SWTOR Knights of The Fallen Empire Details

You’ve got to love E3 and the lead-up to it. BioWare have not surprisingly been busy behind the scenes working on the next large expansion for SWTOR and they’ve unveiled it in a big way to coincide with E3.

First, the trailer:

For mine, this is easily the best trailer for the game since Hope back in 2010.

Other details we know so far:

1. Release date is October 27th, free for all SWTOR subscribers. Subscribers will also get up to 7 days early access.

2. You can become The Outlander, starting the story at Level 60. You can also play your class storyline throughout. The new level cap is 65.

3. Subscribers get a bunch of rewards including Nico Okarr as a companion. He’s the guy you met in the Hope trailer. They also get a 12 times XP boost until early access starts October 19th for levelling between 1 and 50.

4. Eleven story chapters come with the expansion, with five on the way after that.

Check out the official Knights of the Fallen Empire sub-site for more details.

Over to you: do you think this expansion looks to be one of the more promising ones? What do you think about the more single-player approach this seems to be? Others are already saying it’s KOTOR 3. Would love to hear your thoughts.

Signs of War: new SWTOR trailer

In the remaining weeks leading up to launch, aside from getting a game testing invite it doesn’t get much more exciting than a new trailer. Coinciding with Bioware’s presence at New York Comic Con is a tasty new trailer called Signs of War.

There’s nothing ground-breakingly new in there but it achieves exactly what it should: it makes you salivate to see more.

Have a gander for yourself:

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