Media launch of SWTOR on March 1st: ask Gabe a question

While there may be no public launch event for SWTOR’s local launch, EA Australia and Bioware are still committed to making a splash on March 1st. There’s a small press event in Sydney on that day with a big guest: BioWare’s Lead PvP  Designer: Gabe Amatangelo.

TOROZ will be at the launch and will have some time with Gabe, so we’d love to have some questions from the community to ask him. If you’ve got a PvP question you’d like answered, post it in the comments and we’ll select the best for the brief interview we’ll be doing.

We’ll also bring you plenty of photos from the event, so make sure you check back next Thursday night!

Pics from SWTOR’s Austin and New York Launches

The launch events from the New York and Austin events are now done and dusted, and Bioware have posted a bunch of pictures up on their Facebook page. Here’s three as a taster:

Some serious costumes going on there!

Bioware announce SWTOR launch events

People already lining up for their copy of SWTOR at Best Buy in NY. Ok, not really but it adds atmosphere to the story

Bioware have provided details of the launch events occurring to coincide with SWTOR’s launch on the 20th December. SWTOR’s home town of Austin, Texas get’s a guernsey, as does New York, Paris and London.

So for a mere sixteen to twenty hour flight you can turn up and mix with the glitterati at the SWTOR launch.

Trouble is, everyone else will have reached level 50 by the time you get back to play the game.

A separate site has been set up for launch, which you can check out here. I’m checking it every ten minutes or so, so I don’t miss when the Hobart and Christchurch launches are announced!

[Photo courtesy of Wikimedia]