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Kexin – SWTOR General Discussion Sub-Forum

US transfers to Oceanic servers?

I’m a late night American player who specifically targeted Harbinger and Swiftsure for its Oceanic population at my playing hours. Now that those guys are moving I want the option of transferring with the people I play with or else get left behind or even worst, having to reroll, AGAIN.

What is Bioware’s stance on this issue?

Melsione – SWTOR General Discussion

Australian server transfer in LATE April!


We get a new server! We have lvl 50’s who raid and play endgame, but we have to wait almost 2 months before we can bring them across and actually play on the better latency?

Which person came up with this concept? You knew when the aussie servers were coming up and you did not allow for server transfers to happen immediately?

So now if we want to play on our mains (Which we DO) we have to go back to the 250 latency pings for another 2 months! Bravo!

And what happens when people take existing legacy surnames which we cannot reserve?

This is so pathetic!

Well only solution for me: End subscription till April and then try again! The only reason I renewed my subscription was because of wanting to play on low latency servers!

Evuke – SWTOR General Discussion

Will the new Australian servers kill the current unofficial Australian servers?

BW have announced they will be releasing Australian servers in Australia in early March, and giving the Australian’s transfers off the current unofficial Australian servers “The Swiftsure” and “The Harbringer” to those new servers.

My concern is that as an American playing on The Swiftsure that it will effectively kill my server by removing 70% of its population.

I rolled on this server as i work nightshifts it seemed like a logical choice, the unofficial Aussie servers usually are very well populated 24/7 unlike other servers. So it suited me perfectly.

After the Aussies all transfer off we will be left with a ghost-town server with no option to do anything other than re-roll on a populated server or unsub, and tbh the unsub option is more appealing than having to re-roll again and lose everything i have worked on for the past 2 months (3 level 50’s).

I suggest that EVERYONE on the current 2 Australian servers “the swiftsure” and “the harbringer” be given free transfers so we can all move to servers that suit us rather than punishing us by leaving us on deserted servers.



StephenReid – SWTOR General Discussion Sub-Forum

Hello everyone. I can absolutely understand the frustrations expressed here, and I appreciate that for the most part, you’re being constructive in your comments. Here’s a little more insight into the situation.

The character transfer system is being actively worked on by the development team. It’s a large, complex project, made more complicated by the Legacy System – and it has to work perfectly. As always, it is not the only task the team as a whole is undertaking, but it’s a priority. It has not been deliberately delayed, nor is it being ‘held back’ for any reason. As you know, the first stage of the system will be a one-off, optional transfer for those who are based in the regions defined in our FAQ. At some point after that, we’ll bring a more fully-featured character transfer system online for all to use.

I can understand the frustration of those of you who have been playing on the US servers and waiting for transfers. We know your enthusiasm and excitement for the game – you wouldn’t have taken the steps you did to get the game earlier than the official launch if you weren’t enthusiastic. We’re working as hard as we can to get the system in place. If we could have brought it online earlier, we would have. However, priorities post-launch had to be directed towards the game itself. The team’s been working flat-out to improve the game, including bug fixes and additional content.


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