Destiny Planet View

imageBungie have sneakily deployed a Google Maps street view style web page interface in the lead up to next week’s release of Destiny. They even built it using Google’s own street view tech. I have had some troubles loading it up properly on my laptop using Firefox (it keeps displaying my location in Brisbane city for me for some reason and I doubt BirsVegas made it into the game) but it is working fine on my phone.

(Editor’s note: I tried on Safari, Chrome and Firefox for Mac and none worked….)

So far it only shows Mars, Venus and that Moon where the Wizard came from but seems to contain some useful information. I have only really had a chance to look around Mars so far but already I have picked up a few tips for facing the Cabal once I get there.

Oh and when you open it up, make sure your sound is on. The music is great.

Tokyo Game Show Trailers: Destiny

Destiny 「全てを超える」篇 (60秒CM)_-_YouTube With under a week to go until the launch of Destiny, Sony Japan has shown two new launch trailers for the game at their pre-show conference for the Tokyo Game Show.

For those unaware, Destiny is a PlayStation exclusive in Japan and Sony appears to be making the most of it and getting as much marketing out as possible for it. There isn’t much new in the trailers at all really but still very cool, and also enough to make you even more excited if you weren’t already before. Enjoy!

Trailer 1:

Trailer 2:

Raiding On A Console: Destiny

image001A big welcome to latest contributor Ben McJannett. As you’ll read below, Ben’s into console gaming in a big way. Great to have you on board Ben!

Destiny is coming.

Not long now.

In just a little over a week, players on PS4 and Xbox One will be creating their Guardians and taking their first steps. Or maybe you will be recreating your first steps if you participated in the beta like me. Slowly they will meet their ghost for the first time (I called mine the Dinklebot 5000, or Dinks for short), they will take their first steps and say “Is this just Halo MkII?”,  and slowly realise that skills are from skillpoints. Monitoring the reactions of some players I think would be priceless, but that’s getting off topic. Soon they will realise they can create a fire team and join forces against the darkness. Not much longer after that they will get to their first strike mission and join a queue. They will then realise this is an MMO at its core.

For those unaware, Strikes are Destiny’s dungeons/instances. By the time players reach the first one at level 6 they will have seen a little bit of instancing/phasing in the story missions,  but this will be the first time they actually are forced to group with other players and go through the usual dungeon tropes. For most players reading this, they will have already an understanding of the MMO space, but I sense the way Activison is marketing the game towards the FPS crowd we could be attracting a new type of MMO player. Noobs we would normally call them, but chances are these are the same players that will destroy us in the crucible. So Semi-Noobs? Time will tell.

What I am most curious about is the raids Bungie has promised us. If you have read the latest weekly update from Bungie, you probably enjoyed the little Q&A with Design Lead Luke Smith. Luke talked briefly about the difficulty of the Raids and what to expect in terms of loot. All of which, if you’re like me, would get even the most casual raider excited. What really got me wondering though was a comment made by one of the forum members about only being able to get loot from the raid once a week. To the normal raider this is a normal rule, however this game is attracting a completely different subset of gamers to it and they do not understand our strange ways, so to speak. Basically this player had made the comment that it “sucks” they can only get loot once a week from the raid. Many of the other posters were quick to reply and inform our new MMO friend that it is the normal rule in the MMO space. The exchange has piqued my interest in seeing how everything is going to play out.

There really hasn’t been a big name MMO on the console market yet, and I believe this is the first one really on the latest generation of consoles. Elder Scrolls Online was originally supposed to be released in June and has been pushed back with no confirmation of a release yet. Had it come out, this question would be already answered (even if Elder Scrolls hasn’t met such great praise on the PC).  I’m hoping I’m not the only one looking forward to seeing how things go with Destiny and its raid mechanics. Will it be the game that sets the standards for MMO’s on the console? We will know soon enough.

I’ll be there with Dinks, probably dancing on top of a cliff somewhere.

GW2 Oceanic Guild Spotlight: Destiny

If you’d like your guild spotlighted, just use our contact form to let us know. Or if you like, respond to the questions shown below and send them in – we love to profile guilds and the work they’re doing. The only requirement is that you’re an active oceanic guild. Please be patient if you don’t hear back from us immediately – we will only be spotlighting a guild every week or so.

Name of guild

Destiny (GW2 version)

Guild website

History of your guild’s name?

Destiny originated in WoW in 2007. The guild has had a continued membership in WoW until 2011 and in other MMOs including Aion, Rift, Warhammer and SWTOR.

What sort of guild are you?

We are primarily PVE orientated with a semi-serious approach to end-game content and casual PVP participation.

Have key guild members been involved in other games / MMOs?

Yes – GW, Anarchy Online, WoW, Warhammer, Aion, Rift, SWTOR, TSW, Mechwarrior…

How many guild members do you have at the moment?

To date 19 members are preparing for GW2.

What days/times do you see the guild being most active?

AEST/GMT+10 7pm-Midnight have traditionally been our active hours.

What are the achievements that your guild is most proud of?

Continued member friendship in & out of the game, successful end-game participation, enthusiasm for enjoying MMO gameplay.

You have one minute to convince someone they should be in your guild – what would you say to them?

We are primarily a mature-member guild with many players balancing work, family and play. Fun and enjoyment are the reason we play and our guild approach to gaming scaffolds this desire. Enjoy a relaxed, fun evening with friends who can be a bit nerdy about game content and achievement. Oh… bring oreos!

What are your predictions for the next 6 months for the guild?

Some players will continue game play in a variety of MMOs including SWtOR, MWO and TSW with a core group exploring the content of GW2.