The Mysterious Magenta Adegan Crystal

Just a short snippet from the official forums – there’s been some discussion on how to find the Magenta Adegan Crystal, and whether it can be gained through reverse engineering. Georg Zoeller, SWTOR’s Principal Lead Combat Designer, Georg Zoeller, has rightly kept the absolute location of the crystal secret but has clarified how it can be picked up:

The Magenta Crystal does in fact exist, but it is not acquired through Reverse Engineering. At the present time, it could be classified as one of the rarest items in the game.

While I am not going to give any more information on how, where or from whom it may be acquired, I want to debunk the idea that you have to reverse engineer endgame gear to get it so people don’t do stuff they regret.

So in case you missed it: don’t be reverse engineering end-game gear for the Magenta Adegan Crystal or you’re going to be mightily disappointed. YOU may go a shade of magenta if you do try however.