The Casual SWTORian: Legacy, 1.2 and April Fools

The Casual SWTORian is dedicated each week to those who don’t have the time to immerse themselves in game developments but instead want a very simple roundup of things happening and stuff on the horizon. If you like what you read, tell our casual guru Ken.

This week we saw Bioware focus on their upcoming legacy system. For those of you who do not know already the legacy system allows you to create a family tree with your characters and unlock other classes abilities among other things either through gameplay or credits. Almost all the Q&A was either devoted to legacy or patch 1.2, while the news release focused on trying to explain more about how legacy affected you.

Bioware also released a pilot of their new podcast, in which they talked about patch 1.2 and what makes a good post on the forums. If you have 20 minutes it’s worth a listen although personally I prefer the TOROZ podcast. Below you shall find the glorious nuggets of casual information you came here for today:

  • Lstn: If I hit 50 as a human, what benefit do I get with the Legacy system, as humans can be any and all classes?

Daniel Erickson: Reaching level 50 as a human results in a sizable Presence bonus to all of your Legacy characters, making all current and future companions more powerful.

  • Playing a character of any species to level 50 unlocks that character’s species as an option at character creation for all classes. All combinations of class and species are now possible given the right unlocks. Opening these new combinations gives much more freedom at character creation.
  • As with all unlocks attained through the Legacy System, when you acquire something on one character, you acquire it for all your characters. That means when a new character in your Legacy gets their ship, they will climb on board for the first time to find all of your purchases already in place and waiting.
  • Hazado: So are we finally going to get the 1.2 patch on april 3rd?

    JovethGonzalez: Tuesday will be a standard maintenance. You folks will know ahead of time when maintenance will include Game Update 1.2.

Also, there was the April Fools Bioware released that you may find interesting.

If you feel I missed anything feel free to comment below or you can start a religious debate – your choice.