Develop your own arsenal of Jedi mind tricks

Now that the beta is over, one’s mind turns to other Star Wars related activities. One obvious one is practising your own Jedi mind tricks.

Thanks to Reddit, there’s a great thread on just that. Some examples:

“Whenever you are negotiating take long…very long pauses before you ask questions. It makes people vomit the truth”

“If you’re being confronted by people handing stuff out, put your hands in your pockets or behind your back. If they’re in front of, you’ll somehow always end up with the flyer. Also, if you do take it, they may be encouraged to start talking it up. Take it, look at it, and then firmly hand it back. They’ll be so confused they’ll shut up. If a religious person asks you if you’re going to Heaven, tell them that you believe in God and you’re definitely going to Hell. If someone is going door to door, open the door naked. Or my favorite, open it just a crack, give them a scared look, and say something like “You gotta go quick, my mom/dad/roommate/SO is a (insert name of group that hates them.)”

There’s dozens more, but be aware some have some strong language. And try any at your own peril. Especially this one:

“If you want to keep the seat next to you free on a crowded train/bus/etc. Look at the people walking towards you and tap the seat with your hand.”

Thanks to TOROZ reader Phil for the heads-up!