Suggestion Box: One Bug Fix

It’s been arguably the biggest week ever for local SWTOR players, what with local servers and a (relatively low key) local launch. So I thought we might take a break from that area and look at the game more widely.

Here’s the question: if you could control what the next thing BioWare fixed in the game, what would it be? It might be content, an add-on or a bug that drives you mad. Spill your guts in the comments!


  1. SWTORplayer says

    It’s a small thing, but i have the camera at around half the distance to max and every time i load a zone, it reset to close up. Drives me nuts.

  2. Frustrated says

    Fix the Open World PVP Valor mechanics on Illum. Or, balance the odds from 5/1 Imp’s/Pub’s.

  3. How about automatically zooming out to the maximum distance when using a quick travel point? You can do it manually, why not just handle it automatically? It beats having a close-up view of the ship you’re in (ie Balmorra).

  4. Jason Hilton says

    Galactic Trade needs a big overhaul to make it easier to use, some auctioneer like integration would be awesome.