vendor (Oss) Mage Trainer (Harnan)
Portal to Blasted Lands Mage Trainer (Edirah)
Mage Trainer (Bati)
S Trader’s Tier Guild Master (Funaam)
(North-West) Tabard Vendor (Issca)
T Trader’s Tier Engineering Supplies (Feera) Engineering Trainer (Ockil)
(South-West 1) Apprentice Engineer (Ghermas)
U Trader’s Tier Blacksmithing Supplies (Arras) Blacksmithing Trainer (Miall)
(South) Apprentice Blacksmith (Edrem) Mining Trainer (Muaat)
Mining Supplies (Merran)
V Trader’s Tier Bowyer (Avelii) Pet Trainer (Ganaar)
(South-West 2) Gunsmith (Muhaa) Hunter Trainer (Killac)
Hunter Trainer (Deremiis)
Hunter Trainer (Vord)
W Trader’s Tier Warrior Trainer (Ahonan)
(South-West 3) Warrior Trainer (Kazi)
Warrior Trainer (Behomat)
X Trader’s Tier Weapon Master (Handiir)
(South-West 4) Poison Supplies (Fingin)
Y Trader’s Tier Plate Armor Merchant (Gotaan)
(South 1) Shield Merchant (Treall)
Mail Armor Merchant (Yil) – upstairs
Z Trader’s Tier Blade Vendor (Ven)
(South 2)
2 Trader’s Tier Blunt Weapon Merchant (Ellomin)
(South 3) Cloth Armor Merchant (Gornil)
3 Trader’s Tier Leather Armor Merchant (Mahri)
(South 4)
4 Trader’s Tier Leatherworking Supplies (Haferet) Skinning Trainer (Remere)
(East) Apprentice Leatherworker (Feruul) Leatherworking Trainer
5 Trader’s Tier Alliance Cloth Quartermaster (Dugiru) Tailoring Trainer (Refik)
(North-East) Apprentice Tailor (Kayaart)
Tailoring Supplies (Neii)
6 The Exodar Artificer Andren (NPC)
(Mid-East) Artificer Drenin (NPC)
7 Seat of the Naaru O’ros (NPC) – downstairs
8 The Exodar Auctioneer (Fanin) Auctioneer (Eoch)
(Auction House) Auctioneer (Iressa)
9 The Exodar Banker (Kellag) Guild Vault
(Bank) Banker (Jaela)
Banker (Ossco)
10 Seat of the Naaru Cooking Supplies (Phea) Cook (Mumman)
(North 1)
11 Seat of the Naaru Stable Master (Arthaid)
(North 2)
12 The Exodar Innkeeper (Caregiver Breel) Mailbox
(North) Arena Battlemaster (Miglik Blotstrom)
13 The Exodar Hippogryph Master (Stephanos)
(Outside 1) Flight Point
14 The Exodar Riding Trainer (Aalun)
(Outside 2)
15 The Vault of Lights Alchemy Supplies (Altaa) Herbalism Trainer (Cemorrhan)
(Mid-West) Apprentice Alchemist (Deriz) Alchemy Trainer (Lucc)