Server downtime: things to do tonight

Four to six hours is a long time without your favourite MMO, so as always we’re here to provide you with a very self-interested list of things to do if you want to stay in the SWTOR mood until Patch 1.1.5 is live and you can jump back in:

1. Take part in our reader survey and go into the draw for a t-shirt

2. Check out the huge amount of details from today’s guild summit, which covered a range of areas including:

a. Legacy system

b. Crew skills and SWTOR economy

c. Roleplaying

d. SWTOR User Interface

e. Anything else discussed related to the game

3. Get some good information on tanking Hammer Station

4. Join the debate on whether SWTOR is hastening a decline in World of Warcraft’s subscriber numbers

5. Put forward your suggestion of the next big thing in SWTOR you’d like changed

6. Check out our SWTOR roundup called Fleet Pass


  1. Bahhaha much <3 from me. Need something to do!

  2. Agreed Glorion.

    Just got my 1st TOR toon (a shadow) to lvl 17 and was levelling my 2nd toon (Trooper) to the point of nearly choosing an AC. Now sadly I’m waiting for maintenance before I can move on. 🙁

  3. SERVERS UP!!!!!!