World of Warcraft Maps: Dalaran

For non World of Warcraft players, you may want to skip this story, but for those who do partake of the odd hour of WoW, you’ll know how frustrating it can be at times finding vendors in cities. Today, I was trying to find a particular vendor in Dalaran and couldn’t find them, so went Googling for a detailed map. I realised there was nothing as visual as I preferred, so spent a couple of hours putting this version together. Every vendor and trainer I could find is in the list (please leave any omissions in the comments) – enjoy!

(You can view the full size version here)

Ref Name Vendor/s Trainer/s
A Tanks for Everything Blacksmithing Supplies Armorsmithing
    Plate Armor Merchant Grand Master Blacksmithing
    Shield Merchant Weaponsmithing
B Forge of Fate Nil Nil
C All That Glitters Mining Supplies Grand Master Mining
  Prospecting Co.    
D Like Clockwork Engineering Supplies Grand Master Engineering
      Goblin Engineering
      Gnome Engineering
E Legendary Leathers Fur and Leather Trader Grand Master Skinning
    Leatherworking & Skinning Supplies Grand Master Leatherworking
      Elemental Leatherworking (U)
      Dragonscale Leatherworking (U)
      Tribal Leatherworking (U)
F Talismanic Textiles Mooncloth Tailoring Specialist Grand Master Tailoring
    Spellfire Tailoring Specialist  
    Tailoring Supplies  
    Shadoweave Tailoring Specialist (U)  
G First to Your Aid First Aid Supplies Grand Master First Aid
H Simply Enchanting Enchanting Supplies Grand Master Enchanting
    Shard Trader  
I The Wonderworks Toymaker  
    Clockwork Assistant  
J The Threads of Fate Cloth Armor Merchant Cobbler (U)
    Clothier Haberdasher (U)
      Cloaks (U)
K Cartier & Co Jewelcrafting Supplies Grand Master Jewelcrafting
  Fine Jewelry Jewelry Vendor  
L The Agronomical Alchemy Supplies Grand Master Alchemy
M Unnamed Herbalism Supplies Grand Master Herbalism
N The Scribes’ Sacellum Ink Trader Grand Master Inscription
    Inscription Supplies  
O The Legerdemain Innkeeper  
  Lounge Assistant Innkeeper (U)  
P Aimee Pie, Pastry and Cakes  
Q The Bank of Dalaran Banker x 3  
    Guild vault  
R Barbershop Barber  
S One More Glass Wine Vendor  
    Bread & Cheese Vendor  
T Magical Menagerie Pet Supplies  
    Stable Master  
    Exotic Mount Vendor  
U The Violet Gate   Portal Trainer
      Mage Trainer
V The Hunter’s Reach Bowyer  
    Specialty Ammunition  
W Aerith Primrose Flower Vendor  
X Dalaran Visitor Center Guild Master  
    Tabard Vendor  
    City Historian  
Y The Arsenal Absolute Sword Merchant  
    Axe & Polearm Merchant  
    Mace Merchant (U)  
Z Glorious Goods General Goods  
    Trade Supplies  
2 Langrom’s Leather Mail Armor Merchant  
  & Links Leather Armor Merchant  
3 The Militant Mystic Wands Merchant  
    Staves Merchant  
4 Curiosities & Moore Trinkets & Charms Vendor  
    Relics Vendor (U)  
    Offhand Offerings (U)  
5 A Hero’s Welcome Innkeeper  
6 Applebough Fruit Vendor  
7 Sisters Sorcerous Reagent Merchant  
    Magical Goods Vendor  
8 The Silver Enclave Emblem of Valor Quartermaster (U)  
    Emblem of Heroism Quartermaster (U)  
    Emblem of Conquest Quartermaster (U)  
9 The Violet Citadel Kirin Tor Quartermaster (U)  
    Caverns of Time Portal  
    Purple Parlor Portal  
10 The Silver Enclave Portals to all cities and battlegrounds  
11 The Underbelly Poison Vendor  
  Entrance (leads to) Tools of the Trade Vendor  
    Reagents & Magical Goods Vendor (number 11 is missing off map sorry – entrance is just below G & H  
12 Krasus’ Landing Flight Master Cold Weather Flying

If enough people find this useful I’m happy to put one together for another city.