SWTOR Combat Log detail revealed

Now that SWTOR update 1.2 has hit the public test servers, we’re able to give some more in-depth information on the long awaited Combat Log. It’s format isn’t the prettiest yet, but it sure packs in a lot of information. Let’s look at the first section of a battle from a Sith Sorceror’s perspective, where he/she (Khantni) is getting ready to start:

[03/01/2012 14:19:04] [@Khantni] [@Khantni] [Safe Login {973870949466112}] [ApplyEffect {836045448945477}: Safe Login Immunity {973870949466372}] ()

[03/01/2012 14:19:18] [@Khantni] [@Khantni] [Safe Login {973870949466112}] [RemoveEffect {836045448945478}: Safe Login Immunity {973870949466372}] ()

[03/01/2012 14:23:30] [@Khantni] [@Khantni] [Sprint {810670782152704}] [Event {836045448945472}: AbilityActivate {836045448945479}] ()

[03/01/2012 14:23:30] [@Khantni] [@Khantni] [Sprint {810670782152704}] [ApplyEffect {836045448945477}: Sprint {810670782152704}] ()

[03/01/2012 14:24:30] [@Khantni] [@Khantni] [Innervate {1104395005591552}] [Event {836045448945472}: AbilityActivate {836045448945479}] ()

[03/01/2012 14:24:30] [@Khantni] [@Khantni] [] [Spend {836045448945473}: Force {836045448938502}] (36)

[03/01/2012 14:24:30] [@Khantni] [@Khantni] [Force Surge {808677917327360}] [ApplyEffect {836045448945477}: Force Surge {808677917327360}] ()

[03/01/2012 14:24:30] [@Khantni] [@Khantni] [Innervate {1104395005591552}] [ApplyEffect {836045448945477}: Heal {836045448945500}] (1393*)

The display of that data can be a little overwhelming at first, so this key provided by BioWare’s Georg Zoeller helps quite a bit:

(Click here for the full-size image)

See how it makes a little more sense now? Let’s look at a sample log, this time from a Jedi Guardian’s perspective:

[03/01/2012 14:23:50] [@Idrurrez] [@Idrurrez] [] [Restore {836045448945476}: focus point {836045448938496}] (1)

[03/01/2012 14:23:50] [@Idrurrez] [@Idrurrez] [Force Leap {812105301229568}] [Event {836045448945472}: AbilityActivate {836045448945479}] ()

[03/01/2012 14:23:50] [@Idrurrez] [@Idrurrez] [Momentum {2530075039760384}] [ApplyEffect {836045448945477}: Momentum {2530075039760642}] ()

[03/01/2012 14:23:50] [@Idrurrez] [@Idrurrez] [Unremitting {1280849441980416}] [ApplyEffect {836045448945477}: Unremitting {1280849441980416}] ()

[03/01/2012 14:23:50] [@Idrurrez] [@Idrurrez] [ {2695018963795968}] [ApplyEffect {836045448945477}: Vindicator {2695018963796231}] ()

[03/01/2012 14:23:50] [@Idrurrez] [Elite Tastybobble {846623953387520}] [Force Leap {812105301229568}] [ApplyEffect {836045448945477}: Immobilized {812105301229840}] ()

[03/01/2012 14:23:50] [@Idrurrez] [Elite Tastybobble {846623953387520}] [Force Clap {2848585519464448}] [ApplyEffect {836045448945477}: Stunned (Physical) {2848585519464704}] ()

[03/01/2012 14:23:50] [@Idrurrez] [@Idrurrez] [] [Restore {836045448945476}: focus point {836045448938496}] (3)

[03/01/2012 14:23:51] [@Idrurrez] [Elite Tastybobble {846623953387520}] [Force Leap {812105301229568}] [ApplyEffect {836045448945477}: Damage {836045448945501}] (698 energy {836045448940874}) <698>

[03/01/2012 14:23:52] [@Idrurrez] [@Idrurrez] [Master Strike {812139660967936}] [Event {836045448945472}: AbilityActivate {836045448945479}] ()

[03/01/2012 14:23:52] [@Idrurrez] [@Idrurrez] [Master Strike {812139660967936}] [ApplyEffect {836045448945477}: Unshakable {812139660968471}] ()

[03/01/2012 14:23:52] [Elite Tastybobble {846623953387520}] [@Idrurrez] [Ranged Attack {813449625993216}] [ApplyEffect {836045448945477}: Damage {836045448945501}] (261 energy {836045448940874}) <261>

[03/01/2012 14:23:52] [Elite Tastybobble {846623953387520}] [@Idrurrez] [Ranged Attack {813449625993216}] [ApplyEffect {836045448945477}: Damage {836045448945501}] (273 energy {836045448940874}) <273>

[03/01/2012 14:23:52] [Elite Tastybobble {846623953387520}] [@Idrurrez] [Ranged Attack {813449625993216}] [ApplyEffect {836045448945477}: Damage {836045448945501}] (276 energy {836045448940874}) <276>

[03/01/2012 14:23:52] [@Idrurrez] [Elite Tastybobble {846623953387520}] [Master Strike {812139660967936}] [ApplyEffect {836045448945477}: Damage {836045448945501}] (874 energy {836045448940874}) <874>

[03/01/2012 14:23:52] [@Idrurrez] [Elite Tastybobble {846623953387520}] [Force Clap {2848585519464448}] [RemoveEffect {836045448945478}: Stunned (Physical) {2848585519464704}] ()

[03/01/2012 14:23:52] [@Idrurrez] [Elite Tastybobble {846623953387520}] [Master Strike {812139660967936}] [ApplyEffect {836045448945477}: Damage {836045448945501}] (904 energy {836045448940874}) <904>

[03/01/2012 14:23:53] [Elite Tastybobble {846623953387520}] [@Idrurrez] [Melee Attack {813445331025920}] [ApplyEffect {836045448945477}: Damage {836045448945501}] (488 kinetic {836045448940873}) <488>

[03/01/2012 14:23:53] [@Idrurrez] [Elite Tastybobble {846623953387520}] [Force Leap {812105301229568}] [RemoveEffect {836045448945478}: Immobilized {812105301229840}] ()

[03/01/2012 14:23:54] [Elite Tastybobble {846623953387520}] [@Idrurrez] [Melee Attack {813445331025920}] [ApplyEffect {836045448945477}: Damage {836045448945501}] (241 kinetic {836045448940873}) <241>

So there you go, once you spend some time reading through these logs, they get easier to decipher. There’s no doubt they’ll be invaluable for those guilds tackling challenging content and wanting to identify weaknesses in combat.

Beyond that though, is it something you’d use? Let us know in comments!

C2-N2: the gift that keeps on giving

I’d argue that one of the biggest cult figures of SWTOR is the ever loving, cushion stuffing droid called C2-N2. Whether you love him or hate him, he’s hard to ignore, and BioWare’s Lead Combat Designer, Georg Zoeller, has joined the fun with this post:

Dear Sir,

I am writing to you in response to your complaint about our product, the C2-N2 droid. We regret that you are experiencing difficulties with this award winning, state of the art household droid.

Sadly, we have to inform you, that the C2-N2 droid, and its Imperial counterpart, the 2V-R8 autonomous ship maintenance unit, are not rated for combat at this time.

Several regrettable incidents, including the loss of a full squad of SIS operatives (apparently triggered by a malfunctioning speech unit voicing its congratulations to the undercover team during a deep cover infiltration mission), have lead the Republic Technical Support Corps to revoke the combat certification from these units and forced us to replace the ‘advanced weapon and martial training ROM’ from the programming of the unit.

These facts have been clearly disclosed to customers at time of sale, as well as in the programmatic introductory conversation program voiced upon owner transfer.

For this reason, we cannot take responsibility for your problems.

We are however pleased to announce that future updates to the unit’s artificial intelligence core will dramatically increase the efficiency of it’s emergency medical protocol features – and add some other, more questionable features.

The C2 Droid Corporation is also pleased to announce that we have started investigations into a new line of droid casings and cores, aimed at improving the efficiency of the unit’s assembly and construction features. No official release date for this line of top end equipment has been determined at this point.

We thank you for your interest in our product.

The Management

C2-N2 – The only thing that crits is his voice in your earchannel!

Questionable features eh? I’m intrigued, how about you? Feel free to suggest a new feature for C2-N2 in comments. Have a read through the full thread on the SWTOR forums as there’s a bucket of laughs in there.

The Mysterious Magenta Adegan Crystal

Just a short snippet from the official forums – there’s been some discussion on how to find the Magenta Adegan Crystal, and whether it can be gained through reverse engineering. Georg Zoeller, SWTOR’s Principal Lead Combat Designer, Georg Zoeller, has rightly kept the absolute location of the crystal secret but has clarified how it can be picked up:

The Magenta Crystal does in fact exist, but it is not acquired through Reverse Engineering. At the present time, it could be classified as one of the rarest items in the game.

While I am not going to give any more information on how, where or from whom it may be acquired, I want to debunk the idea that you have to reverse engineer endgame gear to get it so people don’t do stuff they regret.

So in case you missed it: don’t be reverse engineering end-game gear for the Magenta Adegan Crystal or you’re going to be mightily disappointed. YOU may go a shade of magenta if you do try however.