World of Warcraft Maps: Darnassus

Another rainy afternoon, another World of Warcraft map. This time it’s Darnassus. It’s a city I always found a pain to get around initially, second only to Exodar. As always, feel free to post corrections or additions in the comments.

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Ref Name Vendor/s or other key NPCs Trainer/s
A Temple Gardens Mailbox  
  (Central) Guild Vault  
    Bankers (Idriana, Garryeth and Lairn)  
B Temple Gardens Sarin Starlight (NPC) Portal to Flight Master and
  (West) Sister Aquinne (NPC) Rut’theran Village
C Cenarion Enclave Rellian Greenspyre (NPC)  
  (South) Food and Drink Vendor (Dendrythis) (moving)  
D Cenarion Enclave Saber Handler (Lelanai) Riding Trainer (Jartsam)
  (Central) Huntress Ravenoak (NPC) (moving)  
E Cenarion Enclave Corand (NPC) Hunter Trainer (Jocaste)
  (South Central) Stable Master (Alassin)  
F Cenarion Enclave   Hunter Trainer (Dorion)
  (East)   Pet Trainer (Silvaria)
G Cenarion Enclave   Hunter Trainer (Sheen’ra Nightrunner)
H Cenarion Enclave Reagents Vendor (Cyroen) Druid Trainer (Fylerian Nightwing)
  (North Central) Arch Druid Fandral Staghelm (NPC) (U) Druid Trainer (Denatharion)
      Druid Trainer (Mathrengyl Bearwalker) (U)
I Cenarion Enclave   Rogue Trainer (Syurna)
  (Underground)   Rogue Trainer (Anishar)
  (enter north of J)   Rogue Trainer (Erion Shadewhisper)
J Cenarion Enclave Poison Supplies (Kyrai)  
  (South-West) Faelyssa (NPC)  
K Craftsmen’s Alchemy Supplies (Ulthir) Alchemy Trainer (Ainethil)
  Terrace Argent Guard Manados (NPC) (U) Dawnwatcher Shaedlass (NPC) (U)
  (South) Milla Fairancora (NPC) Dawnwatcher Selgorm (NPC) (U)
L Craftsmen’s Cooking Supplies (Fyldan) Cooking Trainer (Alegorn)
M Craftsmen’s Tce   First Aid Trainer (Dannelor)
N Craftsmen’s Tce Enchanting Supplies (Vaean) Enchanting Trainer (Taladan)
  (North 2) Apprentice Enchanter (Lalina Summermoon) Inscription Trainer (Feyden Darkin) (U)
      Lexicon of Power (U)
O Craftsmen’s Tce Trade Supplies (Mythrin’dir)  
P Craftsmen’s Tce Innkeeper (Saelienne)  
  (North-East 2)    
Q Craftsmen’s Tce Alliance Cloth Quartermaster (R. Duskstriker) Tailoring Trainer (Me’lynn)
  (North-East 3) Trianna (NPC) Leatherworking Trainer (Telonis) (U)
    Tailoring Supplies (Elynna) Skinning Trainer (Eladriel) (U)
    Leatherworking Supplies (Saenorion) (U) Apprentice Leatherworker (Darianna)
    Lotherias (NPC) Apprentice Leatherworker (Faldron)
R Craftsmen’s Tce Guild Master (Lysheana) Shalumon (Tabard Vendor)
  (East) Guild Tabard Designer (Ellaercia)  
S Warrior’s Terrace General Goods (Mydrannul) Owl Trainer (Shylenai)
  (Far East) Food and Drink Vendor (Fyrenna)  
T Warrior’s Terrace Battlemasters – all battlegrounds Warrior Trainer (Arias’ta Bladesinger)
  (Upper West) Elanaria (NPC) Warrior Trainer (Darnath Bladesinger)
U Warrior’s Terrace Weapon Merchant (Ariyell Skyshadow) Weapon Master (Ilyenia)
  (Lower West) Night Elf Armorer (Cylania)  
    Mathiel (NPC)  
V Tradesman’s Tce Auction House  
  (North-West) Auctioneers x 4  
W Tradesman’s Tce General Goods (Ellandrieth)  
  (North) Bag Merchant (Yidan) (Upstairs)  
X Tradesman’s Tce Jareth Wildwoods (NPC)  
Y Tradesman’s Tce Mace & Staff Merchant (Mythidan)  
  (North 2) Blade Merchant (Merelyssa)  
    Axe Merchant (Glorandiir)  
    Weapon Merchant (Kieran) (Upstairs)  
Z Tradesman’s Tce Treshala Fallowbrook (NPC) (Upstairs)  
  (North-East 2) (access from ref Y)  
2 Tradesman’s Tce Bow Merchant (Landria)  
  (Central) Thrown Weapons Merchant (Turian)  
3 Tradesman’s Tce Cloth Armor Merchant (Vinasia)  
  (South-West) Two Handed Weapon Merchant (E. Dewwhisper)  
4 Tradesman’s Tce Mail Armor Merchant (Melea)  
  (South-West 2) Shield Merchant (Caynrus) (Upstairs)  
5 Tradesman’s Tce Leather Armor Merchant (Cyridan)  
  (South-West 3)    
6 Tradesman’s Tce Robe Vendor (Anadyia)  
  (South) Staff Merchant (Andrus)  
7 Temple of the Archmage Mordent Evenshade (NPC) Portal Trainer (Elissa Dumas)
  Moon Sentinel Stillbough (NPC) Priest Trainer (Jandria)
  (Central) Sentinel Dalia Sunblade (NPC) Priest Trainer (Lariia)
    Gracina Spiritmight (NPC) (Upstairs) Priest Trainer (Princess Alathea) (U)
    Tyrande Whisperwind (NPC) (Upstairs) Mage Trainer (Emissary Valustraa) (U)
    Priestess A’moora (NPC) (Upstairs) Paladin Trainer (Rukua) (U)
      Priest Trainer (Astarii Starseeker) (U)
8 Temple of the Chief Archaeologist Greywhisker (NPC)  
  Moon (Outer West) Huntress Skymane (NPC) (Moving)  
9 Darnassus Reagents (Alaindia) Herbalism Trainer (Firodren Mooncaller)
  (South-East) Herbalism Supplies (Chardryn)