Pimp Your UI: Call for Submissions

It’s hard to believe it’s been over a fortnight since 1.2 hit, and one of the things that keeps popping up in discussion regularly is the new SWTOR user interface options.

Which is why we’re looking at launching a regular feature called ‘Pimp Your UI’, where you the dedicated SWTOR player get to display your UI for others to admire and emulate.

Hell, we’ll even happily share your interface for others to use.

Here’s how to get involved:

1. Go to our contact form

2. Provide your details and attach a screen shot of your UI (yes our form accepts attachments – up to a maximum size of 5MB).

Important: We need the screen shot to be at least 500 pixels wide but prefer anything up to 1500-2000 pixels width

3. Feel free to send us your exported layout as well and we can allow people to download it (or provide a URL to your own server if you want it sitting there)

4. Wait for us to get back to you to confirm publication or otherwise.

So get cracking – if you like what you’ve done, why not share it?


SWTOR Guild Summit: User Interface

Damion Schubert on User Interface changes:

The details disclosed:

– changes playable from Level 1 once 1.2 hits the PTR
– can customise location of every bar/window
– can resize all windows jointly
– can move secondary windows where you want and have them open anywhere you want
can save XML files of configurations and share them


– click-to-cast: maybe in 1.4 update
– macros: “it’s on the list” – no ETA
– can rule out macros that affect combat
– being able to see buffs on party members in Ops more clearly: can’t resize buff display size in UI
– definitely interested in more graphical representation of Procs etc (1.2 has some improvements in that regard)
– streamlining of abilities to free bar space: something BW very aware of, have to do more exploration on that front – also adding another ability bar
– when multi-spec comes there will be spec-specific quick slots
– GUI changes to GTN: much better in 1.2, can’t disclose a lot more. “80% less stupid already”
– saving key profiles: on the roadmap but no ETA
– SWTOR API: still planning it, quite complicated to ensure fair and balanced. No ETA. “Enormous technical challenge”
– Stealth bar: did have a concept for that, decided not to go ahead with it. If increased demand will re-visit.
– removing own picture and class from UI: no plans
– colour-blind mode: document being developed to support this