Destiny Planet View

imageBungie have sneakily deployed a Google Maps street view style web page interface in the lead up to next week’s release of Destiny. They even built it using Google’s own street view tech. I have had some troubles loading it up properly on my laptop using Firefox (it keeps displaying my location in Brisbane city for me for some reason and I doubt BirsVegas made it into the game) but it is working fine on my phone.

(Editor’s note: I tried on Safari, Chrome and Firefox for Mac and none worked….)

So far it only shows Mars, Venus and that Moon where the Wizard came from but seems to contain some useful information. I have only really had a chance to look around Mars so far but already I have picked up a few tips for facing the Cabal once I get there.

Oh and when you open it up, make sure your sound is on. The music is great.