BioWare announce Ship Droid mini-game

It’s been an interesting weekend for releases of SWTOR information and one of the most interesting is today’s announcement of the Ship Droid mini-game in the upcoming 1.2 update.

Ok, not really as it’s an April Fool’s joke, but they’ve certainly gone to some trouble for a prank, check it out:

And even some inter-droid romance:

Have a look at the videos for yourself . I have to admit that I didn’t initially realise this was an April Fool’s prank, as I’m one of the 1% who love my ship droid and his inane comments. Maybe this will be implemented one day…

Over to you: did you enjoy BioWare’s attempt to make fools of us?



  2. Starcrafter13 says

    Very amusing.  I’ll remember the joke come renewel time