SWTOR Machinima and AC/DC

One of the things I’m most looking forward to with SWTOR is the community created content, particularly machinima creations. One such creation is Spoiling for a Fight by SWTOR forums member XaarDun.

On the face of it, this is some of the limited quantity, well-viewed footage released to date by Bioware, with an AC/DC song for backing.

Beyond that though, is a piece that’s had quite a bit of effort put into its sequencing and timing, and it’s those aspects that make it worth a look. And hell, I’m a sucker for an AC/DC song as well. XaarDun modestly says he whipped this up quickly, but if that’s the case then I’m looking forward to seeing his more in-depth creations.

Anyway, onto Spoiling for a Fight:

As always, we’d love to hear about your creations as well.