Media launch of SWTOR on March 1st: ask Gabe a question

While there may be no public launch event for SWTOR’s local launch, EA Australia and Bioware are still committed to making a splash on March 1st. There’s a small press event in Sydney on that day with a big guest: BioWare’s Lead PvP  Designer: Gabe Amatangelo.

TOROZ will be at the launch and will have some time with Gabe, so we’d love to have some questions from the community to ask him. If you’ve got a PvP question you’d like answered, post it in the comments and we’ll select the best for the brief interview we’ll be doing.

We’ll also bring you plenty of photos from the event, so make sure you check back next Thursday night!


  1. Question: Is there any plans to allow lesser PVP tokens (Centurion etc) to be traded in for higher tokens (Champion etc) at a ratio? (Like Warzone tokens into Mercenary Commendations).

  2. What is the outlook for Bioware’s rated pvp, are you aiming for an e-sport paradigm or something more casual.

  3. I have a question. As I see it, the single biggest problem with Ilum PvP is the large scale kill trading. Why aren’t the organisers of KT (if not all participants of KT ops) banned for boosting / exploiting?

  4. Question: Any chance we will see a larger scale instanced objective based WZ? (Something along the lines of the epicness of Vanilla WoW Alterac Valley)

  5. I heard we maybe going into cross-server for warzones. How is that going to be handled? Are we going to be using battlegroups, or preferably RvR (realm vs realm)? With RvR, it’d at least keep that sense of community with your server.

  6. Question: Is there any plans to allow trading up of Planetary Commendations like Daily’s or higher level planet commendations, I don’t think im ever going to use my 56 Tattooine Commendations anytime soon.

  7. Question: Have you ever pvp’d in your life because from everything I have seen in swtor it suggests you have no fucking idea what you’re on about?

  8. Question: whether the arena, as in WoW, or as the Olympic Games in lineage2?

  9. Concerned Aussie says

    I am concerned about the character transfer process with the information released so far. How is bioware ensuring that the character moves are timely with the launch of the realms noting it is only a week or so away. How can I ensure my character names / legacy name are going to be preserved and not accidentally taken by another toon on launch.

    Also when are the emails coming for transfer – I initially registered with a us address and while I have updated my account details to reflect i am an aussie on the website – will this ensure I’ll get the transfer ok?

  10. Q: What are your impressions on the current PvP Warzones and what have you learned going forward for their future?

  11. Losing Interest says

    Q: When, when, when are dps meters coming out?!?!?!?

  12. Luke123456 says

    Question: Am i able to download swtor on 2 computers with just one purchased copy

    • David Holloway says

      Pretty sure so yep – you just won’t be able to be logged in on both simultaneously.


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