SWTOR mega beta test: around the grounds

Most people should have fought their way on shore of the country called SWTOR to fight the good fight for a weekend. Ok, that’s a lame analogy but I wanted to match the picture.

Anyway, we thought it might be fun to bring you some reactions from testers on their experiences in the first handful of hours of the test. All quotes are from Twitter and the only selection criteria were that they were amusing, informative or both:

201d: If your #SWTOR opening cinematic-induced boner lasts for more than 4 hours, it’s normal. #smugglerFTW

WizDeuces: im sure everyone is tweeting about #SWTOR today. but wow it really is an amazing game.

RealDaq: Biggest problem so far: I have yet to meet an enemy that I actually feel like I might not win against. Of course-only level six :p #SWTOR

onoj: it turns out #swtor is just WoW in the starwars universe. this is a good thing.

TheeJMorgan: Next 70 hours of my life is being dedicated to #SWTOR

ainilome: Oh, and #SWTOR is even more amazingly fun than I thought it would be.

ainilome: Khem Val is like a two legged force eating pit bull. I like him more than I thought I would. #swtor

count_01: Impression so far: runs a hell of a lot faster than Rift, but that may be on severely-throttled servers. EATS BATTERY ALIVE. #SWtOR

Christarius: Hmmz some of the music in #SWTOR sounds a bit like the #SCII Main Theme! Don’t mind too much, soundtrack is good in both games.

Dave797: Quite impressed, #SWTOR runs in High on my average PC will minimal fuss. Classic MMO formula tho. Bioware dialogue epic as always.

linenboy: Is it wrong that I find my Twi’lek toon attractive? #swtor

Juelles666: tried #swtor not overly impressed, bit laggy and a bit dull, nothing there to grab u! just felt a bit – oh, kill 8 of those guys

Leiralei: Ok how did I just get light side points for betraying someone? O.O #SWTOR

Abriael: There’s a #swtor server named “The fatman”, yeah I know what it is, I still find it funny.

Gamecrashers: Yay, I just found Karaoke village. Time to rock out like a Jedi rock star! #notreally #swtor

neimhaille: I can’t see what I just shot! But I did manage to survice this time, woo! #swtor test in NZ on Telecom πŸ˜‰

Icarus_Tyler: The first thing I did in #swtor: /dance

FrickaM: #SWTOR Female run is atrociously bad. Yup, Worse than Rift and Lineage “i shove my arse in the camera” 2

randomlyrossy: Love the way the overlaid map goes transparent if you’re moving. Such a small but really useful touch. #SWTOR

Over to you: what are you loving / hating about the beta so far? C’mon, post a comment while you’re queuing!


  1. I note the apparent absence of lag… left scratching my head… where is it?!

  2. It amazingly polished for a beta game!! They shall just releasaed today!!!! can’t wait to continue my storyline when it hit live!

  3. Too bad all this time in Beta is just going to waste. Oh well, the story is good enough to do it all over again.

  4. Plan on seducing Jorgan, though Mako is tempting ..