‘Star Wars: The Old Republic’ Is Off to a Very Good Start

Star Wars: the Old Republic already has a million registered users, and momentum seems to be picking up a week after the game’s launch.
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Pics from SWTOR’s Austin and New York Launches

The launch events from the New York and Austin events are now done and dusted, and Bioware have posted a bunch of pictures up on their Facebook page. Here’s three as a taster:

Some serious costumes going on there!

Develop your own arsenal of Jedi mind tricks

Now that the beta is over, one’s mind turns to other Star Wars related activities. One obvious one is practising your own Jedi mind tricks.

Thanks to Reddit, there’s a great thread on just that. Some examples:

“Whenever you are negotiating take long…very long pauses before you ask questions. It makes people vomit the truth”

“If you’re being confronted by people handing stuff out, put your hands in your pockets or behind your back. If they’re in front of, you’ll somehow always end up with the flyer. Also, if you do take it, they may be encouraged to start talking it up. Take it, look at it, and then firmly hand it back. They’ll be so confused they’ll shut up. If a religious person asks you if you’re going to Heaven, tell them that you believe in God and you’re definitely going to Hell. If someone is going door to door, open the door naked. Or my favorite, open it just a crack, give them a scared look, and say something like “You gotta go quick, my mom/dad/roommate/SO is a (insert name of group that hates them.)”

There’s dozens more, but be aware some have some strong language. And try any at your own peril. Especially this one:

“If you want to keep the seat next to you free on a crowded train/bus/etc. Look at the people walking towards you and tap the seat with your hand.”

Thanks to TOROZ reader Phil for the heads-up!

SWTOR mega beta test: around the grounds wrap-up

Time for some more views via Twitter from the troops on the ground fighting the beta war!

Based on a totally subjective, non-scientific analysis of a few hundred individuals tweeting, I’m happy to report that most enjoyed playing SWTOR and are looking forward to the launch. Who’d a thunk?

Most gripes came around installation issues and queues, although the queue issue seemed pretty tame on most servers given the size of the test. Then there were those who’ve burnt out on MMOs and don’t see enough new in SWTOR to get too excited.

Onto the Twitter randomness:

archonsg: Has #swtor beta ended or will cut out in several hours? Hoping EA/Bioware will extend it one more day. :p

hulgarth: after playing all weekend I just pre-ordered #swtor the leveling alone with companions + story alone will be worth the 60 bones like #skyrim

SabrinaLianne: Really enjoyed flashpoints in #SWTOR – felt much more interesting to play through, more invested in outcome than other MMOs.

VexingVision: So the general consensus among the non-WoW-players seems to be that #SWTOR is a bit boring, despite the voice-acting. Ah well. 🙁

EvionFox: Okay, the beta has definitely sold me on #SWTOR. I was iffy about the graphics, but they use light so well, looks like a SW painting.

Lunatich: While #SWTOR did slightly scratch my MMO itch, it doesn’t do anything new and I’m bored w/ hotkey MMO’s. Will not buy it – sad as I love SW.

josmiller: #swtor Beta weekend was fantastic. Great combination of the familiar and the new all in an immersive realisation of the Star Wars I.P.

Crazycommander: #SWTOR weekend was great. Will I subscribe? Probably not, I think I’m fed up with that type of game.

chung105: And btw if #swtor is canon then Luke, Vader, Palpatine, Darth Maul, Darth Oldballs, and all the rest really sucked at the force.

andrealessi: Tatooine is where #SWTOR really comes in to its own, I think. It’s a huge area with so much to do, and the Czerka quest line is great.

Trayionlh: You know you’ve been playing too much @dragonage when you notice protocol droids in #swtor going “thank the maker”

Shades_of_Mauve: #SWTOR ran pretty well, except for my miraculous disappearing pants. Who cares? When you’re a jedi you can run around in your skivvies.

GirlyGamerSite: really liking #SWTOR Went from not interested in even playing the beta to most likely getting the game for release in a weekends time.

Bullet_beast: So after watching the chat in #SWTOR I’ve realized I don’t think I’ve ever talked to big fans of star wars before, at least not knowingly.

Elastoman: Sooooo…. fewer drunk tweets tonight than last night. But I think I can say I Jedi’d the shit out of this weekend. #swtor

AgentStephens: Sitting here in a Jedi Bathrobe playing #SWToR 😀

sevquis: want 2 play more #swtor but that leads 2 unhappy wife, which leads 2 fear, fear leads 2 anger, anger leads 2 hate, hate leads 2 suffering.

Now it’s your turn: how did you find the beta weekend?

SWTOR mega beta test: around the grounds

Most people should have fought their way on shore of the country called SWTOR to fight the good fight for a weekend. Ok, that’s a lame analogy but I wanted to match the picture.

Anyway, we thought it might be fun to bring you some reactions from testers on their experiences in the first handful of hours of the test. All quotes are from Twitter and the only selection criteria were that they were amusing, informative or both:

201d: If your #SWTOR opening cinematic-induced boner lasts for more than 4 hours, it’s normal. #smugglerFTW

WizDeuces: im sure everyone is tweeting about #SWTOR today. but wow it really is an amazing game.

RealDaq: Biggest problem so far: I have yet to meet an enemy that I actually feel like I might not win against. Of course-only level six :p #SWTOR

onoj: it turns out #swtor is just WoW in the starwars universe. this is a good thing.

TheeJMorgan: Next 70 hours of my life is being dedicated to #SWTOR

ainilome: Oh, and #SWTOR is even more amazingly fun than I thought it would be.

ainilome: Khem Val is like a two legged force eating pit bull. I like him more than I thought I would. #swtor

count_01: Impression so far: runs a hell of a lot faster than Rift, but that may be on severely-throttled servers. EATS BATTERY ALIVE. #SWtOR

Christarius: Hmmz some of the music in #SWTOR sounds a bit like the #SCII Main Theme! Don’t mind too much, soundtrack is good in both games.

Dave797: Quite impressed, #SWTOR runs in High on my average PC will minimal fuss. Classic MMO formula tho. Bioware dialogue epic as always.

linenboy: Is it wrong that I find my Twi’lek toon attractive? #swtor

Juelles666: tried #swtor not overly impressed, bit laggy and a bit dull, nothing there to grab u! just felt a bit – oh, kill 8 of those guys

Leiralei: Ok how did I just get light side points for betraying someone? O.O #SWTOR

Abriael: There’s a #swtor server named “The fatman”, yeah I know what it is, I still find it funny.

Gamecrashers: Yay, I just found Karaoke village. Time to rock out like a Jedi rock star! #notreally #swtor

neimhaille: I can’t see what I just shot! But I did manage to survice this time, woo! #swtor test in NZ on Telecom 😉

Icarus_Tyler: The first thing I did in #swtor: /dance

FrickaM: #SWTOR Female run is atrociously bad. Yup, Worse than Rift and Lineage “i shove my arse in the camera” 2

randomlyrossy: Love the way the overlaid map goes transparent if you’re moving. Such a small but really useful touch. #SWTOR

Over to you: what are you loving / hating about the beta so far? C’mon, post a comment while you’re queuing!

SWTOR: Server types and PvP rulesets

Over on the official forums, David Bass has provided a nice summary of the server types that will exist at launch. The structure follows a well trodden and successful path:

PvE (Player vs Environment) – Players will have to manually flag themselves if they wish to engage in PvP outside of designated Warzones and Open World PvP areas.

PvP (Player vs Player) – Players are automatically flagged for PvP outside of the designated ‘safe’ areas (such as Origin Worlds, Capital Worlds, and the Republic/Imperial Fleets; see below for more info).

RP-PvE – Players are encouraged to roleplay and act ‘in-character’ while playing on an RP-PvE server. Players must manually flag themselves if they wish to engage in PvP outside of designated Warzones and Open World PvP areas.

RP-PvP – Players are encouraged to roleplay and act ‘in-character’ while playing on an RP-PvP server. Players are automatically flagged for PvP outside of the designated ‘safe’ areas

I think I’ll be boring and go the bog-standard PvE server, although if I’m ever going to get involved with a RP server it’ll be on this game – how about you?
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Star Wars: The Old Republic (SWTOR) Column: Spoilers Suck at MMORPG.com

Some interesting points from MMORPG.com on the issue of spoilers once the game launches. Given the story-driven content, I can see plenty of spolier pranks occurring….
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Exclusive Sith Inquisitor Interview with Daniel Erickson

Via Scoop.it – TOROZ: Star Wars The Old Republic, Oceanic Style

Not too long ago, I wrote David Bass a request to answer some questions I had about the Sith Inquisitor. I had hoped to have the interview be done by our original class writer. But I must say, Dani…
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Elvis Meets Vader

Via Scoop.it – TOROZ: Star Wars The Old Republic, Oceanic Style

Love this shirt! With thanks to Cin in NZ for the heads-up 😉
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Story Matters in The Old Republic – PC Preview at IGN

Via Scoop.it – TOROZ: Star Wars The Old Republic, Oceanic Style

Every time I quit an MMO, it’s usually for the same reason: The sense of context eventually breaks down. The Old Republic is different.
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Collectors Edition Youtube Video

New video showing all the goodies included in the Collector’s Edition, I have a spot for my Darth Malgus statue already arranged on my desk.

Check out the following link on Youtube.

Collectors Edition Goodness!

The Old Republic: PvP and Warzones – PC Preview at IGN

Via Scoop.it – TOROZ: Star Wars The Old Republic, Oceanic Style

IGN’s view on SWTOR PvP – part of the media embargo lifting blitz!
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