SWTOR Guild Summit: User Interface

Damion Schubert on User Interface changes:

The details disclosed:

– changes playable from Level 1 once 1.2 hits the PTR
– can customise location of every bar/window
– can resize all windows jointly
– can move secondary windows where you want and have them open anywhere you want
can save XML files of configurations and share them


– click-to-cast: maybe in 1.4 update
– macros: “it’s on the list” – no ETA
– can rule out macros that affect combat
– being able to see buffs on party members in Ops more clearly: can’t resize buff display size in UI
– definitely interested in more graphical representation of Procs etc (1.2 has some improvements in that regard)
– streamlining of abilities to free bar space: something BW very aware of, have to do more exploration on that front – also adding another ability bar
– when multi-spec comes there will be spec-specific quick slots
– GUI changes to GTN: much better in 1.2, can’t disclose a lot more. “80% less stupid already”
– saving key profiles: on the roadmap but no ETA
– SWTOR API: still planning it, quite complicated to ensure fair and balanced. No ETA. “Enormous technical challenge”
– Stealth bar: did have a concept for that, decided not to go ahead with it. If increased demand will re-visit.
– removing own picture and class from UI: no plans
– colour-blind mode: document being developed to support this