SWTOR at Gamescom: New Trailer

In case you hadn’t heard, BioWare have a presence at Gamescom in the US, and they’ve released a video showcasing some future content. Have a look for yourself:

For avid SWTOR followers there’s nothing hugely new in there although I think there’s some shots I haven’t seen before of Makeb and Terror from Beyond.

Over to you: anything in particular that gets your juices flowing from the whole 1 minute of preview?

Console Wars: That Thing Is Operational!

Whether you’re on the Wii, XBox or Playstation side of the war, you’ll get a damn good laugh out of this gem:

If only the Wii U was in fact operational!

[Thanks to David K over at Gamers of Oceania Facebook Group for the heads-up!]

Solo Malgus Kill: Go The Assassin!

I’m sure it’s not unique, but I’m always fascinated by solo kills and this SWTOR solo kill is no different.

This time it’s a Sith Assassin called Stevoo on the Master Dar’Nala Server, knocking over Darth Malgus in the False Emperor Flashpoint – in hard mode no less.

Having a healer companion doesn’t hurt obviously, but it’s still an impressive feat.

Have a look for yourself:

Over to you: have you pulled off a similar feat or does it seem a little too much like hard work? Post your thoughts below!

[Thanks to Jedi Consulars for the heads-up]

A History Of The Pandaren

I just came across this video that does a superb job of summarising the history of the Pandaren. If you want a lore injection before you jump into Mists of Pandaria in September, then this is probably a great place to start. Enjoy!

Vader / Emperor Dance-Off

We’ve already covered Star Wars Kinect, but this video shows it off a lot better. You may want to flinch, grimace or vomit, although I have to admit it does look fun. Have a look:

I just can’t believe LucasArts have let some of their most evil characters be presented like this. What do you think?

[With thanks to reader Glenn!]

Machinima: Sith Marauder PvP

One of the things I’ve most been looking forward to with the launch of SWTOR, is the coming torrent of machinima from the game. That includes some good overviews of gameplay, and one such example comes from Oceanic player Klinda, who’s put some of his better moments as a PvP’ing Sith Marauder to some music and produced this:

I’m pretty sure I’ve been killed a number of times by damn Sith Maurauders but it’s fun viewing anyway. If you’ve got your own machinima you’d like to share, post it in comments!

Signs of War: new SWTOR trailer

In the remaining weeks leading up to launch, aside from getting a game testing invite it doesn’t get much more exciting than a new trailer. Coinciding with Bioware’s presence at New York Comic Con is a tasty new trailer called Signs of War.

There’s nothing ground-breakingly new in there but it achieves exactly what it should: it makes you salivate to see more.

Have a gander for yourself:

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Sith Inquisitor in WoW!

Well, not really, but this I love this YouTube vid of a Shaman in WoW doing some serious lightning work as it’ll appear when the next WoW patch (4.3) drops. There’s certainly a similarity there!

More Eternity Vault goodness at Gamescom

As you’re probably aware, the Bioware are at Gamescom in Germany giving the German public a taste of Star Wars: The Old Republic.  One of the videos I love best (with thanks to reader Chris) is this one. It shows the Eternity Vault Operation in more detail, played live by eight Sith players. There’s much more to see than previous reveals and like the previous info it looks rather impressive.

Have a gander for thyself:

So – do you like what you see? The highlight for me was seeing the 8 players unable to get past the first ‘boss’: it shows the challenge required and without that there’s nothing really.

Hope: the new SWTOR trailer

Today saw the launch of the second cinematic trailer, and like the first it’s a tasty piece of art. Hell, it’s more than that, it’s a piece that evokes the same level of excitement that the movie releases did for me – it’s a tight, dramatic 5 minutes that further tweaks the excitement levels. Plus getting to see a Jedi hold off a lightsaber with her bare hand tops it off nicely don’t you think?

Edward will be dissecting it for TOROZ in the next day, but just for posterity, here’s the link to watch it on the SWTOR site, or you can watch it here:

Also, am I the only one that thought it felt very much like the fall of Boromir scene in the Fellowship of the Ring?

New SWTOR cinematic trailer: preview

Thanks to the Jedi Archives Online, the sneak preview of the cinematic trailer launching at E3 in a few days, is available for your viewing pleasure. As you’ll see below, not surprisingly there’s not much given away but it certainly provides a taste of what we can expect. There’s already a huge discussion thread running on the preview on the official forums.

Onto the viewing:

SWTOR Machinima and AC/DC

One of the things I’m most looking forward to with SWTOR is the community created content, particularly machinima creations. One such creation is Spoiling for a Fight by SWTOR forums member XaarDun.

On the face of it, this is some of the limited quantity, well-viewed footage released to date by Bioware, with an AC/DC song for backing.

Beyond that though, is a piece that’s had quite a bit of effort put into its sequencing and timing, and it’s those aspects that make it worth a look. And hell, I’m a sucker for an AC/DC song as well. XaarDun modestly says he whipped this up quickly, but if that’s the case then I’m looking forward to seeing his more in-depth creations.

Anyway, onto Spoiling for a Fight:

As always, we’d love to hear about your creations as well.