SWTOR Guild Summit: ‘And The Rest’

Daniel Erickson covers off the final session where it’s open slather on anything not covered previously:

The details disclosed:

– 1.2: new daily missions on Corellia
– “Unify to Chest’ option is back i.e. makes gear look more integrated with chest to a voice ‘Power Rangers’ look
– higher resolution textures
– duel / multi-spec: coming in two parts
– first part: switch between skill tree builds
– when do we got more story? “This year”


– Ilum bonus quests: turn XP into some other type of reward at 50? Unsure at this stage due to cash flow impact into economy
– TOROZ (David’s) interview with Gabe last week gets a mention as far as realm versus realm PvP: something BioWare wants to do but no ETA
– Additional mechanics and rewards in Nightmare modes
– Cross-faction communication cross-server: infrastructure not there now but something BioWare wants to do. “Down the road a bit”.
– Cross-faction communication could be tied into Legacy setup
– Battle res for Troopers and Bounty Hunters: no plans
– Pod racing / Swoop racing: would love to do it but lots of other priorities. That said, full designed already done for a bunch of SWTOR mini-games
– Balancing factions on servers: Legacy part of resolving that. also cooler outfits for endgame Republic progression
– impact of legacy on encouraging single-faction guilds to play outside guilds: “good feedback”, may need to prioritise work on adversary guild features, want to ensure legacy system doesn’t impact guilds
– Ability to change rank of guild leader from default: “noted”
– PvP backfilling people who leave a Warzone – being worked on for 1.2 plus further incentivisation of staying in a match
– Same gender romance: it’s coming, with story updates. Relies of writer lead times, want to do it right. Always wanted to do these romance arcs but was a budget decision. It’s coming this year with large story update.
– Going back to origin planets: will be putting daily hubs there where appropriate.
– Ability to turn off environment effects to make game run better on lower-end machines: yes a team working on making the game run better. 1.1.5 going live tomorrow should also assist with this. That team is being kept alive to deliver further improvements. Also includes optimisation for higher-end machines where issues exist.
– Still no official plan for a Mac port
– Epic weapon/gear quests: not in 1.2 but something we want to do, some surprises to come, including interesting legacy related quests


  1. Things like troopers not having Brezs are a good thing IMO. Too many people see that a class get one thing, so they want it all. Keeping classes unique is what makes things interesting for me. Also, troopers not having interupts. My main = trooper too 😀